Chinese home appliance companies strengthen European layout: Haier engages in washing machine base in Russia

[Guide] Chinese home appliance giants are adding more investment in Europe.

   On May 28, Haier Russia Industrial Park and washing machine base held a groundbreaking ceremony. The base will be put into operation in July next year. The base will radiate Russia and Central Asia and extend to the European market. .

  Research shows that Russians are too noisy about washing machines, quality problems, and washing time is too long There are complaints. In order to solve this problem, Haier washing machine will promote a quiet, smooth, fast-washing and direct-drive drum washing machine to meet the needs of local residents to wash clothes in time and wash large clothes individually.

   It is reported that this is the first manufacturing base established by the Chinese washing machine industry in Europe. Haier has already completed the localization of the four continents washing machine manufacturing base in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia. At this point, Haier washing machine production layout on five continents is basically completed.

   Zhou Nan, secretary-general of China Household Electrical and Mechanical Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, said to the First Financial Reporter that the construction of Haier’s Russian washing machine base broke the bottleneck of the transformation of Chinese washing machine exports to high-end products such as drum washing machines. Especially in the European market. This time Haier built a washing machine factory in Russia, which will realize the local production and sales of drum washing machines. Secondly, Russia is an important market for the Belt and Road, and it is now a period of historical opportunity for Sino-Russian relations. Expanding investment in Russia is of practical significance for opening up the Belt and Road market.

   Two years ago, in April 2016, Haier officially operated the refrigerator manufacturing base in the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, with a total investment of about US$55 million. The foundation of Haier’s Russian Industrial Park and washing machine base is Haier’s further investment in Russia.

   According to Qingdao Haier’s 2017 annual report, Haier’s revenue in the European market in 2017 increased by 16% year-on-year. Among them, in the Russian market, large-volume air-cooled combination refrigerators, large windows and direct-drive motor drum washing machines continue to enhance the structure and average price. Haier deepens its strategic cooperation with the core channel M.V in the Russian market. In 2017, Haier’s Russian refrigerator factory doubled its production capacity.

   Not only Haier, Hisense, another Chinese home appliance giant headquartered in Qingdao, has recently increased its investment in the European market and successfully acquired a 22.56% stake in Slovenian home appliance manufacturer Gorenje. And jumped to Gorenjer’s largest shareholder.

   “Enterprise globalization is not just a merger, local production is also an important part of investment. These events reflect the diversification of the current globalization of Chinese companies, and the strategy varies from market to market.” Say.

  (Original title: China’s home appliance companies plus European investment Haier Russia washing machine base foundation)


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The ceramic industry is welcoming new policies. How can companies build brand recognition?

The word “brand” recently in ceramic friends The circle became a hot word for the screen. The reason is that on May 2, 2017, the State Council approved the National Development and Reform Commission’s “Request for the Establishment of “China Brand Day”” and agreed that since May 2017, it will be established as “China Brand Day” on May 10 each year. To this end, focusing on the “China Brand Day”, the major ceramic brands took advantage of the marketing, the forums and industry awards organized by the media and associations about the “brand” to take turns. Undoubtedly, the establishment of the China Brand Day is a national value and recognition of the value of the national “brand” construction from a strategic perspective.

   Since then, everyone has thought that ceramic tiles are a very low-profile category. There is no market share in the industry that can reach 1%. The industry oligarchs have not yet appeared. For many people, there is still a chance to enter. However, as the retail channels of the terminal market in the past few years have encountered the whole installation, the Internet home improvement, and the online e-commerce looting, the chaos of “not promoting or not selling” has become more and more serious.

   On the one hand, with the popularity of the mobile Internet, the convenience and speed of access to information by consumers is like a double-edged sword, bringing new opportunities and challenges to the development of the ceramic industry. Consumers are breaking the traditional “big brand” complex and identifying High-profile brands have become more popular. To this end, building brand recognition has become the only way for our current ceramic brand to reshape and transform.

   Enterprises have already taken the lead in this area. When it comes to antique bricks, they will think of Jinyitao and mango; when it comes to marble, they will think of Jane; when asked about modern plain bricks, they will think of Owenlai; search for large-plate marble tiles. The Asian slab marble, which is endorsed by Gu Tianle, is the earliest louder and louder slogan. It is already in the big home field, and the whole house customization has been strategized.

   What is brand recognition? ?

   The English original meaning of the brand is “branding”. It was previously used by people to mark their own live animals and distinguish them from other people’s private property.

  brand Recognition is the second stage of brand development. It is through the establishment of brand characteristics and personality that people can see a symbol or know through certain information that this is your product. Brand recognition is the intangible asset of the brand.

  Now Many companies establish brand recognition by giving their own brands brand names, logos, style positioning, etc., and distinguish themselves from other brands.

  Shaping brand recognition What are the benefits for the brand?

&emsp ;  brand recognition is the identification symbol that the brand provides to consumers, the label that distinguishes itself from the competing products, and the grasper of grasping consumer cognition.

   In the fierce market competition, the popularity of inkjet technology, the homogenization of ceramic products is becoming more and more serious, and the significance of brand recognition is extraordinary. On the one hand, it can be quickly recognized by consumers in homogenized products, and on the other hand, it can quickly occupy the user’s mind due to its characteristics. Moreover, brand recognition is a correct and clear detector for brand positioning. Accurate group promotion makes it easier to obtain marketing communication advantages in specific areas, and interacts with consumers’ deep links to expand brand influence.

New brand or transformation brand in the ceramic industry.

  How to build brand recognition?

&emsp ;  With the ceramic industry’s savage rapid growth in the past 30 years and now slowing down the reshuffle, the number of brands in the ceramic industry is growing, and the brand is everywhere, then how to create the brand identity that is the easiest to occupy the consumer group’s mind, how to Tell others that you are different, and this kind of difference must be what everyone likes.

   Summary and learning, the author summarizes the following path to build brand recognition, only to throw bricks and jade!

  Differential positioning

  Differentiated positioning, Jane Ceramics gave us a good demonstration and learning specimens! In the long-term promotion and price war caused by the long-term deepening of product homogenization in the ceramic industry, brand differentiation is one of the ways out of the predicament. How to combine the advantages and disadvantages of the brand and the differentiated positioning of the industry situation, can combine the following three points:

  1, product differentiation positioning;

  2, user differentiated positioning;

  3, differentiated positioning of business models.

  The above three points are intertwined and have a synergistic effect. Combined with the current consumption upgrade, the consumer individual rises in the market trend, The core of differentiated positioning has been centered around “products” to “users”, and “user thinking” has become the key in differentiated positioning. For this reason, although ceramic products are difficult to avoid as homogenization of paving and decorative materials. However, we can dig deep into the differences that can be cut in from the study of the consumer group’s demand for space decoration style, the functional requirements of space paving materials, and the service requirements in the tile purchase process.

  Focus on Magnification Advantage Source

   Some people say that differentiated positioning is opening up a blue ocean market, but now it can be said that no market is no one to enter, You can only see whether there is an oligopoly in the market, and whether there is still a market share in the time window of entry. The business sea is a red sea. Can you break through the Red Sea, only focus on all brand resources and enlarge your brand? Advantages, building an operating system that strengthens and amplifies the brand’s advantages as a breakthrough tool is a good strategy.

  Manager Peter Drucker said: “No company can do everything, even if there is enough money, it will never have enough Talents. The meaning of this sentence is: to do the most competitive advantage.

  In brand operation, we need to establish a convex lens-like focusing system to concentrate the limited resources to generate huge competitive energy. After calculation, ordinary product producers If the profit is 15%, then integrating all resources to focus on production, marginal profit can usually reach 60% to 70%. Focus not only improves the advantages of products participating in competition, but also makes the effect of operation and promotion more obvious in the later period. The cost of promotion is wasted.

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What to pay attention to when choosing a luminaire

Lighting is an indispensable decoration in home decoration, the existence of lamps, not just lighting Use, but also played a very important decorative effect, What to pay attention to when selecting lamps? For the choice of lamps, everyone pays attention to them. Under normal circumstances, different rooms have different requirements for lamps. So, let’s see how to choose how to choose lamps. In addition, when purchasing lamps, you should also know some Note, in order to better and more reasonable purchase of lamps, let’s take a look at Notes on purchasing lamps.

  What to pay attention to when selecting lamps – how to choose lamps:

  1, the study lighting should be bright and soft, the choice of incandescent bulbs is more suitable. The desk lamp of the desk should be adapted to the nature of the work and the learning needs. It is advisable to use a direct table lamp with a reflector and a lower opening, that is, a desk lamp or a writing desk lamp. The light source of the desk lamp is commonly used for incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. A small spotlight can be installed in the bookcase. This kind of lighting can not only help identify the title, but also maintain the temperature to prevent the book from being wet and rot.

  2, there are several kinds of lights in the bedroom, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, bedside Lamps, etc., should be freely adjustable and mixed to create a warm atmosphere. Wall lamps and floor lamps can be used instead of indoor ceiling lights. The wall lamp should use a diffusing material lampshade with low surface brightness, which can make the bedroom light and soft, which is good for rest; you can also install a hanging main lamp in the appropriate position of the room, and a wall lamp on the bedside. To be controlled separately.

  3, the dining table of the restaurant requires horizontal illumination, so it is advisable to use lamps that are directly directed downwards or Pull down the luminaire so that it is pulled down to a height of 600 mm to 700 mm on the table. The position of the luminaire is usually directly above the table. The lampshade should be cleaned with a glass, plastic or metal material that is clean and tidy. It can also be illuminated by floor lamps, and warm wall lights can be properly configured on the wall, which will make the atmosphere more enthusiastic and increase appetite.

  4, ceiling lamps are generally used in kitchens, bathrooms and aisles, because the brightness of these places is required It is not big, and it has large water vapor and dust. It is easy to clean with a ceiling lamp and it is good for protecting the bulb. The lamps in the kitchen should be installed in places where steam and smoke can be avoided. Glass or enamel lampshades should be used for easy scrubbing and corrosion resistance. In the bathroom, bright and soft lamps should be used, and the lamps should be protected from moisture and rust.

  What to pay attention to when selecting lampsMeaning:

  1, security, in selecting lamps When you can’t be greedy, you must first look at its quality, check the warranty book, and complete the certificate. Expensive is not necessarily good, but it is not good to be too cheap. The quality of many lights is not enough, and there are always hidden dangers. Once a fire breaks out, the consequences are unimaginable.

  2, lighting style should pay attention to the style. The color, shape and style of the lamps must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture. The flashy lighting is not a icing on the cake, but it is a superfluous addition. In addition to the color tone of the interior, the choice of the color of the luminaire can of course be purchased according to personal preference. In particular, the color of the lampshade has a great effect on the atmosphere. The size, type and number of luminaires should be coordinated with conditions such as small room size, total area, and indoor height.

   In addition, because the lighting styles are endless, before buying lighting You should first understand the development trend of lighting, so as to avoid the bad luck that the lighting will be eliminated when it is bought back. From the perspective of power saving, more energy-saving light sources can be installed.

  3, inspection. The lighting is mainly made of glass products, which are fragile products. After long-distance transportation, scratches or damage will inevitably occur. Since the lighting is generally hung in a prominent position in the home, even a small damage will affect the use of the effect.

  4, lighting expenses generally account for the entire renovation About 10% of the expenditure. Therefore, the quality of the lighting to be purchased should be determined according to your own economic situation.

Editor’s note: The above is about What to pay attention to when selecting lamps A detailed introduction to the purchase of luminaires hopes to be helpful.

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How about custom cabinets? Custom cabinet considerations

Home needs us to work hard to be better, have a beautiful The kitchen is more comfortable.

[Zhonghua Cabinet Network] Where is life going up one step or down steps, life is clear It’s stepping on a piece of ice floe to go to another ice floe, but never know where the shore is.

by Lu Yanni

After the young man bought the house,

will feel There is nothing big,

But actually decorating the house is the most influential thing for us in the future.

If we all use it More savings,

After buying a house without making a good renovation in the house,

We are also uncomfortable living at home,

so Everyone needs to know some about the decoration,

especially the decoration of the kitchen.

The kitchen is to solve our three meals a day, so the kitchen decoration is natural It is not easy to be casual. If we can make a good decoration in the kitchen, then when we use the kitchen, the mood will be very pleasant.

The most important thing to pay attention to when decorating the kitchen is the choice of kitchen cabinet, if you can master If you know the correct installation of the cabinet, then the cabinets that are installed are not only beautiful, but also very practical.

First of all, the cabinets in most homes are custom-made, because custom cabinets are more in line with The decoration style inside the home.

and the quality is very good, the most important thing is to use it very practical But we all made it easy to make some mistakes when building cabinets.

When we customize the cabinet, we must pay attention to the cabinet feet. The cabinet feet are the most basic place for the entire cabinet.

If the cabinet corner is not done well, there will be problems with the support of the entire cabinet And it is easy to collapse!

So this is definitely not allowed to be ignored, so be sure to communicate the details with the designer.

In addition, when we choose countertops, we should choose a smoother material, preferably quartz stone. mesa.

Quartz stone countertops are easier to clean, and the appearance is particularly beautiful, the most important It has a long service life and there is not much dirt on the surface. Compared with other kitchen cabinet top materials, quartz stone material is definitely the best.

When we choose the cabinet door, we also need to pay more attention to it. We all should choose to open the door, the swing door is more durable, and the appearance It is also very beautiful.

The cabinet can be used for two baskets, which is convenient for your own use and not difficult to sanitize.

Especially the position of the corner, the corner of the basket is very important, because the corner is more difficult to take things and put things, but a corner Pulling the basket is very practical.

The home needs us to work hard to be better, and a beautiful kitchen is more comfortable.

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Countdown to the World Cup, home appliance companies, big cross-border sports, ignited this summer

   Editor’s note: With the countdown to the World Cup in Russia in 2018, the “Chinese team” will also shine on the stadium and various broadcast channels. However, this “Chinese team” is mainly composed of Chinese home appliance companies. When we cheer for other national teams, don’t forget to like these “golden owners”.

  costing more than 100 million yuan to “betting” the World Cup

  Hisense will be “everyday see” on the field

  ■Reporter Jia Li

   In this summer’s World Cup, Hisense will undoubtedly be a big hit.

   as the first Chinese consumer electronics brand sponsor in the World Cup for nearly 100 years, Hisense’s green LOGO will appear on the venue during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In addition, the World Cup tickets and live scores will be printed on the Shanghai letter’s LOGO. Although Hisense did not disclose the specific amount of its investment in the World Cup, it is reported that it has cost more than 100 million yuan in the World Cup. The effect of this sports marketing has also begun to appear.

   led by the World Cup effect, the color TV market was detonated in advance. According to data released by Zhongyikang in the 20th week of 2018, the retail sales of color TVs increased by 289.9% from the previous month. It can be seen that many fans are preparing for the World Cup.

   Hisense officially announced that it will become the official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in April last year. . After jointly announced the news with FIFA, Hisense soon launched a new series of World Cup watch products such as the World Cup officially designated TV.

   In the recent year, in addition to the size of the event His activities, together with Suning, set off a wave of World Cup marketing waves. Last month, Hisense even invited international star Owen to stand for himself.

   consistently low-key Hisense this time can be described as “blood.” In fact, in addition to the World Cup, Hisense also showed great enthusiasm for other sports events. In recent years, Hisense has sponsored the F1 and Australian Open, and sponsored the French European Cup as a top sponsor, becoming the first global sponsor of the European Cup in China’s 56-year history. This time, Hisense became the official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and it is also an unprecedented masterpiece.

   sponsoring sports events is indeed a “cost-effective sale” for companies . According to statistics, Hisense’s global visibility increased by 6 percentage points during the 2016 European Cup.

   Hisense Group Brand Director Zhu Shuqin said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter: As the world’s most valuable sports IP, the World Cup has unparalleled and powerful traffic. Sponsoring international top events can quickly increase Hisense’s global reputation. Hisense has accelerated in recent years through industrial upgrading, organizational restructuring, global mergers and acquisitions. The process of internationalization. The expansion of the sports industry is also an important step in the layout of Hisense in the international market.”

   There are statistics, for every 1% increase in the popularity of corporate brands, it will cost 20 million US dollars in advertising fees. With the help ofFor sports events, the same cost can increase corporate visibility by 10%.

   For the investment in sports marketing, Zhu Shuqin said: “What is Hisense? Money, because Hisense has confidence in its products. From the actual results, Hisense has been recognized in foreign markets in recent years. It turns out that sponsoring high-end sports events is very effective. In the future, Hisense will also build and internationalize according to brands. The need for long-term investment in sports marketing.”

   In addition to Hisense Many “players” who sponsored the World Cup participating national teams and the famous star “蹭” hotspots also flocked. The industry believes that it is foreseeable that the Chinese company’s World Cup marketing war will be the most intense one.

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The arrival of the smart home era Why did the winds fail to break out?

  The wind of smart home has been blowing for several years, and after a small climax broke out in 2014, it has been in a state of tepid development. Sexual progress. Not long ago, famous financial person Wu Xiaobo published an article saying that the era of smart home has arrived. This is a visible vent, so is the wind coming really?
  In the first quarter of 2018, several smart home financings appeared one after another. Many companies have been tempted to try to speed up capital and strategic layout. It seems that there are signs of an outbreak, but from the big-level market feedback and According to consumer research, the penetration rate and penetration rate of smart homes have not reached the expectations of the industry before, and even a long distance.
  Why has the high-end smart home vents been blowing for so long and has not achieved a real explosion? How to catalyze The advent of the smart home era? There are three main suggestions:

   one: rooting in the local market, breaking the product Homogenization

  There are countless products on the market for smart homes, door locks, speakers, monitors, rice cookers, The washing machine can be described as a dazzling array of flowers. However, it is not difficult to find out by careful observation that there is actually a small difference in the seemingly rich categories, and the homogenization of products is serious.

  A typical phenomenon is the explosion of smart speakers, starting with Amazon Echo and two years after technology The giants have entered the field of smart speakers one after another. From GoogleHome, Microsoft Invoke, Apple’s HomePod, Baidu’s DuerOS, Ali’s Lynx, Xiaomi’s AI speakers, Tencent’s smart speaker ears, and small and medium-sized startup products

  Smart speakers became the entrance and standard for smart homes overnight. But with so many kinds of smart speakers, the functions are nothing more than a few. Getting together to develop and produce homogenized products will only accelerate the saturation of the market. The end result is that the company is in a self-sustaining mode, and consumers do not buy it.

  The fundamental solution to this problem is that enterprises must develop and innovate according to market demand and their own characteristics. Type products. For example, regarding the speaker product, taking Amazon Echo as an example, its usage scene is mostly in the kitchen, and exists as the background music for the American housewife to adjust the atmosphere when cooking. This is because American kitchens are mostly open kitchens, and their cooking is quiet compared to Chinese frying and cooking, which is suitable for listening to music, which has even become part of the Western kitchen culture.

   By contrast, most of China is a closed kitchen, a small family model of a family of three, no The social group that forms the western housewife is busy with work or entertainment at night, and rarely uses audio, which limits the market development of smart speakers to some extent.

   but this does not mean that it has no market in China, on the contrary, according to the billion euro think tank research institute According to the market research of smart speakers and the hot scenes of the 100-box battle last year, smart speakers have a lot to offer in China, but they need to make efforts in product differentiation and develop smart speakers that meet the needs of China’s domestic market. Not only that, the product function can increase innovation, not limited to listening to music, reading materials, news, but also can develop weather, check holidays, check stocks, translate, control home appliances, set alarm clocks, ask time and other functions, and even provide O2O services. , including shopping, takeaway, taxi, voice notes, etc.

  On the aspect of product innovation, how the brain is novel is not an exaggeration. Of course, homogenization is a common problem in the entire smart home industry, not limited to smart speakers.

  2: Strengthening connected thinking and breaking product fragmentation

  Smart home products are many and miscellaneous, and even more terrible is that they are all separate and unrelated. This is a headache for consumers. Obviously, we can’t control other brands’ home appliances on Mijia APP, and we can’t use Ali’s smart speakers to control Mi’s products. Consumers need to weigh, and whether the products they buy can work with other brands they like. Compared to buying an Android or buying an Apple phone, thisThe choice is even more difficult.

  The current smart products on the market are mostly operated in isolation, and need to install their own APP for control, first It is cumbersome to say that the various types of software already in the mobile phone will be affected. Once the mobile phone is stuck or the network is smashed, these smart home appliances become vases. The original advanced feeling disappears instantly, the TV can’t be opened, the song can’t be heard, and the rice is uncooked.

  In solving the problem of product fragmentation, Haier relies on a complete set of things to make people a smart home. The landing made an effort. In the future, the real smart home is a complete system of its own set. The major smart home manufacturers should learn the thinking of Haier’s complete set of things, and break the limitations of the small object voice control and the layout of a single desk.

   In addition to strengthening the connection between things and things, we must also enhance the interaction between people and machines. Some smart products are forgotten because they lacked interaction after trying to be fresh. For this problem, manufacturers can strengthen innovation in product development, and increase human-computer interaction and enhance user stickiness through various interaction modes such as hearing, vision, touch and smell.

  3: Enhance user experience and increase product security and practical value

   The essence and goal of smart home is to provide people with a safer, more comfortable, convenient and efficient life. It makes no sense. In order to cater to the market, some home furnishing companies advocate the concept of intelligence. The products produced ignore the user experience and design many seemingly cool but flashy functions. Not only do they not bring convenience to consumers, but they are redundant and cumbersome.

  For consumers, any unremarkable product defect can be a fatal pain point, a lot of intelligence The product market is selling well, but the utilization rate is still to be considered. The reason is that many young consumers buy products based on curiosity and freshness, but because of the poor experience, they are idle after a few attempts. For example, the recent popularity of kitchen appliances in the popular market, dishwashers, professional institutions survey shows that in recent years, dishwasher sales have exploded, becoming a new position for companies to compete for layout, but the consumer usage rate on the other side is not high, for Many, such as complicated operation, too long cleaning time, too much noise, not clean, easy to break up items.

   For example, it is a sweeping robot that is used to save energy. It is noisy and can’t be cleaned up. It is a common problem. After using it, you have to manually clean the dust box to the trash can. Instead, it is awkward, and there are even potential dangers such as being twisted by wires and hitting children. What’s more, some intelligent products such as intelligent monitoring and smart door locks have many security vulnerabilities, leaking personal information and privacy, and become a tool for criminals to steal data.

  So, the real smart home needs to return to the human text, user-centric, increase product safety performance And practical value, before putting into production, from the user’s point of view and the height of the industry, rather than the smart scorpion, the essence is the growth of immediate performance. Moreover, the eyes of the masses are sharp. Once they understand the essence, they will naturally stay away from it. Enterprises want to live for a long time, and avoid this kind of self-defeating business.

   smart home as a whirlwind that has not been able to break out, in addition to the above three main reasons, low demand High prices, different industry standards, mixed products, and insufficient technical level are also important factors affecting their development. Therefore, as a producer of the enterprise, while boldly innovating and solving problems, we must also take into account the user experience and market feedback, and do a good job in market research before the development of new products and production, so that the products truly enter the public and bring people life. Convenience, to promote industry development and social progress as the ultimate goal, rather than staying within the company’s self-satisfaction and market marketing momentum. Source: billion euros net, author: Zhang

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2018 Chinese brand value released

On May 9th, guided by the State Administration of Markets, “2018 China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release and Second China Brand Development Forum” co-sponsored by Economic Daily, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Brand Promotion Association was held in Shanghai and was released at the meeting. 2018 Chinese brand value list.

The Chinese brand value evaluation release has been held for five consecutive years, and the number of companies participating in the selection this year has reached 1,346 companies, the number of brands released 718, after material review, expert review, value measurement and results verification and other careful selection, Huawei, Gree, Maotai, Sinopec, Jiu Mu and other leading brands have been on the list. Jiu Mu, once again ranked first in the kitchen and bathroom industry brand!

In 2017, the state officially issued relevant documents. The May 10th of each year will be established as “China Brand Day”. It is intended to promote well-known independent brands, tell the story of Chinese brands, and enhance the influence and recognition of independent brands. Obviously, building a world-renowned “Chinese brand” has become the trend of China.

On the eve of the Chinese brand day, Jiu Mu Make a strong endorsement for the “Chinese brand” again. Since its inception in 1990, Jiu Mu has won dozens of awards such as “China Quality Nomination Award”, “China Smart Kitchen and Bathroom Leader” and “National Industrial Design Center”.

At the same time, Jiu Mu is also at the forefront of the pan-home industry with a unique concept of cross-border integration. Establish strategic cooperation with IBM, Siemens, Philips, Italy Giugia Design, and Phoenix Design of Germany to lead the innovation trend in the industry. On the road of continuous improvement of Jiu Mu, Jiu Mu has successively won 33 German iF and Red Dot Design Awards, which is second to none in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

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Environmental protection, price hikes, tax adjustments… new changes in the sheet industry in recent months

Time Value April, 2018 More than a third of the past, the plate industry from the early years of environmental storms, price increases, tax rate adjustment and other factors, can not help but have many changes. The only thing that remains the same is the change itself. Only by actively and flexibly coping with change can we make ourselves profitable and avoid disadvantages and maximize benefits.

So close What new changes have been made to the plate companies in the month? Let’s take a look.

Environmental protection storm shut down a large number of factories, Hebei vigorously rectified

Henan Province Wen’an has the reputation of “the hometown of Chinese plates”. However, due to the lack of environmental protection concept and backward production, Langfang promotes the environmental protection of plates and eliminates backward production capacity and non-environmental enterprises. In 2017, Langfang City screened and rectified 12003 “disorganized pollution” enterprises, and closed down 86.2% of the total. More than 200 plywood production enterprises in the Chinese An County were consolidated and more than 200, and more than 2,700 “disorganized pollution” at the end of the industrial chain. The enterprise completes the governance. This strength is quite large.

To prevent ” The influx of enterprises has rebounded and revived. Langfang, Hebei Province has once again carried out “retrospective” corporate rectification and “deep look” and deep investigations. According to the Langfang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, as of the end of March, they again checked and completed the rectification. “There are 536 companies.

Last year, Wen’an Many of the rotary wood mills and wood-based panel factories have stopped production and rectification and even closed down. Even now, the Wenan County sheet metal processing plant has basically resumed production. However, due to the recent environmental supervision and “disinfection” rectification, the sheet metal enterprises still have to receive the notice of suspension of production from time to time. The production of sheet metal has been seriously affected. Also slightly increased.

Artificial sheet to cancel E2 new national standard 5 Implemented on the 1st of the month

Not long ago, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration Committee officially released the revised “Formaldehyde Release Limits for Wood-based Panels and Their Products for Interior Decoration Materials” (GB18580-2017), and the new standard modified formaldehyde. The test method and its formaldehyde release limit value will be tested and will be implemented on May 1, 2018.

Since 2011, China’s production of wood-based panels and wooden flooring ranks first in the world. In recent years, the annual output of wood-based flooring of enterprises above designated size has reached 400 million square meters. The release limit of formaldehyde is an important environmental protection for wood-based panels and their products. Performance indicators are an important factor in promoting the green development of the industry. They are also one of the national and local quality inspection and inspection projects. This year, the AQSIQ listed the man-made boards in the “Quality Inspection and Sword” campaign for building materials products. Product Catalog.

GB18580-2011 “Inner decoration materials and formaldehyde release in wood-based panels and their products” is the only mandatory national standard currently in the industry. The standard will be implemented on May 1, 2018. In the new standard, it has been improved. The formaldehyde release limit requirement is that the formaldehyde release limit value is 0.124 mg/m3, the limit mark E1, and the original standard E2 grade is eliminated; the unified formaldehyde detection test method is “1m3 climate chamber method.”

Formaldehyde emission limit and test method are already in line with international standards, and the environmental protection requirements for wood-based panels and their products are stricter.

2018 After May 1st, products sold in the domestic market must meet the new standards.

The introduction and implementation of the new standard will promote the development of the wood-based panel industry and its products in a more healthy and safe manner, and promote the active transformation and upgrading of the industry, which is conducive to environmental safety, but this The development process is also the process of eliminating inferior enterprises.

Tax rate In addition, the original sheet can save 1% cost before 5.1

According to April 4, 2018, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance issued: Caishui [2018] No. 32 document, the original applicable 17% and 11% tax rate, tax rate They were adjusted to 16% and 10% respectively and officially implemented on May 1. Seize the opportunity to save 1% more than the peers.

If the sheet is distributed The merchants will pick up the plates before May 1 and collect 17% of the invoices issued by the supplier. Compared with May 1st, they can only get 16% input tax, which can get 1% input tax, which means more savings. % tax,

For example: before May 1st, the purchase price of the plate purchased by the plate person is 1 million yuan (excluding tax). The input tax amount for this month is: 1 million*17%=170,000 yuan.

in May After 1 day, when the sheet man purchases 1 million yuan of sheet, the input invoice obtained is 1 million yuan (excluding tax amount), and the same batch of goods is imported.The tax amount is: 1 million * 16% = 160,000 yuan.

If you purchase in advance Into the plate, the more input tax: 17000-16000 = 10,000 yuan, that is, pay less than 10,000 yuan.

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The bathroom wall tiles are installed in such a way that the effect is ten times better.

  The bathroom wall tiles are installed in such a way that the effect is ten times better, and my home will be installed as well
  The decoration of the bathroom is very important for us. Usually we go into the bathroom more frequently, so we must do the decoration of the bathroom, otherwise it will bring trouble to our later life, the tile is the bathroom decoration. Commonly used materials, many friends will tiling when doing bathroom decoration, but in the process of tiling, different masters will have different methods. For example, some masters are from top to bottom when tiling, so what are the benefits of tiling? Let’s take a look together.
   First of all, from an aesthetic point of view, this tiling method will make the whole space blend together and look very neat Beautiful, at the same time fully integrated with the style of the house, looks harmonious and natural, is a very creative design, like a friend may wish to try!

   Practically speaking, using this design method is equivalent to providing a natural bathroom The barrier is applied from the top to the bottom when tiling and then left at the bottom to form a strong pressure effect, which is very practical.
  The most important thing about this is waterproofing. We know that the bathroom is dark and humid all year round, and there is more water, especially in washing. After the shower, the bathroom is very humid, it is easy to accumulate water, etc. If not handled well, the entire wall will become wet, and even water leakage will affect the neighbors below. With such a decoration method, the tile is equivalent to forming a waterproof layer, so that even if there is water in the bathroom, it will not penetrate into the wall.
   At the same time, the tile will not appear empty, it is a very good for us. Design, think about the tile if there is an empty drum, then further processing is needed in the later stage, which not only wastes time and wastes energy, so we may consider this method when decorating. Skills make a natural waterproof tank for the bathroom, and at the same time look very beautiful, killing two birds with one stone.

  Although it seems to be a simple step, but the effect is still great, interested friends Try it out quickly.

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Why are foreign households not wearing curtains? Too smart, go home and learn to dress like this.

Some people who know more about living abroad should find that foreigners rarely install curtains at home. Because they felt that the installation of the curtains throughout the room could not receive the sunlight of the nature and the lighting of the entire room was reduced. They don’t install curtains, so how do you do privacy without exposure? They used to use window film on the window, let’s take a look at it.

There are many advantages to using window film. The first such window film is very low in price and simple to install. The light that sticks the film on the window is not affected at all, and the privacy of the home can be left untouched, which is really good. So now many people like the design of window film. Let’s take a look at the benefits of window film.

First of all, in fact, we installed curtains at home just to prevent privacy, but when we pull the curtains, the whole room will be very stuffy. Especially in the hot summer, the curtains are even more depressed. But the window film is very unique, it does not affect the lighting in the room, and like the car film, you can clearly see the outside things but the outside people can not see the things in the room, especially safe practical.

Secondly, the price of the window film is very low, and the installation of several windows is not lower than the price of a curtain, so that you can save a lot of money for your home. And if the window film is dirty, it is convenient to clean it. Just wipe it with a damp cloth. If the curtains installed in the home have to be disassembled, it is particularly troublesome, and it takes time and effort to clean.

In the end, the window film can also play a protective role. If the glass in the house is broken, the window film can stick them together, and the slag will not fall. It’s safe to fall, so you don’t have to worry about hurting people. The window film also has a certain insulation effect, even in the big sun room, it will not feel hot.

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