Common precautions for the use of wooden floor buckles?

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What to do with wooden floor buckles

Because the installation of wooden floors needs to be complete As one of the most important accessories, the buckle system is mainly used to solve the interface problems such as fixing, closing, connecting, transitioning and abutting of the floor. One is to have sufficient expansion space for the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. One protects the edges of the floor from abrasion and joints, protects and decorates.

Most floor brands do not have matching buckles

Reporter visits Several major building materials markets in Beijing found that except for a few high-grade floorings, there are matching buckles, and most other flooring manufacturers have no formal matching buckles on the floor.

Another reporter also found that many When consumers buy, they usually only care about the quality of the wooden floor, neglecting the quality of one of the important accessories of the floor, and lacking the professional knowledge in this area, it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. The inferior aluminum alloy buckle manufacturer is Use consumer knowledge of the knowledge of the buckle, production and sales The other part is the floor quotient of the figure. It is known that the inferior floor buckles are also sold in the market and ruin the consumers.

Inferior buckles are easy to fade, fall off, and lift off


The fake aluminum alloy buckle is basically made of scrap aluminum. Its hardness and strength are not up to the minimum requirements. The surface oxide film (alumina) is very thin. The wear resistance and corrosion resistance are not guaranteed at all. The so-called aluminum alloy imitation wood grain spray paint has poor adhesion and wear resistance. Another ‘titanium’ alloy buckle has no special treatment on the surface. The so-called ‘titanium’ gold on the surface soon fell off. After the installation of these fake and shoddy buckles, fading, shedding, loosening, deformation and lifting began to appear, which greatly affected the service life of the wooden floor. >

Because of the low production cost of counterfeit and shoddy buckles, the selling price is often much lower than the regular deduction. A large number of counterfeit and inferior deductions flood the market, seriously damaging the interests of consumers and hindering the health of the flooring industry. Development. For this kind of deception of consumers Therefore, it is hoped that relevant departments must step up efforts to crack down on crackdowns, purify the urban consumer market, and maintain a normal market economic order.

At the same time, for the majority of consumers, on the one hand Understand the knowledge of floor buckles and improve the ability to identify and inferior. On the other hand, it is the right choice to buy floor buckles from well-reputed wood flooring merchants.

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