Chen Yana: A financial goddess that combines beauty and wisdom

Beautiful women are pleasing to the eye, diligent women are respectable, and women with beauty and wisdom are admirable. This admirable woman is Chen Yana, founder and CEO of Manchu Group, known as the goddess of finance.

Black-rimmed glasses hide a pair of eyes that are smiling, giving you a feeling of intimacy. A neat ponytail, a temperament black dress, elegant high heels, this is the standard shape of Chen Yana. She, who is stupid, can’t see her mother who has given birth to three children.

Not only is the career a happy day, but the family is happy, loving her husband and three smart and lovely children. It is her warm harbor that will make her feel happy and satisfied after her tired work.

She has a group of 80, 90-year-old, full of passion and vitality of the young team; dreams, love, and sentimental atmosphere make Manchu Finance stand out in the industry, the brand’s influence is also growing Big.

Charity Cycling

Young team

Full of energy and vitality

At the end of 2012, he was founded in Xiamen. Although he experienced a setback in the capital chain, no customer source, and profitability after three years of operation, he finally succeeded with Chen Yana’s unremitting efforts. At present, Manchu Group has become a cross-regional and diversified enterprise group with Xiamen Manchu, Zhangzhou Manchu, Quanzhou Manchu, Fuzhou Manchu, Longyan Manchu, Sanming Manchu, Qigong Finance, and Entrepreneurship. , rookie venture capital and other holdings, shareholding subsidiaries, industry coverage of fiscal and tax management, intellectual property, industrial investment, financial services. Manchu has become the benchmark enterprise of Fujian’s financial and taxation agency, and has also won the famous trademark of Fujian Province, and successfully ranked among the top three in Fujian’s financial agency industry. As of June 2017, there have been more than 5,000 customers with accumulated services, and the company’s valuation has reached nearly 100 million yuan.

As a financial agency, there is no business without customers, no profit without business, no profit without everything. Talk about it. In 2014, the wise Chen Yana thought of WeChat new media. WeChat is more than just a social tool, it is also a platform for exhibiting businesses. Chen Yana has 11 micro-signals on two mobile phones, and the number of WeChat friends is over 53,000. By sharing her entrepreneurial journey and sharing her life, she gradually infected people around her. The number of friends has soared. After continuous accumulation, Manchu Finance has gradually been recognized by people, and most of them find them from here. According to her company’s report, more than 60% of customers are from WeChat marketing and customer referral channels. Manchu Group also established the WeChat public number platform, with a focus on more than 10,000 people. Rather than saying that WeChat Marketing has found its customers, it is better to say that Chen Yana has used the innovative thinking to make the business soar.

Chen Yana’s concept of WeChat marketing is recognized by more and more peers and is constantly being invited to all parts of the country. Going to do the training. Her practical experience, her affinity, she taught everyone how to operate, and received consistent praise.

On September 2, 2017, Zhengyu Enterprise Management (Guangdong) Group Co., Ltd. organized a WeChat marketing training course for all employees. Comprehensively improve the marketing skills of employees, greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and vigorously promote the company’s development and growth.

On September 2, 2017, Chen Yana came to Guangzhou for a reputation, and she gave a wonderful WeChat marketing training course for the company’s employees.

Excellent training, fascinating language, and on-site operation, so that every student can benefit from it. I like it a lot.

One student said with deep feeling that I thought WeChat was just a chat tool, until today I went to Chen The teacher’s lesson understands that WeChat can also be an effective platform.

Through the class of Najie, I summed up the main points of WeChat marketing: First, how to let people around me know who I am? What do I do, let customers know what industry we are, anytime, anywhere. It is conducive to the formation of our intended users. The second is to make friends with customers, so that you can close the distance of customers, gain the trust of users, and thus facilitate transactions; the third is to learn to introduce yourself with numbers, attract attention, the whole course is only shocked. I really admire Na, my words will be remembered in my heart, things I can’t do, only things that I can’t do, I was confused some time ago, no goal, no direction, I took my class today, I have my own Direction, set a goal for myself, I will use a positive attitude, do a good job in WeChat marketing, and create value for the enterprise.

Since its establishment, Mangan Group has always insisted on allowing customers to create maximum profits with the least cost. Its service business includes five aspects. First, it provides door-to-door receipt and free tax planning information services; The second is to use the professional UF financial software to do the account, a financial 1 + 2 service; the third is to provide financial and taxation answers, is the financial exclusive consultant around you; the fourth is to provide customers with registration, agency accounting, audit tax audit, etc. One-stop service; five is familiar with the investment promotion policies of various parks and governments in Xiamen, so that investment entrepreneurs are lessTake a detour.

Currently, Chen Yana is leading her team to march toward higher goals. From her, we witnessed the entrepreneurial passion and struggle spirit of a wise 80-year-old woman.

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