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I am honored today and I am very fortunate to learn about the shared motorcycle project sharing the economic traffic. The company operates in the form of regional agents and VIP members + Internet + traditional enterprises. The early regional agents and VIP members will get rich promotion commissions during the sharing process. This early stage promotion commission is very attractive, and the late landing income is very stable. Can you get rich commissions and proceeds after landing? Insurance? Is it reliable? This requires me to explain our shared motorcycles further. Xiaomi Life Circle shared tram contact department contact information: QQ9968134

First, the market background and shared motorcycle status of Xiaomi shared motorcycles

With the urbanization process, the urban population is increasing, traffic The burden is getting heavier and heavier, and congestion happens at any time. Take Beijing as an example. In order to solve the problem of traffic congestion and difficulty in travel, the issue of the limit number is passed, and the foreign trains can apply for Beijing to enter the Beijing 6 ring. In this big background, there is a shared bicycle. The shared bicycle is represented by Mobai and ofo. Up to now, 20 million units have been put in the country, and other small brands are close to tens of millions. This shows a problem, sharing bicycles. There is a vast market demand, there is no such market without a market, and it is impossible to exist. Why do shared bicycles have such a large demand? Because of the traffic congestion in the city, it affects people’s travel. Some people say that I can take the subway, take the bus, or take a taxi or drive by myself, then I will analyze it for these several sections.

1, subway section

Due to the subway line problem, it is impossible to go directly from home When you come out at the door, you will take the subway. You need to walk a certain distance to reach the nearby subway station. After that, you will go down the stairs again and again, and then go through the security check, and then wait for the subway train to arrive. During the peak period of work, you will have to go with the black crowd. OK, you are crowded into the subway. You are also standing there. It is good to be able to grab the handrail. When you get off the subway train, you still have to walk forward and climb the stairs. You may have to walk a distance to get to you. destination. This is the status quo of the subway, mainly because the experience is getting worse.

2. Bus section

Although the bus section does not climb the subway section The next problem, but it still exists in crowded situations, especially during the peak hours of commuting; there is the need to wait, after all, driving on the road, so it will be affected by road traffic, resulting in a long time interval between station and station. In addition, there are also problems of walking to the beginning and the end. Still, the experience is very poor and the time is very high. Xiaomi Life Circle Shared Tram Merchants Contact: QQ9968134

3, Taxi and Drip Plate

Taxi still needs to wait, especially the peak of commuting, sometimes a few people grab a car, so there is a new thing to make up for this piece, but also need to wait, while taxi or drip Because it is driving on the road, it will be wasted by the impact of road traffic congestion. Some friends say that taxiing is not as fast as riding an electric car. There is also the cost of money is relatively expensive, it is impossible for an ordinary office worker to bear the daily taxi fare.

4, private car section

With the development of society, private cars are no longer Fresh vocabulary, almost an adult hand in a car, private car experience is good, freedom is high, but with the increase in the concentration of vehicles, the traffic burden is too heavy, resulting in congestion, increased time costs. Even if you drive to your destination, the parking space may be full, and the parking space is limited. The private car that originally brought you a high level of experience becomes a burden. Even if you have a parking space, you need to pay a monetary cost to take up limited time. This parking space. The feeling of the infinite beauty of the private car turned into a pile of distress.

5, sharing bicycle section

To compensate for the shortcomings of the above three sections, share The bicycle came into being, and it effectively connected the problems in the range of several hundred meters to three kilometers in front of and behind the city traffic at a very low cost. So why shared bikes are developing so fast because it makes up for the market.

This is the analysis of the above five modes of travel, where sharing bicycles has its unique market needs, then sharing Is there any market demand for motorcycles? I remember when I was a child, the travel tools were mainly bicycles. Until I went to college, the students were mainly bicycles. I remember renting bicycles at school and buying bicycles. I lost them many times. Then the bicycle was gradually replaced by electric vehicles. Later, the electric cars that were galloping on the street occupied the dominant position of the bicycle. This shows that the bicycle is replaced by electric vehicles, which is the trend. The trend has been eliminated. Children’s mobile phones became popular. I remember that there were Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, etc., all of which were mobile phones with buttons. They could simply play a mobile phone with built-in games, and then smartphones, Apple, Samsung, etc. Becoming a history, this is still the trend to get rid of the scale. And now, will our contribution to motorcycles completely replace or replace most of the shared bicycle market share? At present, nearly 20 companies are doing shared motorcycles.More famous is Shanghai’s shared riding motorcycles. From the initial launch of thousands of units in Shanghai to 100,000 units, it is mainly distributed in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hefei, Anhui; and the 7th shared motorcycles are put into trial in Shenzhen. In the short period of time after the launch, there were many large-value recharge users. In addition to the deposit, a lot of money was paid in advance, because the recharge activities were used at the beginning, such as the preferential policy of rushing 100 to 100, and the deer motorcycle Tianjin launched 200 pilots, and motorcycles were taken away at night. Judging from the previous pilot launch, there is a large market demand for shared motorcycles. According to the current number of shared bicycles approaching tens of millions of vehicles, the number of shared motorcycles in the previous period is far from the market demand. It can be said that it is completely The gap, so the company began to respond quickly, using its own unique model to quickly occupy the market. It also has our current regional agent + member + Internet + traditional enterprise model.

Second, where is our unique model? Why is this model used in regional agents and membership systems?

1, strategic layout required

The sharing of motorcycles and other companies that are eager to try behind, the market of shared motorcycles is in urgent need of development. For Xiaomi, it is not allowed to use traditional methods to seize the market, but to occupy the market with a unique model. Then they will be released one after another. In the form of regional agency, the network is first sprinkled to every city in the country, and then the membership system is used to absorb the accurate fans, which will lay the foundation for the follow-up large-scale launch.

2, required for subsequent management

Whether it is from maintenance or vehicle cost As well as follow-up management, there are many differences between bicycles and motorcycles. Bicycles rarely need to be manpower to manage and maintain. At the same time, the cost of bicycles is very low. It is a high probability event and the amount to win. Nowadays, motorcycles have high cost of vehicles, and there are cumbersome tasks such as charging and replacing batteries in the later period, and daily maintenance. A small number of people need to do a series of work. Regional agents play an important role here, playing the company and The connection between the user and the vehicle, the VIP if the subscribed vehicle plays a supervisory role, and affects the behavior of the consumers behind the vehicle.

3, Sharing the car and 020 smart farm lay the foundation

Through the previous regional agent + The big data established by the membership system has established a good ground operation team for the subsequent sharing of the car. This team has had a good experience in the management of the shared motorcycles in the early stage, laying the foundation for the sharing of the car. Because the problem of sharing a car will be more, if there is no such role as a pre-regional agent, it may be difficult for the shared car to work.

Based on the above three points, the company has forged its long-term vision and adopted a unique model to lay the market in advance, and then covered the motorcycles one after another. Then, as a regional agent and VIP member, we can’t pay for the company’s strategic planning for free. Then, what can we get from it? For VIP members, it is the promotion I mentioned earlier, there will be a rich Return, what is that specific?

Third, VIP members and regional agents

1. VIP member

Consumer 880 purchases package products in Xiaomi Life Circle Mall and becomes an official VIP member. VIP members have three rights. First, promotion has a lot of commission; second After the motorcycle is placed, it is possible to ride without a deposit. Third, the right to subscribe to the motorcycle. Here we will focus on the promotion commission. As a formal VIP member, if you successfully promote a VIP member, then the company will give you 15 rewards for the vouchers for 365 days; if you promote the VIP member and then successfully promote a VIP member, Then the company will give you 2 rewards for virtual vouchers for 365 days. There are only two layers of promotion commission as a VIP member, because the company’s purpose is to have a real number of members. Venture vouchers can be withdrawn or consumed in the mall. Finally, let’s talk about the subscription of motorcycles. Only the VCs can subscribe to the motorcycles. The subscription price of motorcycles is 3,980 yuan/one. The person who subscribes to the motorcycles has 70% of the profit after the motorcycles are put on, for 3 years, because the motorcycles The service life is about 3 years and you don’t need to manage it yourself. According to the current use of shared bicycles in Shanghai, the average daily consumption is 30 yuan. Then the average profit of a motorcycle is 21 yuan to subscribe to the person, then 3 years is 22,995 yuan.

2, regional agent

The regional agent is based on the district and county, and some county towns cannot do it because the urban population is small and the traffic congestion is not strong. The district refers to a The districts under the jurisdiction of the city, such as Huadu District, Baiyun District, Panyu District, Yuexiu District, etc., there are many districts with many regional agents. Therefore, the regional agents that can be done are limited. At present, nearly 200 regional agents have been successfully signed. As the motorcycles continue to land, the regional agents will soon be fully recruited. At present, the regional agent needs 100,000 yuan, of which 20,000 yuan in cash can be signed with the company, and the remaining 80,000 will be deducted from the promotion commission of the regional agent until the end of 80,000. The commission of the regional agent, in addition to all the rights of the VIP member, is based on him. Each time a VIP member is generated, the company rewards 50 venture capital bonds at one time, of which 25 venture capital companies deduct the deduction of the 80,000 yuan. After the end, resume 50 venture ticket rewards;The domain agent recommends the regional agent, the company rewards 10,000 yuan for one time; the regional agent recommends the regional agent to generate 5 virtual vouchers for each VIP member company. There are also follow-up regional agents who are responsible for managing the day-to-day management and maintenance of all landing vehicles in the region. Subsequent launch of the shared car and 020 smart farm has a superior agency. There are also secondary agents and first-level agents, which will be introduced later.

Fourth, the introduction of motorcycle hardware

Our motorcycle looks like a bicycle, the weight of the car is close to that of the first car, and it has all the functions of a bicycle. At the same time, it has the functions that bicycles don’t have. The most important thing is that there is no need for human-powered vehicles. There are also mobile phone brackets, GPS positioning, etc. Each car is equipped with two lithium batteries. The tires are solid tires, and each vehicle has insurance. Can be on the card. The vehicle complies with the national four standards for motorcycles. The maximum speed is set at 20 kilometers per hour. After all, the electric drive is used to limit the speed of the riders. 2. The rear seats cannot carry people, and the rear seats are loaded. Safety hazards; 3, there are foot scorpions, can continue to ride in the case of insufficient power; 4, each car has insurance, if the car has an accident, it can be solved by insurance, avoiding more personnel dispute. At present, there are many shared motorcycles on the market that have been banned by the traffic control department because they do not meet the national standard.

Fifth, on the issue of the late operation of motorcycles

So far, The number of bicycles has been tens of millions, and there are already 20 million units in Mobai and ofo. Because they are using the Internet + traditional enterprise, there is no intermediate transition management link, which causes bicycles to be randomly stopped and stolen and damaged. . The disorderly movement affects the appearance of the city, and at the same time causes local traffic jams; stealing and damage cause losses to the enterprise. So how can we avoid this phenomenon with our Xiaomi shared motorcycles today? Even if our motorcycles are in full compliance with national standards and the Ministry of Transport encourages the delivery of documents that meet the national standard motorcycles, It will inevitably cause resentment from the local government, and affect the subsequent release of more vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively stop the chaos, it must have a fixed parking space, and how to ensure that consumers will park according to the parking line?

First, our car is equipped with GPS positioning Whether you parked in the fixed parking line, the system can monitor at any time. If you are not parked in place, then you need to bleed. The money is flowing out of your Alipay or WeChat wallet. It is based on 2 km. computational. Because you don’t stop at a fixed parking space, our staff needs to park the car to the parking position, which is costly, so there is a fee.

Second, we used the regional agents and VIP members who burned the money in the early stage to manage these vehicles from another level. The regional agent is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the vehicles in the region. VIP members know how to use it and precautions after a period of promotion, and also monitor and influence the follow-up behavior of the follow-up consumers. Some VIP members have been motivated by the supervision of this motorcycle.

Third, the problem of theft and malicious damage of the vehicle, because the vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning, it can monitor the operation of each vehicle in real time, so if it does not move normally, the system will automatically alarm and the vehicle will also issue an alarm; The battery is a lithium battery and will be scrapped if it is not taken by a non-worker.

Fourth, the vehicle’s power and cruising range can be monitored at any time in the maintenance and supervision system to more accurately replace the vehicle’s battery; the subsequent battery charging company will provide a charging box (a charging box can be placed a lot) Insert the replaced battery into it.

Sixth, shared car

At present, private cars are experiencing explosive growth in the country, almost one car per car. Private cars give us freedom and a good sense of experience. At the same time, it caused traffic congestion and parking became more and more difficult. Even if it was opened to the destination, it took a long time to find a parking space. The private car that brought us convenience and pleasure became a burden. The reason is Road expansion and the increase in parking spaces will never catch up with the increased speed of vehicles. The road expansion and the increase in parking spaces are limited, but the vehicle can be increased in an unlimited amount, so the concept of sharing the car came into being. With a shared car, the efficiency of a car can be greatly improved. Presumably, in the future, you will get off the plane and use our Xiaomi APP to directly unlock the Xiaomi shared steam at the airport. You can drive away directly. At that time, the rental car market will be replaced by our small shared car. This is the trend, the trend has been eliminated. scale. The ground docking team established through the promotion of the previous Xiaomi shared motorcycle will lay a solid foundation for the sharing of the car.

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