Tile purchase cheats! Super practical summary strategy

A netizen buys tile, do budget quotes, find acquaintances quoted 15,000, find a shop outside the offer is 10,000, and then chose 10,000, I feel that I saved a lot, the result pinch? The house has not lived for two years, the tiles have gone wrong, unevenness, arching, cracking, seepage and other issues, this is the industry chaos! In fact, the acquaintance quoted 15,000 to earn him 2,000, the outside black shop quoted 10,000, earned him 8,000. Everyone knows how deep this water is!

Home decoration will definitely use tiles So, what do we need to pay attention to when purchasing tiles? Let’s let Xiaobian give you a detailed summary.

1, tile style selection

Although all are tiles, different tile styles are used together. The effect is different, so when we buy tiles, we must consider the decoration style of the whole room.

2, tile specification selection

How big is the tile to choose? For the living room, not the bigger the tile, the better. We also need to choose according to the size of the room. If it is a small apartment, and you choose a larger tile, then you will feel that the room is small.

Recommended living room space below 30 pings Choose 450×450mm tiles; for living spaces of 30 flat or more, you can choose 600×600mm tiles.

For the kitchen bathroom, the space itself Smaller, it is not recommended to use larger tiles; but too small tiles (such as mosaic) will form more tile gaps, which is more troublesome when cleaning up. So everyone must choose the right size tiles.

3, choose a trusted brand

Ceramic brand is a lot of things, so the owners are more confused when buying tiles. Many small brands of tiles are very cheap, so many owners are more tempted, but if you choose This kind of tile, maybe there will be a lot of troubles later.

So it is recommended that you choose a trusted brand, so you can rest assured.

4, Identification of tile quality

When purchasing tiles, it is necessary to identify the quality of the tiles. Identification by watching, listening, knocking, etc.

Look: First of all, look at the color of the tile surface, uniformity and flatness; in addition, we need to put the tile flat on the flat ground, to see if the thickness of the tile is consistent, but also to see if the four sides of the tile are straight. /p>

Listen: Use hard objects to hit the tiles and listen to the sound of the tiles. If the porcelain is high, the tiles will be crisper and the quality will be better.

Knocking: The way to listen is similar, we use the pinch to pick up the tiles The corner of the tile allows the tile to hang freely, then tap the middle and lower parts of the tile with your fingers to listen to the sound. If the sound is crisp and sweet, the tile quality is better.

Station: The tile is placed diagonally, the middle is exposed, we stand on the tile, on the one hand can test the anti-slip performance of the tile; on the other hand, it can also identify the tile The degree of firmness.

Also have anti-fouling performance identification, paint on the tile to see if it is easy to scrub Off; there is also the identification of the scratch resistance of the tile, using a knife to draw tiles, to see if it is easy to leave scratches and so on.

If it is not easy to slide down, then the anti-slip performance of the tile is good; if standing on it, Tiles do not break, indicating that the tiles are strong enough.

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“Five Actions, One Country, One Promotion”, David’s 20th Anniversary

Do you have a plan for renovation? Have you been there? Waiting for a good time to buy a floor, wooden doors? Run back and forth several brand stores, compared to several products can not be determined, the price is not their own psychological price, if you have such confusion, April 16 David’s store, May 1 special is definitely a good choice.

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  David Amarty Wood Door

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  As a national brand of Chinese flooring and a wooden door industry demonstration company, David has been focusing on the wooden home field for 20 years. It is the international standard for the general requirements of solid wood flooring, and the technical requirements and paving of solid wood flooring for floor heating. The use of five national standards such as the Code of Conduct and six major industry standards drafting units, is one of the few companies in the industry to test the center through the national CNASLaboratory-certified companies, the results of the experiment can be recognized by laboratories in 54 countries and regions around the world!

  Event Time: April 16, 2017 —May 3rd

  Event Location: Large Guardian’s major stores in the country

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I don’t understand these big losses before buying wooden floors! I suggest you understand and buy again!

As a very important part of home decor, floors can be said to determine the tone of the entire home. So what are the issues to be aware of in the purchase and color matching of wood floor? How to choose the wood floor color that is consistent with the whole room decoration style?

Common Mistakes in Wood Flooring


Miscellaneous 1: Focus on color Ignore the whole. There are many consumers who habitually choose wooden flooring according to the color of the wall. Its solid wood flooring is the focus of the whole home decoration. It is laid on a large area, and the focus should be on the wall. , furniture, soft decoration, etc., focusing on the overall purchase.

Mission 2: It’s beautiful to be neat and tidy. Xiao Bian found that many people prefer to choose neat tone and texture when choosing wood flooring, and sometimes even choose to choose the color for paving. In fact, this has artificially destroyed the overall appearance of the floor. The natural wooden floor is well received by the people because of this informal “innocent” attribute.

Mission 3:All are paved with a colored floor. In fact, different environments can be used to lay different floors, because different elements are also reflected in the decoration, so the wooden floor can be paved according to these characteristics.

In the case of American style, the American style advocates returning to nature and is suitable for larger rooms. Space can better show the owner’s taste and taste. However, the American-style furniture is generally larger, so the room with an area of ​​more than 150 square meters and good lighting is more suitable for decoration.

The modern style that is more self-sufficient than simplicity has become the pursuit of many young people. We don’t follow the common deconstruction of the space, the strong bold color contrast, and the soft and soft wooden floor, we can see the shadow of liberalism. However, you should also pay attention to the actual use of the function, not flashy.

Recommend European style, people will unconsciously associate with gorgeous crystal lights, large Thick sofas, in fact, the simple European style can also make those small-sized houses really enjoy the pure European style.

From the whole to the local, indoor to the room, the lines are simplified, and the lines are carefully crafted. In the small-sized space, the crowded feeling is abandoned. Creates a European style.

Make a detailed style plan before picking the wooden floor, do it seriously It seems that it is very necessary to read the homework before you buy it! You are not afraid to understand these things! In the beloved home, in every space that is carefully designed, it is the true meaning of life.

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These five types of ceilings are there any points in your mind?

The living room is an important space for home life, and the decoration of the living room has become the focus of the owners. The top decoration is not negligible, it is not only beautiful and practical, but also highlights the shape. Below, Xiaogu introduces five types of ceilings, each of which has its own merits to see which one is right for your living room.

Flat: more common The ceiling style, the top surface has no shape and level, relatively simple and generous, suitable for the ceiling decoration of any room. If it is a small apartment living room, the beam is short, you can choose the plane type.

suspension: a kind of suspended ceiling that suspends various plates, metals, glass, etc. on the structural layer. It has a layered feel, and the lighting can produce unexpected effects, which is more suitable for large-sized houses.

well format: refers to the ceiling with a well-shaped lattice on the top surface. This is because the roof surface is a well-shaped beam, or the artificial beam is made for the top surface. It is also a comparison. Suitable for large units.

Glass type: The raw material is glass, the color is rich, the combination is beautiful and practical. The reflected light of the glass is better, it can brighten the light, which is a good choice for the lower layer.

Concave: It is a kind of ceiling because of the unevenness of the top surface. Its shape is full of personality and at the same time in the visual It can bring a feeling of openness, and the living room area is larger and more suitable.

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What are the waterproof materials for the roof? What brand of waterproof material is good?

In the decoration of the house, the waterproofing project is indispensable. Especially the roof is waterproof, if the roof is not waterproof, It is very likely to cause leakage in the room and affect our normal life. Then roof waterproof materialWhat are the waterproof materials? What brand is good? I want to introduce it to you.

What are the roof waterproofing materials

1, polyurethane waterproof coating

Polyurethane waterproof coating is one of the most common roof waterproofing materials in our daily life. It is mainly made of polyurethane waterproof coating and non-tar polyurethane drainage coating. The physical properties are relatively excellent, and the name has strong adhesion. Force, it will solidify immediately when it is wet under normal temperature conditions. Very useful.

2, cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material

cement-based infiltration crystallization The waterproof material is mainly composed of silicate, cement, quartz sand and some active chemicals. It not only has excellent waterproof performance, but also has excellent permeability.

3, Acrylic waterproof coating

Acrylic waterproof coating is mainly prepared by adding some auxiliary reagents to acrylate copolymer or propionic acid emulsion. The waterproof coating has excellent environmental performance and belongs to resin coating. It is very suitable for the top floor. waterproof.

4, composite waterproof coating

Composite waterproof coating mainly belongs to an organic emulsion. It is mainly composed of acrylic acid mixed with some inorganic powder. The coating is applied to the surface of the roof to form a rubber-like film. The waterproofness and durability are quite good.

What brand of waterproof material is good

1, Zhuobao

Zhuobao waterproof coating belongs to the brand of Shenzhen Zhuobao Technology Co., Ltd., which is excellent in the production of waterproof coatings, and also covers the field of building materials. Have a good sales in the market.

2, Oriental Yuhong

Oriental Yuhong was established in 1998 and belongs to Beijing The brand of Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd., which has been committed to the research and development and production of waterproof materials, is the leading enterprise of waterproof materials in China.

3, Degao

Gerco is very knowledgeable on the marketThe famous waterproof brand belongs to the professional building materials brand of the French Paili Group. The K11 waterproof paste produced by this brand has excellent quality and is favored by many consumers.

Article summary: The above is about Site waterproof materialWhat are the relevant introductions of waterproof brands? I hope that everyone can have a certain understanding of waterproof coatings, so that everyone can buy excellent quality waterproof materials, so that they have a dry and comfortable indoor space.


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Intelligent toilet product sampling results: the pass rate is 60% to 91.2%, quality changes lead to smart toilet industry consumption upgrade

Image from “123rf.com.cn

With the accelerated upgrading of China’s consumption structure, consumer cosmetics such as smart toilets and rice cookers have experienced a large number of consumer spillovers. Smart toilet products have become prominent representatives and symbolic symbols of consumer spillovers, causing widespread concern in society. After nearly two years of continuous transformation of the industrial structure, the development of the intelligent toilet industry has entered a benign track. Not only has the output come up, but the quality has also improved.

“ This Spring Festival, a few friends around the family have changed smart toilets, everyone is changing domestic brands, consumption upgrades are aroundside ………. during the Spring Festival holiday, Jilin Province When a university teacher in Jilin City talked about the new items in the family during the party, he said that the transformation and upgrading of the smart toilet industry brought changes to the consumption upgrade. “Before the Spring Festival, there are many consumers who modify smart toilets, most of which are domestic brands. I can modify 6–7 sets a day, the price of each set ranges from 2,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. The acceptance of smart toilets by Beijing consumers is still quite high. …… Jiangsu installation worker Xiao Jiang’s words from another angle It shows the situation of consumption upgrading.

In fact, with the accelerated upgrading of China’s consumption structure, consumer toilets such as smart toilets and rice cookers have experienced a large amount of consumer spillovers. Smart toilet products have become prominent representatives and symbolic symbols of consumer spillovers, causing widespread social attention.

The time goes back to the Spring Festival of 2015. Wu Xiaobo’s “Going to Japan to buy a toilet cover” financial commentary has pushed the smart toilet, a country that people don’t pay much attention to, to the cusp of public opinion. The industry’s attention in the country has never been higher.

According to a survey by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association’s Intelligent Sanitary Ware Professional Committee, the smart toilet penetration rate in Shanghai has reached 8-10% in 2017, and Beijing has reached 5-6%. Other developed cities such as Guangzhou and Tianjin Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, etc., the penetration rate has also reached 3-5%.

The acceptance rate of the bottleneck of the government, industry, research and inspection alliance has risen once.

At this time, observers believe that the phenomenon of Chinese consumers returning to the toilet from abroad not only indicates that the needs of consumers have changed. It also shows that our company has not kept up with changes in consumer demand.

After nearly two years of continuous transformation of the industrial structure, the development of the intelligent toilet industry has entered a benign track. Not only has the output come up, but the quality has also increased by 31%. With such a high ratio, there must be a bright future. After many interviews, the reporter learned that behind the rapid development of smart toilets, it is the firm determination and execution of the government departments at all levels to support the development of the smart toilet industry.

In response to a series of questions, in October 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine organized a special national spot check and industry survey on the quality of smart toilet products. The results showed that the qualified rate of smart toilet products was only 60. %, foreign capital and domestic mainstream brand samples are all qualified, and most of the unqualified products are produced by domestic small and medium enterprises.

After nearly two years of quality improvement activities in the whole society, in December 2017, the AQSIQ successively announced the results of the sampling of smart toilet products sold in offline and online channels in 2017. The pass rate was 91.2%.

In March 2017, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine officially launched the National Smart Toilet Product Quality Tackling Plan and the Association of Government, Industry and Research in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. The representatives from all walks of life including the government, industry, academia, research and inspection Taizhou smart toilet products discuss the development of the industry. “The quality of products such as smart toilets is not the same as that of grasping the products. The biggest efforts will be seen, and the shortcomings will be found. The members of the alliance will work together to discuss the industry and compare the quality standards at home and abroad. Let the people really enjoy the quality of the sense … … AQSIQ’s Director Zhi Shuping’s speech at the launching ceremony resonated with the participants.

The smart toilet industry cluster began to pick up its sleeves and refuel. Taizhou, Foshan and other places began to improve the quality of each part.

For example, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province is the birthplace of China’s private economy and share-cooperative economy. The private economy represented by the manufacturing industry in this state has maintained sustained high growth. However, with the downturn in the global economic environment and the decline in the domestic economic situation, the rapid growth of Taizhou’s extensive type is unsustainable. Faced with the general trend of supply-side reform, how to carry out industrial upgrading has become a major test for Taizhou. In this context, the transformation of traditional sanitary wares to high-end products and smart sanitary ware (toilet) has become an opportunity for Taizhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and all relevant departments at all levels to create Taizhou Zhizhi and realize industrial upgrading.

In terms of policy, the development of smart toilets was included in Taizhou City; the government’s 13th Five-Year Development Plan and “Zhejiang Manufacturing Key Support Industry; written in Taizhou City” Quality Development Program 2016 Action Plan; At the same time, Zhejiang Provincial Governor Li Qiang ushered in a survey of Taizhou smart toilet manufacturing enterprises.

In order to crack the bottleneck of the smart toilet industry, the Taizhou official toilet team formed the Taizhou Intelligent Toilet Association, which is the first intelligent toilet industry association in China. The person in charge of the association elaborated on the purpose of the association: “Quality improvement, standard construction, brand enhancement”. At present, Taizhou is building the capital of China’s smart toilet industry.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to “protect the people’s livelihood and focus on the people.” Intelligent toilets are closely related to the daily life of the people, and their quality and safety work is directly related to the increasing safety of the people.Convenience and comfort.

“ In the process of rapid economic growth in the past, we solved a problem with & lsquo; there is no & rsquo; In today’s high-quality development era, it is necessary to solve the problem of & rsquo; good & rsquo; Yang Lan, secretary of the Party Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, said that to promote high-quality development, it is necessary to adhere to the development model of quality first and efficiency first.

Development Mainline: Paying Attention to Quality Improvement

Zhang Wenbing, Director of the Quality Supervision Department of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said at the Intelligent Toilet Quality Improvement Action Conference held in Taizhou, Zhejiang, for one year. Time, concentrate on the strength of strength, and use the heart to forcefully fight the battle in four stages.

The first stage is to start from the start-up activities until the end of May, organize leading enterprises, research institutes, testing institutions, and industry experts who are involved in the quality battle, and formulate a road map for the tough battle, work division and cooperation, and jointly promote .

The second stage is from June to the end of August, the relevant quality inspection agencies carry out research and analysis of the quality comparison of Chinese and foreign smart toilets. By collecting the latest intelligent toilet products after domestic technology attack, and comparing the quality of foreign brands with advanced products, it is analyzed whether the gap between Chinese and foreign smart toilets is significantly reduced, focusing on the technical level, core components and manufacturing level of domestic smart toilets. Whether the brand reputation has improved significantly. At the end of August, we will form a smart toilet comparison analysis.

The third stage is to conduct a special spot check on the national supervision of smart toilets from September to the end of October, and to announce the results of the spot checks and the results of quality improvement at the end of October.

The fourth stage is from November to the end of December, each unit sums up the results and existing shortcomings in the previous stage of the work, and intensified efforts to attack key technologies. “Sprint all-out sprint, announce intelligence at the end of December” The toilet will attack the staged results and plan for the 2018 attack.

& ldquo;Quality attack requires us to carry forward “nail nails” spirit, we need to work together and work together. Facts have proved that this battle for the improvement of the quality of Chinese consumer goods has added new momentum to accelerate the structural reform of the supply side. Zhang Wenbing said.

Quality comparison index innovation quality improvement new model

If the experience of Zhejiang Taizhou stimulates the development of smart toilet industry, then the quality change of Guangdong intelligent toilet industry will build quality A new mode of promotion.

According to Liu Chao, deputy director of the Quality Supervision Department of the Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province, “The quality improvement of Minsheng products is under the guidance of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and is led by the Guangdong Quality Supervision Bureau. A number of internationally competitive Guangdong-made important livelihood products are compared with international first-class similar products, through physical comparison research, standard comparison research, comprehensive analysis and research, core technology research, standard system revision, and quality assurance system. Construction, leading enterprises typical demonstration, brand credit building, market environment remediation and other initiatives, find product quality & ldquo; short board, plan product development route, promote product quality improvement, “to point to face, and ultimately achieve promotion” Guangdong manufacturing quality A quality innovation activity that raises the goal.

& ldquo;Since 2016, the Guangdong Provincial Bureau has selected three products in the first batch. The smart toilet industry is one of them. Exploratoryly carry out comparative research and improvement work. It is planned to be fully rolled out across the province by 2020, and gradually become a normalization work for the quality supervision department to serve Guangdong’s innovation and development and transformation and upgrading. “ Liu Chao said.

Ren Weiqing, chief engineer of Foshan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, told reporters that after two years of comparative research, expert diagnosis, and joint investigation of government, industry, and research, Foshan smart toilet quality has achieved good results, and market share has been Up to 40%, Foshan first-line brands such as Wrigley, Hengjie, Faenza, Anwar, Whales, etc. have been recognized by consumers. The production capacity of domestic mainstream brands such as Hengjie and Wrigley has leapt from the 100,000 sets in 2015 to the current 200,000 sets, and some even exceed 300,000 sets.

“ There are goals, there are comparisons, there is improvement. In recent years, “Quality Improvement,” “Quality First Quality Management Concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the guidance of macro-level policies by government departments at all levels, industry associations, colleges and universities actively participate, technology exploration and self-quality exploration in the corporate world. The intelligent toilet industry, which is related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood, has formed a quality improvement model for the interlocking of the industrial chain. The product quality qualification rate is also increasing year by year, and consumer satisfaction is also increasing.

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How much is a leakage switch? How to quickly distinguish between air switch and leakage switch

Everyone knows that when using a home, pay special attention to hydropower, especially electricity. If there is a fire that may occur if it is not used well, then imagine how terrible the consequences are, so to install a leakage switch Still very necessary. The following small series will introduce you to Leakage switch how much and how to quickly distinguish between air switch and leakage switch.

How much is a leakage switch

Leakage switch has two groups on one core: you can see it in general There will be an input current winding and an output current winding. For example, when there is no leakage, the input current and the output current will be equal. Then, it can be seen that the vector of the two fluxes on the core is also zero, that is, In this case, no potential is induced on the third winding. If it is on the third winding, the voltage is induced. When it is amplified, the actuator will act to trip the switch. Generally speaking, its price is about 30 yuan.

How to quickly distinguish between air and leakage switches

1, first of all to know the leakage protector, this product has a leakage test button, such as air This is the switch. Remember that after the press, some brands of leakage protectors must be reset before they can be powered. And this also has an obvious indication of leakage protection action.

2, air switch This can be used to quickly disconnect the power supply, the leakage protector can quickly disconnect the power supply, but also When the small current leaks, the power is cut off, and the use of such a product is also to protect the personal and equipment safety. The general household use leakage current 15mA, mechanical 30mA, if you are using the total power supply then you can be larger, depending on the load situation.

3. Generally speaking, in order to protect personal safety, it is recommended to configure secondary protection. That is to say, from the position of taking the power supply, each of the appliances has two sets of leakage protection switches, which is the best.

4. In principle, the current flowing through does not reach the upper limit of the open, it will not jump, even Leakage does not jump and the leakage switch is in principle a current that flows too much and does not trip. Leakage is to exceed the allowable value to jump on it. The principle is that the current of the two wires is subtracted, less than the allowable value. It will move, it will jump over, so the leakage switch must have a loop, and the open can only control one line.

Summary: About Leakage switch How much money and how to quickly distinguish between air switch and leakage switch is introduced to this, in fact, must understand the difference before installation OK, so that you know what kind of home you want to install is appropriate. I hope the above introduction is helpful to everyone.

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The wall is gray, is it good? Learn about!

The wall is gray, is it good?

Beautiful gray in the picture,

How should I learn? how to use?

▲ Baidu gray definition: gray is achromatic, that is, no hue and purity, only lightness. Can be roughly divided into dark gray and light gray. Due to its neutrality, it is often used as the background color. It can make other colors stand out.

In other words, the gray wall is what makes other things in the house more A prominent choice. It’s not that, because the gray is very high-grade and temperament, so the gray is brushed, the home will be high-grade and temperament; on the other hand, if the furniture and accessories in the home are beautiful, the gray color can highlight the beauty of these things…

No wonder how the gray wall on the picture looks beautiful, not necessarily at home, the triviality of rice and oil It is highlighted, and the style is only capitalized!

▲ Just like this beautiful gray wall bedroom, even the cat temperament at home must conform to the high-grade gray, replaced with black cat, white cat, yellow cat… Are they not so beautiful?

I like gray walls,

Or already painted a gray wall,

How should I match it?

Gray is not only shallow but also warm and cold,

Look at the relatively good cold gray (blue tones) Gray)

▲ wall is a cold light gray, as long as the light wood, cotton, hemp singles with light warm tone, the temperament is very good.

▲ Medium gray wall surface, with the contrast of natural material and gray industrial texture, you need to add a small area of ​​black single product refreshing.

▲ Deep gray room, black and white need to be deliberately joined, in order to refresh the mind. The color of the clothes can not be more than three, the gray wall can highlight all the colors of the room, so the bright color of the single item should be placed and controlled consciously.

▲A deeper gray room, need to create abundanceRich black and white ash shades change level, if the custom bedding is a few color blocks simply laid, or the single product is purchased at random, it is not recommended to try such a deep gray, highlighting the whole room will be very messy and dull.

▲ The deepest dark blue gray, very individual, even in a room with good lighting, only a wall is enough, enough.

▲ close to the black dark gray as a large area of ​​indoor color, easy to make people feel faint, can only be a special attempt of personality space.

▲ However, dark grey is ideal for outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces where there are plenty of sunlight and plants in gardens, balconies, etc.

▲The stereotyped gray can cover up the mess and disorder of plants. The natural plant is paired with the dark gray of industrial texture, which looks fashionable and refreshing.

▲ The yellow piece here is particularly conspicuous in front of the dark gray wall. Therefore, with the gray wall, every item in the house must “can stand up and enlarge.”

Warm ash (reddish, yellowish gray) ),

is a more difficult color to handle.

Gray plus warm,

It’s easy to lift your spirit.

▲ warm gray wall brush half area, is already the limit, the upper part of the white space can make people greatly relieved. With a fabric sofa that is also warm and grey, the effect is unique.

▲ This warm gray wall, although the room is decorated with a lot of black and white, it still has a little soft feeling, it is the most difficult to deal with the gray tone.

Choose warm grey,

It’s better to increase the proportion of warm colors,

Become a “powder gray” with a clearer color

▲Like pink However, I am afraid of touching the thunder, and the pink with a few degrees of gray has become the most popular “dirty pink”. The chance of error will be greatly reduced.

▲If you brush a dirty pink, it doesn’t feel good There is also a remedy that is deeper or lighter, color-matching on the wall, the remedial effect is good, especially advanced, especially design sense.

like purple, green, blue, but Don’t dare to try it easily?

any Colors can be grayed out a few degrees,

It becomes a particularly elegant “powder high gray”!

Gray-purple, gray-green, gray-blue sounds very elegant,

Try the effect also Very good.

(Article source: fashion home)


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Sharing furniture or becoming a future trend

In July last year, the Ministry of Housing and Construction The department jointly issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Development of the Housing Leasing Market in Large and Medium Cities with a Net Inflow of Population”, proposing that we should continue to deepen the reform of the urban housing system and establish a housing system that is concurrently rented and purchased. The house is heavily “purchased” to heavy “rental”, reflecting the urgency of developing the rental market, which will also bring new development opportunities for the home industry.

Share furniture or become a future trend

Sharing the wind into the home industry

As we all know, 2017 is the year of sharing economy, from travel Shared bicycles, shared electric vehicles, shared charging treasures for daily necessities, shared umbrellas, and shared KTV and shared gyms for entertainment. The concept of sharing involves more and more industries, and the home industry is no exception.

It is understood At present, many brands such as renting houses, Dome, shaking home, gathering home, relaxing, and chartering have entered the home rental business. Founded in 2016, Dome interprets itself as “a design-friendly Internet furniture rental brand”. Its parent company is a one-stop scene decoration design company focusing on Shenzhen. In addition to providing furniture rental services, Dome is also responsible for the design and production of furniture, focusing on personalized fashion household items for youth taste.

Shake The home was founded in June last year and started late, but it has now received 3 million yuan of angel financing. The main mode of operation of shaking home is to use furniture leasing, rent-to-buy, rent-to-buy as the entry point, become the traffic entrance of furniture leasing, and introduce third-party merchant access platform to provide users with all-category home product leasing. Including air conditioners, color TVs, washing machines, home decorations, etc.

Current The company has reached strategic cooperation with a number of rent-scheduled platforms. In addition to providing furniture rental services for rent-scheduled users, it also provides customized furniture rental services for apartments, hotels, agencies and landlords.

Shared furniture cannot be generalized

It is reported that the existing shared home business business objects are mostly tenants and enterprises. The shared furniture operation mode is basically cut off by renting and selling. The Internet merchant access platform is introduced, and customers can place orders online. After paying the rent online, it is responsible for the distribution of logistics and installation services, follow-up repairs and maintenance. After the lease expires, the platform will recycle the old furniture for corresponding treatment.

A few days ago, The third phase public rental housing in Zhuoran Economic Development Zone, Hefei, located at the intersection of Wenshui Road and Fenglin Road, has been allocated. The public rental housing is a key project of the Minsheng District People’s Livelihood Project. The total investment of the project is 350 million yuan, with a total construction area of ​​92,000 square meters. There are 1359 public rental houses, all with separate toilets, kitchens, water heaters, etc., which can meet nearly 3,000 enterprise employees. live.It is worth mentioning that the public rental tenant can share furniture and rent a whole set of furniture for about 200 yuan per month. This is the first time that shared furniture has entered the Hefei public rental house, providing the poles for the park employees and entrepreneurs. Great living convenience.

But, Most of the existing furniture products are still marketed by direct sales or customized methods. Most of the major shared furniture brands operating in the market are still in the stage of promotion trial operation. According to industry sources, the current shared home platform is mostly leasing, not really sharing. Even if it is shared, for the enterprise, the “sharing” of the home is too expensive in the early stage of investment, the payback period is long, and the risks of home damage and renovation costs are still faced. Whether it is sustainable or not is still unknown. For consumers, the style, age, hygiene and price of the home will also be carefully considered. Therefore, due to factors such as product attributes, usage cycles, user experience, etc., the “sharing” of the home cannot be generalized.

In addition, Whether the shared home can survive and develop in the market depends largely on the development of the rental market. According to relevant data, the transaction volume of the national housing leasing market in the first half of 2017 increased by 9.5% from the second half of 2016, up 21.9% year-on-year. The scale of the leasing market continued to rise since the first half of 2014. According to the “Leasing Market Series Research Report” published by the Chain Research Institute, 30% of the people in the country solve the housing problem through leasing. The proportion of first-tier cities is higher. The large number of renters means that the shared home will become the future of the home industry. Part of the trend. (Source: Jinan Daily)


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Bathroom cabinets to buy a collection, look at these!

  The bathroom cabinet with storage function makes the bathroom look neat and orderly, and a quality bathroom cabinet can make the finishing touch for the bathroom. . To create a high-quality, exquisite life, let us start by choosing a bathroom cabinet.

  Step 1: Look at the material
  The bathroom cabinets sold on the market are generally composed of cabinets, countertops, basins, etc. The bathroom cabinets are first viewed from the cabinet. Due to the large water vapor in the bathroom, high humidity, and high requirements on materials, it is necessary to select the appropriate cabinet material when selecting.

  1, moisture resistance

   When choosing a bathroom cabinet, pay attention to the waterproof and moisture resistance of the material. Because there are more water vapor in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet must be more resistant to moisture.

  2, environmentally friendly

  Bathrooms, especially those made of sheet metal, should pay special attention to their environmental protection. There are also differences in the environmental protection of bathroom cabinets of different materials. When purchasing, if the economy permits, it is best to buy environmentally friendly products.

  Step 2: Visual inspection
  The bathrooms are generally damp, so the quality requirements for bathroom cabinets are higher. When purchasing, after determining the material and style, it is necessary to look at the quality of the bathroom cabinet itself.

  1, see material

   Let the shopping guide show the plate sample to see which kind of plate it belongs to, what are the advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure, ask the clerk to take out the product inspection report and check the material type above.

  2, see the paint surface

   bathroom cabinets are often lacquered on the substrate, good bathroom cabinet paint must be smooth, can not have particles, roughness, oil, whitening, fogging and scratches , scratches, stains, pinholes, spray marks and other phenomena exist.

  3, see size

   Before buying a bathroom cabinet, you should first plan the size of the bathroom cabinet, and then after you see the bathroom cabinet product, measure the length, width and height of the bathroom cabinet with a tape measure that you carry with you. An important indicator to see if it meets the requirements.

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