Vietnam has surpassed China to become the largest importer of furniture in the United States

Vietnam has surpassed China to become the largest importer of furniture in the United States

In the first half of this year, the United States Imports of furniture increased by 10%, while exports increased by 4%.

In the past two years, many people have shouted that manufacturing returns to the United States, and they are not willing to play with statistical means to say that the cost of manufacturing in the United States is only 4-5% higher than that of China.

In the first half of this year, US furniture imports increased by 10%, while exports increased by 4%.

When anti-dumping against solid wood bedrooms was made more than a decade ago, the rhetoric at the time was also an excuse to rescue the manufacturing industry in the United States.

However, the furniture manufacturing industry has not returned to the United States. Instead, imports have increased year after year, but only the top ten countries have entered the top ten.

China is still the largest importer, surpassing 50% of total imports, but the rate of increase in imports is flat, while Vietnam and India have become the focus of attention.

Vietnam began to benefit from anti-dumping against Chinese solid wood bedroom furniture. After anti-dumping, almost all orders were transferred from China to Vietnam. After ten years of operation, Vietnam has grown steadily, except for solid wood. In the bedroom, other solid wood furniture has gradually developed, and the manufacturing supply chain has been completed. The upstream hardware, glass, paint, etc. can be produced locally, and the local rubber wood is one-third of China. The price, therefore, has developed rapidly and exported to the United States, which reached $2.3 billion last year. In the first half of this year, it has increased by 21%.

The biggest worry in Vietnam is that it is located in a very humid tropical environment. The moisture content of the wood is very high. When it is exported to the United States, cracking and deformation of the wood is inevitable.

Vietnam’s wages are also growing year after year, with frequent strikes and unstable electricity supply, but this country with less than 100 million people is much stronger than Indonesia, which has a population of 400 million. Exporting to the United States is more than four times that of Indonesia. Indonesia has not only a large population, but also a lot of resources. Land, timber, etc. are not comparable to Vietnam, but they cannot be developed and exported to the United States. For more than a decade, The annual growth rate is 2-3 billion US dollars, only 6%.

India is also very surprised. It has furniture exports and quickly became the top ten importers of the United States. At present, although the base is small, only 150 million, but the development speed is very fast, compared with the first half of last year, an increase of 20%.

The increase of solid wood bedroom furniture is higher than the average, reaching 12%. It can be seen that anti-dumping is useless and cannot be stopped. Especially noteworthy are metal soft bags, most of which are aircraft seats and car seats. It is the growth point of China’s exports to the United States in recent years. The wooden kitchen furniture has grown quietly and quietly, and it has grown very fast, up to 21%, which is unexpected.

In terms of exports, it is equivalent to one-tenth of imports, concentrated in several countries, and the largest increase is in the Bahamas, but not as much as 30 million.

Among the top five, the exports of the three countries are decreasing, and only Mexico and the United Kingdom still have large growth. Mexico I estimate that the United States shipped materials, semi-finished products, and processed them in Mexico before returning to the United States.

Canada is a traditional American market. Many furniture retail stores are opened by Americans. Therefore, exports to Canada are much more. However, in recent years, there has been little growth, but it has decreased.

The products exported are mainly solid wood furniture, sofas and metal furniture, including mattresses and beds.

The recent appreciation of the US dollar is not good for the export of furniture, so the performance of exports in the second half of the year may be affected.

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Analysis of the Ceramic Market of the Six Countries in the Middle East

The growth of the construction industry in the six countries directly drives the market for architectural ceramics. According to a report from the well-known market research company Frost & Sullivan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the countries with the strongest demand for building materials in the future. Infrastructure and housing are being built heavily, and the latter is also making great efforts to host the 2022 World Cup.

It is reported that in the six countries of the Middle East Gulf, Chinese and European brands have occupied more than 50% of the market share of ceramic tiles, and the rest are divided by local producers and other countries. Including Malaysia, India, Egypt and other countries, their tile products account for about 25% of the market. Among the local producers in the six countries of the Gulf, the UAE’s ceramic tile enterprises dominate. At present, most of the tiles produced by UAE companies are locally consumed, and only 12% of the tiles are used for export.

Analysis of the six-country ceramics market in the Middle East Gulf

The report said that the six-country tile market in the Middle East Gulf is highly sensitive to product prices. And polished tiles are becoming more and more popular due to their durability. In addition, the increase in imports of Chinese products illustrates the demand for high quality products in this market.

A spokesperson for Frost & Sullivan said, “local companies can only expand their production capacity, increase marketing efforts, and balance their existing distribution systems. Reduce the market share of foreign brands. The strength of foreign brands in this market is one of the biggest challenges facing local companies. At present, most local dealers are interested in operating porcelain tiles because they have gained greater profits in cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.

“ Product personalization, product line is rich, marketing channels are prudent and precise, and optimizing production processes to reduce production costs are all issues that local companies must fully address in the near future. The spokesperson added.

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Russian Victory Day, the 7-year-old Ai Bison big screen once again stunningly unveiled

On May 9, 2019, Russia commemorated the 74th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War. Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted a victory day reception at the Kremlin. The Abisson P3.9mm LED display was unveiled at the Kremlin George Hall. Time witnessed to true quality, this is after 2012, Putin used this batch of Abbyson large screens for large-scale occasions for 7 consecutive years. The high-definition and excellent display effect has remained as new as 7 years.

On May 9, 2019, Russia celebrated the 74th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War. On this important and historic day, Russia held a Red Square military parade and “The Immortal Legion Parade”. Russian President Vladimir Putin held a reception for the Victory Day at the Kremlin, and the Abisson P3.9mm product was unveiled at the reception.

Abby Bison at the 2019 Russian Victory Day

Kremlin Located in the heart of Moscow, it was listed on the World Cultural Heritage List in 1990. Major events such as the Russian National Awards Ceremony and State Banquet were held here, and the Putin’s Victory Day reception was no exception.

As an important occasion for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Abbyson LEDs show that the large-screen display is fully escorted. This is also the seventh consecutive year that Putin has used the same batch of Abbyson LED display screens in many large-scale events.

As early as 2012, at the first large-scale press conference where Putin re-elected, Abbyson and President Putin became attached for the first time. The Russian side leased two P3.9mm display screens (left and middle screens) from Abbyson, while the large screen on the right was provided by other manufacturers. In clear contrast, it can be seen that the water ripple on the right side of the screen is very obvious.

Abbyson at the 2012 Putin Press Conference

2013 On April 25th, Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the 11th “Putin hotline live broadcast. This is the first time that Putin has passed the “Putin hotline” and the Russian public face-to-face exchange during the re-election of President. The program lasted for more than 4 hours and was broadcasted to the world. The requirements of the screen are very high, and it is necessary to achieve a higher refresh rate and eliminate the picture “water ripples.” After a survey, screening and comparison of global suppliers, Ai Bison’s three P3.9mm LED displays were used for live broadcast and background rendering. The screen body uses high-definition, delicate pictures and high refresh rate to help Russian TV stations to broadcast live broadcasts of the whole process.

Abbyson connects to Putin in 2013

This is followed After the first press conference of President Putin’s new term on December 20, 2012, the second time the event party used the Abisen P3.9mm LED display for Putin’s large-scale event. Due to the excellent display effect of the Abbison LED display at the Putin conference in 2012, the same batch was adopted in the Putin connection in 2013 until the Putin connection to 2018 and the Putin press conference in 2018. The second Abisen P3.9mm display.

According to Russian media, Putin is an extremely stressful and quality-conscious person in his life. Quality has exceeded the requirements of the general standard. For such a serious person, what are the outstanding highlights of Abbyson, which can be recognized by Putin himself and Russia, and made a stunning appearance in Putin’s many large-scale events in the past seven years?

High refresh Rate, smooth picture without smear

As a global live broadcast of TV programs, in addition to Russia’s first radio station, Russia 1 and Russia 24 stations and lighthouse radio station, news FM, Russian radio, Russian new network The major media, such as the Tass news agency and the HTV website, have broadcasted this live broadcast and attracted the attention of media from all over the world.

“Putin connection and “ Putin press conference was filmed by professional cameras throughout the entire process, and the refresh rate of the background main screen is demanding. In the case of 1/2000 second professional camera and camera shooting, Ai Bison P3.9mm products keep the picture HD smooth and smooth, no strobe line, no shaking, not only for the event to render the scene atmosphere, but also for the global audience A fresh, comfortable visual experience.

High-definition seamless stitching, unbounded vision

Special connector design, which can be fine-tuned during the installation process, and is the first to achieve seamless display to create a perfect display effect; original creation The quiet design not only eliminates noise, reduces power consumption, but also reduces the weight of the cabinet for easy installation.

Multiple certifications, reliable quality

Abbison’s P3.9mm products are ETL certified, the power supply is certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and the suspension beam is SGS certified. . Multi-party certification, reliable quality.

It takes three years for the jade to burn for three days. The real quality, the test exercise that can withstand the time, Abisen LED shows that the big screen has been highly recognized by Russia and Putin for 7 consecutive years, enough to see that Abbyson once again let time witness the true quality.

Founded in 2001, Shenzhen Ai Bison Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300389) is the world’s leading provider of true LED display applications and services. Products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions such as the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc., successfully implemented 30More than 000 application examples, widely used in the United States NBA games, World Cup, European Cup, presidential press conference, high-end shopping malls, luxury brand stores, national television stations and other fields, the export of display products for 10 consecutive years in the industry the first. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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New technology empowers traditional industries, and the smart lock industry is going to change?

Image from “

New Technology empowers traditional industries. On the one hand, it will bring new opportunities to traditional industries, change the traditional industry’s insults, and on the other hand, it will force the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, resulting in survival of the fittest and industry reshuffle, but the spring of science and technology to traditional industries The baptism varies from industry to industry.

Locks are the first level of family entry, guarding the lives and property of the family. Whether buying a house or renting a house, changing the lock is the first thing to do. User perception and user habits dictate more consideration when making decisions and consider costs more. Therefore, the new technology empowers the traditional lock enterprise is obviously the Hard mode, the promotion difficulty is much larger than other industries.

Yiou Home made a simple statistic for the major domestic smart lock companies, and found that almost all lock companies have been involved in the research and development of smart locks, but the smart lock industry chain is long, matters are high, and requirements are high. The smart lock industry has split into two major camps: R&D, sales and “R&D, production, sales and service”. It is still good and bad, and it has yet to be tested by the market.

“Technology flow” from the altar

100 lock companies, 99 The home is doing research and development, and the rest is on the way to doing research and development. When is the threshold for technology research and development so low? Is technology flowing down the altar, or is there someone in the scorpion of research and development to fish in the water?

From the statistics, except for those In addition to the strength of traditional lock enterprises and home appliance manufacturers, most of the smart locks are small and micro enterprises, of which less than 25% are financing, and most of the enterprises that have obtained financing are in the early stage, and the financing amount is not large.

The “2018 Smart Lock Industry White Paper” released some time ago shows that the shipment of smart locks across the country exceeded 7 million sets in 2017, but the number of smart lock companies in the country has exceeded 1,000, and the smart lock brand has reached More than 2,800. What’s even more embarrassing is that some people in the industry recently told Yiou Home that the smart lock market is far less prosperous than the industry. Last year’s shipments were half of this number.

That is to say, the smart lock market is plentiful and there is not a large amount of external capital to enter. It is difficult for smart lock companies to rely on operating income to barely make a living. So, where are the funds from so many companies invested in research and development?

The answer is clear.

Is the new technology changing the smart lock industry, or is the speciality of the smart lock industry letting technology come to the fore?

As mentioned earlier, smart locks are a relative More rigorous industry. A lock, from research and development, design, to production, manufacturing, to sales, after-sales service, needs to form a complete business closed loop, the lack of any link may lead to the loss of user trust. Once the suspected seeds are planted, the whole forest is lost.

As shown in the above table, the smart lock enterprise chooses short-term investment in the business model. The number of R&D, sales companies and companies that choose R&D, production, sales and service is roughly the same. After many parties understand, Yiou Home found that the smart lock business model is divided into two camps mainly affected by the following factors.

1. Considering the operating costs of the company. The industry of smart lock industry has a long industrial chain. The layout of the whole industry chain has higher requirements for the company’s management ability and resources. Therefore, a considerable number of enterprises choose to abandon the investment in the production and manufacturing process, and hand over the production link to the foundry to do more. More energy is placed on product development and after-sales service, which is typical of startup thinking.

2. Out of confidence in technical ability. It is undeniable that many smart lock companies have come across the Internet industry. I believe that technology can bring light and hope. Heavy technology and light production have provided many smart lock companies with more possibility to tell stories. Some companies said in an interview with Yi-Europe that they never worry about the problems of production and after-sales, and that the manufacturing industry has a stable foundry, and the technical level can guarantee almost no after-sales demand.

3, due to their own advantages and strategic layout considerations. Traditional lock enterprises and professional smart lock enterprises “do not have long things, want to settle down in the smart lock industry must be stable and steady, cross-border smart lock companies have main business support, smart locks are only their layout smart home industry One step, success is better, and failure does not matter.

It is undeniable that the development, production, sales and service require great human and material resources. Throughout these so-called smart lock head enterprises, they have the ability to open up the industry chain. Some insiders have revealed to the billion European home that the real data of the smart lock industry is even more shocking. The smart lock enterprises that have realized the R&D, production, sales and after-sales service are less than one. The smart lock enterprise has annual revenue of over 100 million. Not even 20 homes.

Marxism says that the economic base determines the superstructure. If there is money in the enterprise account, you can purchase more production materials for production. The new technology can lock the enterprise. At least a large amount of capital is needed to support it, and most of the smart lock enterprises have already lost on the starting line.

Without talking about real technology, what about changing the world? In my opinion, the smart lock industry is far from reaching the point where new technology can empower the entire industry. It is too early to talk about anything. But none of us knows, will technology become the only redemption for traditional lock companies?

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2016 International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo

Exhibition Time: July 5th – July 7th, 2016

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Pudong)

Exhibition Size: 150,000 square meters (12 halls)

Organizer: Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association

Comprehensive provision of green building solutions

Focusing on the implementation of the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and promoting green building and building energy conservation. As the first international green construction fair in the country that has passed the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Industry Association and is known as the first exhibition of green building materials in Asia, it integrates resources, innovates transformation, upgrades platform theme, and leads building energy conservation. Building materials, energy conservation, material saving, water saving, the latest frontier of green building technology development, highlighting the core value of the industry’s latest technology and development, leading role. From July 5th to July 7th, 2016 International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo, with its many brand exhibitions, will be grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. 12 exhibition halls, 150,000 square meters of exhibition area, thousands of merchants gathered, dozens of theme forums and special seminars, concentrated the best and most influential enterprises in various fields at home and abroad, the products displayed Covering the upper and lower end of the building materials industry chain, it will bring unlimited business opportunities to all kinds of businesses and audiences. It is a grand gathering of industry development and innovation.

As the only international trade fair for building and building materials that provides comprehensive solutions for green buildings in the country, the Green Building Expo will undertake the construction of the East China region with Shanghai as the core and even the whole country. Important functions such as business cooperation, technical exchange, and project docking in the building materials market. Focus on reflecting the strategic deployment of the country’s ecological civilization construction, and comprehensively promote the latest phase of green building technology industrialization!

Last review

The last exhibition attracted a lot of provinces and cities from China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, 1,100 building materials companies from dozens of countries and regions such as Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Italy participated in the exhibition, with a scale of 150,000 square meters and covering 12 pavilions. Among them, there are 888 domestic exhibitors and 212 foreign exhibitors. In terms of visitors, the exhibition attracted a total of 101,250 visitors during the three-day exhibition period. The number of domestic visitors was 93,150 and the number of foreign visitors was 8,100. The exhibition attracted the participation and attention of many domestic and foreign distributors, real estate development units, construction units, design units, construction units, industry-related management departments, relevant research institutes, project owners and other professionals.

Participating Brands

 Green Building Materials Expo is currently the largest and most professional green building exhibition in China. The exhibition covers thermal insulation, wood structure, integrated houses, exterior wall decoration, Fire retardant, heating, water supply and drainage, ground source heat pump, steel machinery, door and window curtain wall, outdoor furniture, diatom mud, villa supporting, wood and stairs, swimming pool spa, air purification, building power saving, building templates, etc. The 12 major pavilions, with an exhibition area of ​​150,000 square meters, will have 1,500 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors. It has gathered the most representative green building materials brands in the world, such as Owens Corning, Shanghai Building Materials Group, Huili Group, Beixin, Smick, Zhenshen, Uno Chuangneng, Elegant, Mechanical Construction Group, Canadian Wood, High-end brands such as Dragonair, Japan Timber Center, Chint, Ao Smith, Sheng Expo, Weineng, Viessmann, Grundfos, Six Star, Aubel, Boloni, Juhe, etc., fully showcase the latest in green building materials Technology, a benchmarking gathering for the industry.

Exhibition Content

One. Building energy conservation and new building materials: building envelope technology, wall insulation system and materials, interior wall insulation materials, exterior wall insulation panels, new building decoration fireproof materials, raw materials and parts, roof and three-dimensional green materials, building energy efficiency Related product systems, energy-saving building materials manufacturing machinery and construction machinery, dry-mixed mortar and mechanical equipment; natural lighting; energy dissipation; Energy-saving technologies for building structures: green integrated buildings, fabricated houses, light steel houses and building steel structures: various types of integrated houses (prefabricated houses), various types of color steel movable houses, modular lifting houses, container houses, modular houses , related supporting products, light steel structure sun room system, construction machinery, building steel structure; green wooden environmental protection building: residential wood structural materials, various environmentally friendly wooden houses, wooden structural connectors, wooden prefabricated walls, bamboo structures Construction, wood structure production and processing equipment, wood protection agent, wood plastic landscape profiles, wood structure design consulting and related industry products; building materials production equipment and technology; building templates; steel machinery; Green building intelligent comfort system: green indoor heating system and building new energy equipment: heating technology, equipment and supporting materials, building new energy equipment, solar energy utilization technology and equipment, pipe fittings, supporting materials; air purification; intelligent building electrical; Drainage system; four. Green decorative building materials and design: green ceramics and sanitary ware; door and window curtain wall and architectural shading; architectural coatings; diatom mud; villa supporting facilities; swimming pool and sauna equipment; outdoor furniture; guardrail fence and garden landscape machinery.


1. With the national pavilion as the main form of participation, domestic and foreign importers and exporters gather together.

2. Thousands of invitations are invited to each of the consulates and trade promotion agencies, business organizations, and foreign industry associations.

3. Through the television, radio, newspaper, network, mobile media, subway, building materials store advertising and other means for agents, dealers, real estate agents and construction units and other industry professionals to push the exhibitioninformation.

4. Through more than 300 of the best quality cooperation media (building materials, real estate professional websites, magazines and newspapers), the industry will be wiped out, and the exhibition will be pushed without dead ends.

5. WeChat, Weibo, mobile APP, Baidu search, professional QQ group and other new media channels superimposed channels, timely dissemination of information on exhibitions, the first time to communicate with architectural design institutes, real estate developers.

6. Multi-form and multi-session conference activities and summit forums attract the attention, participation and interaction of the industry, revolve around the current market hotspots, improve the project docking, and build a high-end technology exchange platform.

7.30 million large professional audience database, through the network call center, point-to-point invitation, hundreds of millions of business opportunities, who fell.

8. All-round Shanghai Design Group and Design Institute resources, and more support and cooperation from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Southeast University, Southwest Jiaotong University and other high-end architectural design institutions.

9. The government’s functional departments fully support and organize, the Yangtze River Delta Construction Committee, the Energy Conservation Office and the Association work together to achieve the first platform for green building trade!

Participation Fees

International Pavilion (E1): Standard Booth: 18,000 RMB (9 square meters)

Light Ground: 1900 RMB/m2 W1 \W2\W3 \E2\ E3\E4\E5\E6 Hall:

Zone A: Standard Booth: 12,800 RMB (9 square meters) Light Land: 1280 RMB/square meter

Area B: Standard booth: 10,800 yuan (9 square meters) Light: 1080 yuan / square meter

Area C: Standard booth: 8800 yuan (9 square meters) 880 yuan / square meter

Consultation: Tel: 021-63288899 Green Building Expo website

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With the “chain” friends: 2018 blockchain innovation conference is in perfect ending!

On July 13th, the rational · application · future & mdash; 2018 blockchain innovation conference jointly sponsored by blockchain practitioner Chain VC and the well-known blockchain project NEO was successfully held at the Radisson Hotel in Chongqing. . At the event site, the blockchain industry industry, technology experts, project representatives and traditional enterprises and other industry elites participated.

This event is mainly to “chain friends”, through this event to deepen the exchanges between the industry, to better explore the application of blockchain technology, to build a more oriented industry, And a platform of rationality and order.

As the only municipality in the western region, Chongqing has become an economy in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River for 21 years. , finance, science and technology, shipping and trade logistics centers, & ldquo; the Belt and Road and the Yangtze River Economic Belt important junctions and inland open highlands. In November last year, with the support of national policies, Chongqing City Block Chain Industry Innovation Base was unveiled. Compared with other regions, Chongqing’s goal in the blockchain field has not fallen. At present, many people do not have a special understanding of the blockchain, and they have doubts about this, but there is no doubt that with the support of national policies, the regional cross-chain will develop faster.

by "chain friends

Chain VC founder and YEX promoter Huang Jian

At the beginning of the meeting, the founder of the founding member of Chain VC and YEX promoter Huang Jian delivered a speech. He said that the purpose of the conference was to “link” friends, communicate through multi-industry elites, discuss and explore the combination of blockchain technology and practical applications, and show the practical side of the blockchain application.

NEO founder, distribution technology CEO Da Hongfei

NEO founder, distribution Technology CEO Da Hongfei first delivered a speech. He said that the blockchain itself should solve the problem of trust, subverting the traditional single-point trust and trust in a centralized organization.

If you don’t open source, it will still be a centralized organization, deviating from the spirit of the blockchain.

He half-jokingly pointed out that “not open source blockchains are rogue. If you can’t open source, then the claimed blockchain technology is “selling the dog’s meat, basically Not trust in a technology, but trust in goodwill, the company, or the individual. But this trust is inherently fragile and requires other complementary measures to build.

Often, companies that want to obtain a loan or investment must pass a third-party agency (such as an audit company, bank, etc.) to verify the business data before they can be credited, which requires a lot of credit costs.

Founder of Pancheng Capital and the founder of the fast taxi, Chen Weixing

Pancheng Capital The founder and fast taxi founder Chen Weixing said that the existing Internet model will be replaced, all the centralized platforms may disappear, and each of us, every organization, machine and algorithm will be free to each other.

The financial derivation of investment opportunities seems to give everyone the opportunity to share the dividend of technological change, but in fact, it is more of a trap for speculators. Xu Xiaoping’s “All in blockchain” is a strategic judgment in the field of professional investment. This is understandable, but if it is simply enlarged into the investment action of ordinary people, the retail blockchain heat will cause The biggest investment joke of the year.

Liu Xiaolei, director of the Blockchain Laboratory at Peking University’s Guanghua District and director of the Department of Finance at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, said at the conference that the blockchain community will be a new form of organization.

Its characteristic is that it has no boundaries. It is like a universe. It bursts and expands from a point. It has limited and no boundaries. Just like its core technology P2P, it can be freely joined at any time. Free to quit. In a P2P peer-to-peer network, each node has a highly autonomous feature. Nodes can be freely connected to each other to form a new connection unit.

The effect between nodes and nodes creates a nonlinear causal relationship through the network. This open, flat, and equitable organizational structure has made each community member a small and independent contributor to participate in the development of blockchain projects.

Shao Jianliang, the founding partner of Bisheng Capital and the general manager of Jianan Gengzhi Block Chain Division, believes that blockchain is not only an opportunity for some people, and the blockchain should be one that can bring A suitable opportunity industry, and a good project must be the result of a combination of quality teams, direction, consensus, community, technology, consultants and investments. In the future, he is most optimistic about the blockchain + field, such as games, knowledge payment, online advertising, etc. If it is implemented, the prospects are unpredictable.

MTC-Mesh founder Li Guo said that blockchain technology can penetrate almost every corner of life. Perhaps 20 years, 10 years, or even 5 years, 1 year later, the blockchain will be integrated into people’s lives at the speed of light. Maybe we don’t know where to use blockchain technology, but it’s ubiquitous and blends in with your life.

CMO Wendy said that on January 8, 2018, the global market value of blockchain assets reached its peak value of $85.51 billion. allThe number of people investing in blockchain assets is about 35 million, while China accounts for about 10 million. However, while the blockchain industry is developing at a high speed, these assets are also facing a series of risks. To avoid these risks, we need a private key generation method, a thermal isolation design and a two-dimensional code transmission communication method.

Dialogue Forum

Guest Dialogue

NEO Founder Hong Fei, Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Professor of Economics, Peking University, Yang Linke, founder of Bile Capital, Zeng Linyi, founder of Bile Capital, Wang Feng, co-founder of Mars Finance, and Zhang Shousong, a well-known blockchain investor, entitled “How to Policy Within the framework, a better and more efficient dialogue forum to promote industry development and industry development.

Among them, Da Hongfei said that although the blockchain industry has a very broad prospect, there are still some bubbles. Many companies are still engaged in the blockchain in the concept of speculation, and there are still many hits. The concept of a blockchain is a speculator of fraud. However, he believes that after 2018, the blockchain industry will enter a stage of de-authentication, the bubble will be gradually squeezed out, and the industry will gradually enter a benign development track.

In Liu Chang’s view, the real value of the blockchain lies in its application. At present, many countries are actively embracing blockchain technology to open up new tracks for international industry competition and seize the commanding heights of a new round of technological innovation. China has the world’s most extensive application market. Therefore, as long as the domestic blockchain enterprises can seize the opportunity, do a good job in the blockchain + industrial scene application, and deepen the industrialization application of blockchain technology, they will certainly become Business.

Wang Feng said that the most critical aspect of the application process is to build an ecosystem. “Each project actually ends up building its own ecology, which is its own economic circulation system. In particular, the platform project, in the final competition, is not only the technology and product capabilities, but more importantly, the ability to expand the ecology, and form a win-win system with a more open community collaboration.

Future and Opportunity

At the end of the conference, the founder of Aisi Community told me about the status and prospects of the PC consensus mechanism, and the founder of Chain VC, Huang Jian and NEO founder Hongfei, fast taxi founder Chen Weixing, and paying big heads and other industry experts to exchange ideas on the past, current status and future development direction of blockchain technology.

Throughout the conference, we can see that the application of blockchain technology will change our lives. Education, finance, catering, transportation, etc., which are closely related to our lives, more and more fields have begun to use blockchain technology, and a new era has arrived.

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The overall environment of the building materials industry has cooled down, how to transform the home store

Image from "Oriental IC

Overall Environment In the case of a big change, the home store has also reached the crossroads of transformation. This article introduces six directions for home store transformation. One of the core questions that everyone should understand is that in an era when it is impossible to sit back and relax, the only thing that can help you win is to change yourself, jump out of the comfort zone, and embrace change first. response.

In 2018, the sales of building materials and homes above designated size nationwide was 966.16 billion yuan, up 5.32% year-on-year. In the past few years, the number is as low as 700 billion and more than 1 trillion. In 2019, the situation was 61.7 billion in January and 58.91 billion in February, which was a slight decrease compared with the sales in the same period of 2018.

But the total amount has always been considerable, and the total does not mean that every micro-individual is good. Cakes are often only a minority, and many stores are not good. Even in the home market where the business is very good, there are still some stores that are sparsely populated, and the business is so bad that every year, the door-to-door business is about to be withdrawn.

If you want to turn things around and make your business more prosperous, there are many problems that need to be solved. There is a key link involved in this. It is the evolution of stores and stores. Two situations:

One is that the brand appeal is not enough, the location of the store is relatively biased, the guests are patronizing very little, how to transform, break through and evolve? There is also a situation where the business is still good, circle The customer ability is relatively strong, and it has the upper hand in the rush, but the growth rate is also slowing down. It has been affected by other channels, how should it evolve?

Deng Chaoming, founder of the foundry research, believes that the road actually Already in front of everyone, there are also several pioneers taking the lead, such as the European-style exploration of the whole home store, the super-store of Shangpin home, the Living Mall and the fashion life experience hall jointly promoted by Qumei and Jingdong. It is a typical case.

Some of the results are very significant, and some have just emerged, sprouting to be long, such as smart stores, according to incomplete statistics of large-scale research, there are currently about 15 home furnishing companies, in the implementation of pilot Wisdom stores, this is naturally a good phenomenon.

In general, Deng Chaoming believes that home stores currently have six directions for transformation and evolution, which are worth considering and exploring.

1. The personal transformation of the boss: from the boss or a few backbone individual combat, to team battles, to show sincerity, training teams, and promote talent specialization.

What is sincerity, not that you verbally give a lot of promises, draw a big pie, let everyone squat on the line, but to come up with performance and implement the figures, such as how much salary, performance ratio There is room for career rise and so on. Of course, the boss’s ability to play orders is also very important. If you have a few backbone sales, you can usually ensure that you will not lose in a few years.

But you have talents, other businesses have it, and some people still have a team of established people to fight with you, able to provide system services, the advantages are more obvious. If you can’t beat a few rounds, you will be defeated.

2, corporatization operation: Even if you only have one store, only a few employees, you can also move closer to the corporatization operation, establish an easy-to-operate management system, and bring out the incentive system for everyone. See a clear direction and return.

It’s best to split up into groups to let the people who compare the cows lead. The atmosphere of the upward effort is created, everyone is vying for the upper reaches, and the morale of the employees is high. This game is alive. Some bosses think that they are the system. Think about it today, do it tomorrow, and sometimes regret the previous decision. This way, it is impossible to go up the stairs.

3, from the promotion to the market, to rely on comprehensive ability to acquire and retain customers. What is comprehensive ability? Design, products, services, etc., a system, customers can enjoy free scales and design services when entering the store; after the transaction, people will follow up the whole process without worrying about finding people.

With a system that summarizes experiences and analyzes problems every week, you can evaluate them one by one and find out the problems that exist. Promotions are definitely indispensable, but just getting some discounts and making flyers will definitely not work. It is necessary to use the alliance promotion, the promotion of the housing community, and the marketing activities of the theme activities of the manufacturers.

Promotions with creative ideas, parent-child activities, store activities, etc., will be better. Deng Chaoming, the founder of the overgrown research, believes that this requires us to re-recognize the promotion, the idea should be optimized, the vision should be opened, and the promotion model should be rebuilt.

4, the store actively learns and self-iteration, adapt to the changes of the new environment, adopt new customer and guest tools to actively market, open up new channels, and establish a new channel structure.

First look at what marketing methods you use. Now consumers are changing, marketing methods are changing, don’t keep the previous three axes. Jump out of your comfort zone and actively explore the channels and marketing methods that have just emerged.

We will see that in some industries, business is done by shaking hands. There are also some companies that have played the WeChat group in full swing and have a steady stream of orders. Keep up with the times and see these four words, presumably you will feel how intimate it is. Proactively providing new services, not only to improve the original service system and methods, but also to find ways to install new things inside, some micro-innovation can often harvest unexpected results.

For example, if someone else finishes installing the floor, can you help clean the owner’s house? Everyone else is a worker, and can you send the sales of the docking client to the home and take a picture.The owner said that it is not allowed to order.

5, the store is diversified, such as independent stores, multi-category stores, self-contained big home stores, design stores, etc., professional stores and integrated stores coexist, single product sales to one-stop space solutions Business transformation.

This often requires a data accumulation, and statistics on the store sales performance of each place to see which places are suitable for opening stores. For example, in some stores, the price per customer is higher, and it may be considered to increase the category, which is closely related to the shopping habits of local buyers. Pilots are often needed and expanded after success.

According to the research of large materials, there are several companies with typical stores in the industry, such as Qumei Home, Ou Pai Home, Meike Home, Shangpin Home, etc. Now even three trees paint this The enterprises that make building materials have also begun to build a full-scale one-stop service experience by means of opening a 1000-square-meter store, collecting latex paint, art paint, Kiev materials, overall painting service, and immediate service.

6, custom and finished product integration, sold at the terminal store. Customization is a big tide and unstoppable.

In addition to wardrobe cabinets, shoe cabinets, TV cabinets and other cabinet products, it has already been customized; now, like the wooden door enterprise, it is also engaged in wooden door + whole house customization; for sanitary ware, starting from the full-service custom, thinking The kitchen business pushes up the integration of kitchen and bathroom. No matter what you produce or sell, you have to think about integrating custom and finished products. Even if the product itself can’t be customized, you can also consider introducing custom patterns in product application, such as customizing the tile paving effect. Customization of surface decoration effects, etc.

Deng Chaoming believes that all the customization, its core is not around the product customization, but from the buyer’s expectations, let him see the effect, the customization of the home space effect.

Few people can figure out what materials and accessories you use, and you won’t know how to design the shape. Everyone sees the effect, so this gives us the space to introduce customization in the store. . To be equipped with 3D cloud design tools, we must increase the design ability of the shopping guide.

An era in which it is impossible to sit back and relax, it is even more impossible to sit in the store and count the money. The only thing that can help you win is to change yourself, jump out of the comfort zone, embrace change first, and respond first.

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Three new home national standards will be officially implemented on December 1

From December 1st, the national standards of “Ceramic Tiles”, “Water-saving Sanitary Ware” and “National Interior Decoration Design Code” will be officially implemented, which will bring more practical guidance to consumers.

Ceramic tile development towards thinning

At present, the main quality problems of ceramic tiles are concentrated in the aspects of failure strength, modulus of rupture, water absorption, etc. After that, the above problems will be expected to be alleviated. The newly revised “Ceramic Tiles” national standard limits the thickness of dry pressed ceramic tiles for the first time. Under the premise of ensuring the technical indexes such as strength and water absorption of ceramic tiles, the thickness of ceramic tiles is greatly reduced, and the development of ceramic tiles is promoted. At the same time, it has improved the technical requirements for extruded ceramic tiles, increased the requirements of wall brick backing, etc., and is expected to solve the quality problems such as ceramic brick breaks and hollow drums. The new standard states that a surface area greater than 6400 square centimeters may not exceed 13.5 millimeters; a surface area less than 3600 square centimeters, less than 10 millimeters thick; and a surface area between 3600 and 6400 square centimeters, less than 11 millimeters thick.

Sanitary Ware will save 30% of water

On the same day, the National Standard for Water-saving Sanitary Ware will also be officially implemented on December 1. For the first time, the new standard defines high-efficiency water-saving sanitary ware and clarifies the technical requirements and test methods for high-efficiency water-saving products. Standards have been proposed for 8 types of commonly used products such as water-saving toilets, squatting pans, urinals, ceramic gaskets, mechanical pressure washers, non-contact water supply appliances, time-delay self-closing water nozzles, shower showers, etc. Specific technical requirements. The new standard stipulates that the water consumption of the water-saving toilet should be no more than 5.0 liters; the water consumption of the high-speed water-saving toilet single or double gear should be no more than 4.0 liters. In this regard, some industry experts predict that under normal circumstances, sanitary ware will account for about 80% of household or domestic water. The promulgation and implementation of the new standard is expected to save more than 30% of kitchen and toilet water consumption.

Interior decoration will be more environmentally friendly

On December 1, the industry standard “Residential Interior Decoration Design Code” (hereinafter referred to as “Specifications”) issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Will be formally implemented. The “Specifications” clearly stipulates various safety issues that may arise in the decoration of residential interiors, and puts forward clear requirements for the environmental quality of materials used in residential decoration and decoration. In the “Specifications”, the design drawings are clearly defined, not only have a plan, but also a ceiling, a bottom, and an elevation.

In the Code, clauses 3.0.5 and 3.0.8 are mandatory provisions and will be legally liable if they violate the regulations. 3.0.5 The decoration design of the shared part of the house shall not affect the normal use of fire-fighting facilities and safe evacuation facilities; 3.0.8 The interior decoration design of the house shall not remove the indoor safety protection facilities, and shall not reduce the safety of the protective facilities.

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Dongguan furniture will enter the US high point

Houjie Town will cooperate with the world-famous high-end furniture exhibition host —— the US high point town, and plans to open the China Home Pavilion at the high point. Recently, North Carolina, USA (hereinafter referred to as North Carolina) Senator Tommy · Tucker, North Carolina’s deputy governor, chief adviser of international business, Yang Huadong, president of the North and South Kahua People’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, led the US North Carolina Advanced The political and business delegation visited Houjie Town. Guangdong Modern Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. and the North Carolina Carlyle Investment Co., Ltd. signed the “Framework Agreement for the Establishment of the US High Point China Home Furnishings”, stipulating that the two parties will give full play to their respective resources and advantages during the cooperation period to jointly promote the China Home Furnishing Center. Construction and operation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

The China Home Furnishings Project was initiated by the Organizing Committee of the Famous Furniture Exhibition and was implemented by the China Home Overseas Exhibition Alliance. This is also the establishment of the China Overseas Exhibition Alliance by the Organizing Committee of the Furniture Exhibition in September this year to help China’s home furnishing. The first action for companies to expand overseas markets. The first phase of the project plans to rent 2,787 square meters of space at the US high point. It is expected to invest 3 million yuan to build a Chinese home, and introduce 30 to 50 Chinese home furnishing companies to participate in long-term participation. It is expected to be open for use in October 2016.

In fact, the high-end furniture exhibition has always been the object of learning from the famous furniture exhibition in Dongguan. In the exhibition-integration model of the famous furniture exhibition, it draws on the model features of the high-end furniture exhibition.

“The United States is the world’s largest consumer of furniture and the largest importer of furniture. It hopes to set up a long-term exhibition hall in the most famous furniture exhibition capital in the United States to showcase the brand and strength of Chinese furniture. Domestic furniture companies have further opened up the US market. The person in charge of the furniture exhibition said.

On the same day, the Organizing Committee of the Furniture Fair also signed the “Furniture Exhibition Trade Partnership Framework Agreement” with the North and South Kahua People’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which will regularly organize the furniture exchanges between the two places to promote the production of both companies. Cooperation in research, development, technology, talent, marketing, branding, exhibition, display, information and application of new materials.

& ldquo; The current high point is the furniture capital of the United States, Houjie is the capital of oriental furniture, this time open the door to cooperation in the public and private sectors, I hope that the two sides have deeper and broader cooperation. Wan Zhuope, secretary of the Houjie Town Committee, said. In this regard, Tommy · Tucker said, “The thick street furniture, exhibition industry made me amazing, full of confidence and expectation for the cooperation between the two sides. He said that the two sides will promote cooperation in furniture design, production, marketing, branding, exhibitions and other aspects as soon as possible.

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How to integrate upstream and downstream? First understand the three status quo of the pan-home supply chain

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In the current supply chain Many companies still stay in the “manufacturing & mdash; & mdash; multi-level distributors & mdash; & mdash; decoration company and other models, far from the industry upstream and downstream to understand, these are the pain points of the pan-home supply chain, if Without solving these problems, it will be difficult for companies to grow bigger.

In the past two years, “the supply chain topic has been buzzing in the industry. On the one hand, it has come from the rise of the whole assembly and Internet home improvement. Enterprises have begun to pay attention to the great value of upstream and downstream integration.

On the other hand, big home and one-stop shopping have also allowed pan-package companies to start thinking about how to open up building materials, furniture and soft-packing to bring consumers a better experience.

Let us first understand a concept, what is a supply chain?

It refers to the core enterprise, from sourcing raw materials, making intermediate products to final products, and finally by sales network. The product is delivered to the consumer, thereby connecting the supplier, manufacturer, distributor and end user into a functional network structure.

As you can see from the definition, it contains a range of economic chains from upstream materials to manufacturing and sales terminals.

Upstream and downstream status: procurement and procurement

For most home furnishing companies, the management of channel distributors is becoming more mature, and the management of suppliers is still up. In the early stages.

Between downstream producers and upstream suppliers, more is the relationship between purchasing and being procured, and few home-based companies actively manage the upstream supply chain and gain value in the supply chain. section.

When some pan-package companies are asked whether there are management or collaboration programs for upstream suppliers, most of the answers are: We are still small in size, the spot is now, and we can’t talk about management supply. Chain; we have suppliers, but limited to supply management, product development does not require their participation; even the relationship between enterprises and suppliers is not good, lack of mutual trust, of course, and ultimately, “store big bully or “customer The situation of big bullying shop.

Loose reasons: Never really grasp the initiative of the industry chain

Why is the relationship between our home furnishing companies and upstream suppliers so loose?

The reasons are many of. It is undeniable that many upstream suppliers have been using the low price as the core advantage for many years, and lack of research on product and market consumption habits, naturally it is impossible to carry out in-depth coordination with enterprises. For example, many furniture factories are old-fashioned, or follow the trend to imitate popular styles, and few systems consider the overall decoration and matching effect.

On the other hand, for most home furnishing companies, the types of raw materials required for their production are limited, and there are not many product series and types, which can be supplied according to the needs of the end customer (or dealer). . Therefore, for the pan-package enterprises, marketing is crucial, and even determines the life and death of the enterprise. The upstream supply efficiency or cooperation can meet the basic requirements.

Even such a request may result in friction between upstream and downstream because of poor communication or lack of trust. In the face of fierce market competition, either the upstream bears heavy cost of capital, or the downstream bears potential products and after-sales costs.

Perhaps fundamentally, home furnishing companies have never really mastered the complete initiative of the industry chain, because they have never directly faced the end consumers, and it is difficult to improve the whole from the perspective of consumer experience. The efficiency of the supply chain.

At present, most of the traditional supply enterprises’ main supply chain cooperation models include manufacturers’ collection, self-sale, purchasing mode, and semi-package mode.

What is the problem with the imperfect supply chain?


Seen ≠ Income

Designed to achieve WYSIWYG, directly related to the decoration company’s supply chain integration capabilities. There is no custom furniture in the supply chain system. Designers can only find some renderings of customized furniture on the Internet and force them to join the design. However, many decoration companies are small in scale. First, there is not enough cost to integrate the multi-category supply chain. Second, there is not enough order volume to negotiate capital and get a lower purchase price of individual category materials.


Supply chain precipitation costs are high

Value chain of the decoration industry Very long, each link must precipitate 10% & mdash; 20% of the cost, where the precipitation cost of the supply chain is the highest. Generally, the shipment from the factory will increase the price through the provincial-level total generation and distributors. For example, the price of the new products of the lamps will be 10 times after the factory, and then the price will be 20%, plus the old models that are not easy to sell, the average is calculated. Turn 3 times.


Affecting the company to grow bigger

in the supply chain due to a single The city has a small amount of contracts, and home improvement companies generally only work with local material suppliers to get the goods.

The regional service of the decoration company makes these small decoration companies very limited in their ability to integrate the supply chain. The business area is small, the order output is not going up, and the local materials areIt is difficult to have bargaining power in the procurement of materials. Therefore, it is difficult to successfully replicate the supply chain system established in Beijing to Shanxi.

& ldquo;Manufacturer —— multi-level distributor & mdash;— decoration company is a very traditional B2B mode, in the relatively closed year of information, from the province to the city to the town level to set up dealers, It solves the problem that the manufacturer is out of touch with the decoration company. Manufacturers can sell goods, dealers can make money, decoration companies can make profits, and owners can also smoothly renovate, and may win in all directions.

However, the home improvement industry has developed to the present, the number of decoration companies is as high as 300,000+ homes, and products and services are seriously homogenized. The means of competition mainly depends on price wars. The cost of manpower, site, marketing, materials and so on continues. Rising, the renovation company is under pressure. The layer dealers who used to play the matchmaker’s needles gradually became the burden of the decoration company.

In today’s information-based development era, information barriers in various industries have been broken, and de-intermediation has gradually become an important means for enterprises to reduce costs. Many manufacturers have not developed, and they are limited by the supply chain. First, there is not enough cost to integrate the multi-category supply chain. Second, there is not enough order volume to negotiate capital and get a lower purchase price of individual category materials. These problems are the difficult points that the industry is currently waiting to solve.

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