Cabinet marketing pay attention to these points

Looking at the current environment of the cabinet market, the industry competition is very fierce, coupled with the lack of sales and increased costs, resulting in a sharp decline in corporate profits. For cabinet companies, the survival of small and medium-sized cabinet companies will be even more difficult. These enterprises can only make progress if they constantly change and find the market pain points.

Small in the gap between small cabinet companies seeking to make a way out

to ensure the quality of cabinet products
   good quality of the product is not through advertising Propaganda is generated by consumers through word-of-mouth. In the field of homes where big brands don’t care about quality, or big brands because of the high market share and the quality of the field, small brands have their own living space. Small-brand cabinets do not have to invest huge amounts of money in advertising. On the contrary, valuable funds should be used in the purchase of good materials, used in fine work, used to protect the health of consumers, and used in real consumer after-sales. Service. Really satisfy consumers and reassure consumers.
  Do a good job in after-sales work
   Regardless of what products are bought, people are very concerned about the after-sales service. With the improvement of consumers’ awareness of rights protection, the competition in the cabinet market is more intense. Consumers no longer only pay attention to the products themselves, but also pay more attention to the after-sales service level of the products. Due to the low production volume of small brand cabinets, it is easier to control the quality in the production process, and it is easier to do the after-sales guarantee, thus accumulating a larger customer base. After all the details of style, material, price, etc., the after-sales service is also essential. The quality of after-sales service determines whether consumers will buy products.
   Cabinet companies need to enrich product styles
   Under normal circumstances, consumers enter the store, starting from the style without prior knowledge preparation. Consumers are in a huge market. When buying cabinet products, it is sure that the fashionable cabinets are the first to attract people’s attention! The cabinet products are divided into various styles, which are divided into regions: Chinese style, European style, American style; There are: classical style, modern style, futuristic style. Various styles meet the needs of different consumers. Small-brand cabinet companies should be committed to a certain style that they can do, and only do this style. Only by doing this style well and making features can they be recognized by consumers and thus solidize their own brands. Only have the possibility to grow up.
   In the future market competition environment, testing the brand and quality of the enterprise is the most important link. In the increasingly fierce market shuffling environment, the cabinet enterprises must be from the quality of the products. , after-sales service and product personalization and other aspects to start, strengthen brand building, maintain brand reputation, in order to occupy a certain position in the market.

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Cabinet sealing is very important

The kitchen not only can cook a variety of delicious dishes, but also contracted, the family’s rice and oil, three meals a day. Therefore, the kitchen became the highlight during the renovation, and the cabinet was undoubtedly a top priority when decorating the kitchen.

In the selection of cabinets, it will be selected through the brand, price, style, etc. of the cabinets, often overlooking a very important detail, the moisture resistance of the cabinets, the moisture resistance of the cabinets, the key to see the cabinets Edge banding.

The edge of the cabinet is good or bad, which will directly affect the overall use of the kitchen. Some cabinets have not been used for a long time, and cracks, breaks, etc. are caused by insufficient sealing quality!

Customized cabinet installation details

Why is the edge banding so important to the cabinet?

The edge banding is effective to prevent the board from getting wet

In the humid air, the panels of the cabinet are easily damp, resulting in deformation, opening of the glue, etc., affecting the life of the cabinet. The edge banding can effectively prevent the edge from getting wet, especially for the southern part of the country where moisture is relatively large. It is simply the savior of the cabinet.

Durable, reinforced cabinet panels

The edge of the cabinet is bonded with the panel with adhesive. The operation is to seal the edges from the side. Reinforcement, the panels of the cabinet are not so easy to open and crack, which greatly extends the life of the cabinet.

Effectively eliminate the release of harmful substances

The best cabinet door panels contain more or less harmful substances to human health, and the quality is good and the rigor is strong. The edge banding can reduce the release of harmful substances and better protect the health of the long-term use of the kitchen. The edge banding takes up such a heavy weight in the cabinet. To choose a good edge, you have to start with the raw material – the edge band. So how do we identify the quality of the edge band when choosing a cabinet? The more difficult it is to break, the harder it is to break the quality.
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Air purifier transformation, upgrade quality

With the continuous increase of air control in China, the air quality of many cities has been initially improved, and the wave of air and air that has been smoggy for several years has been slammed by the cliff. .

  Many people in the industry said that the air purifier has passed.
   Then the question is coming, after the smog economy, where should China’s air purifiers go?
  In fact, after the smog economy of the air purifier, Not all without a record. On the one hand, Chinese consumers have begun to realize the importance of clean air for health, especially for people with old people, children and air sensitive people. On the other hand, the enthusiasm of air purifier manufacturers has been fully mobilized. According to the monitoring data of Zhongyikang, in the 1~20 weeks of 2018, the number of online market participation brands was 395, which was basically the same as that of the same period last year. It can be seen that although the performance of the empty net market at this stage has not reached the expectations of the manufacturers, the brand manufacturers still maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for the market and maintain a relatively stable rhythm on the launch of the products.
   It can be said that today the air purifier industry is not facing life and death, but at the fork in the road, when it is time to decide the direction of transformation.
   Previously, FrankHammes, global CEO of IQAir, a globally renowned indoor air purification solution provider, said: “We should realize that when people are indoors, air quality issues are more than just PM2. .5. Many substances can cause serious indoor air quality problems, such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, ammonia, hydrazine, etc. released from decoration materials and furniture, which can cause allergies and asthma, and even cause cancer.” Just like IQAir, The US market does not sell single items for PM2.5, but today the US market is far larger than China.
   China Industrial Research Institute research report also shows that China’s current air purifier penetration rate is only 1%. Compared with Japan’s 17%, the United States’ 27%, Europe’s 40%, and South Korea’s 70%, it is a far cry. Referring to the relevant data of developed countries with better air quality, we will find that the popularity of air purifiers is not directly related to “haze”. For China’s air purifier industry, smog is only one “ Extra” opportunity.
   In the future, the development of China’s air purifier industry is still expected. Rather than saying that the air purifier has passed, it is better to say that the smog economy has passed the dividend, and the next step is to meet the trend of fair starting line and industry transformation.
Nowadays, China’s air purifier enterprises naturally want to get rid of the dependence of products on smog. For complex indoor air purifiers, the professional subdivision of products will become an obvious future development of the empty net market. feature.
Of course, not only in addition to formaldehyde, but also targeted sub-category air evolution products will play their role in their respective fields, the development of China’s air purifier will also get rid of a single deformity The status quo has gradually become a mature industry.
  In 2018, the challenge of the air purifier market was unprecedented, but the adjustment process was also the process of good money expelling bad money. Before the sales impact caused by environmental improvement, there was a consumption upgrade. The quality requirements brought. In this way, only the empty net manufacturers that persisted were successful.

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5 details that wooden doors need to pay attention to

Wooden doors are not delicate things, but there are still many places to pay attention to. From the early installation to the maintenance and precautions in use, many places need to pay attention. Today, the home is very special about the five key details that the wooden door is most easily overlooked. Everyone must mark it!

1, the wooden door keeps fully open or fully closed when it is idle

If ventilation is required, the wooden door should be fully open, and the rear door should be fastened to the door, otherwise the wooden door will be closed. Instead of placing the wooden door in a half-closed state for a long time, because of the semi-closed state, the pressure of the hinge is increased. If the wooden door itself is too heavy, the door leaf is loose and the wooden door is deformed; at the same time, the wooden door is semi-closed. State, if there is a sudden strong wind blowing in, the wooden door will suddenly close by gravity, or directly hit the wall, causing great damage to the wooden door.

2, the wooden door is best to install a door suction

In the daily opening and closing wooden door, if the force is too strong, the wooden door is easy to hit the wall, if it is so long, it is easy to cause the wooden door. The rear corner paint is dropped and damaged. It is recommended that you install a door stopper for the wooden door. On the one hand, the door suction can cushion the strength of the wooden door hitting the wall. It is good to protect the wooden door when opening the wooden door. On the other hand, the door suction After the wooden door is opened, the wooden door can be well fixed, and the wooden door is not allowed to be swayed by the wind to keep the room silent.

3, heavy wooden doors can add more hinges

The general wooden door has two hinges on the top, one on the top, but if the wooden door is heavier, There are many opening and closing times. Consider adding a hinge in the middle of the wooden door to increase the consolidation of the wooden door.
4, the wooden door should be covered when painting the wall

If there is a need for decoration at home, or other dust, cement, lime, etc., you need to cover the wooden door, so as not to paint The paint gets the surface of the wooden door, causing the door facade material to peel off and fade. At the same time, the paint or other colored products fall onto the wooden door, which will make the wooden door difficult to clean.

5, sliding door needs to keep the pulley smooth

If it is a sliding door, it is necessary to pay attention to keep the pulley smooth, the usual way is: keep the sliding door sliding There is no debris in the rail groove, and the cleaning and dust removal are carried out regularly. Lubricating oil is periodically added to the sliding part of the pulley to ensure smooth opening and closing of the sliding door without derailing.
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Smart home “new retail”, new concept

With the rapid development of smart homes, the new retail model of smart homes has begun to rise quietly. What new revelation does the new retail have for the development of smart homes? Can it become a new navigation mark for the industry in the future?

 &emsp The concept of “new retail” was proposed by Ma Yun in 2016, and its core lies in the combination of “online and offline”, which was the product of the “bottleneck” of the business development at the time. In February 2017, Alibaba Group and Bailian Group reached a strategic cooperation and continued to promote the new retail strategy. Subsequently, the two traditional camps of traditional physical stores and e-commerce platforms have entered the new retail circle to test the water. Moreover, with the rapid development of smart homes, the new retail model of smart homes has begun to rise quietly. What new revelation does the new retail have for the development of smart homes? Can it become a new navigation mark for the industry in the future?

  Smart home businesses have tried new retails
  As we all know, in the past two years, in hardcover delivery Under the policy of renting and selling, the smart home 2B channel landing mode is very popular. In order to land smart home and save energy as soon as possible, most smart home enterprises first choose to cooperate with housing developers, home improvement companies and channel partners to adopt the system engineering project model. Bring smart home products to the home indirectly. However, starting in 2018, the advantages of the new retail model began to show dew, and domestic giants and smart home enterprises began to become players in the new retail model.
  Undoubtedly, driven by the new retail model, the smart home business model is beginning to change. It is no longer limited to the engineering project model. It is invading C in a large-scale retail way. In the current promotion stage of the smart home market, the new retail concept will undoubtedly enable smart home manufacturers to see the combination of online promotion and offline sales, and promote the new method of optimizing and upgrading the line in the commercial dimension.
   In the new retail water test, the purple light of the whole house intelligent route took the lead in opening, as early as last March, Ziguang IOT established the first new retail line ** inspection shop. Subsequently, in a short period of six months, the number of new retail experience stores expanded to 58, and, in cooperation with Suning Tesco, relying on Suning Tesco’s rich online resources, vigorously attacking the new retail market.
   If the first two years, smart home new retail just reveals, then in 2018 can be said to be the first year of smart home new retail, a group of smart home enterprises have gradually entered the new retail market.
   In March of this year, B&Q’s five smart stores in Beijing and Shanghai, B&Thome, opened at the same time. The only selected Oerrebo smart home was built a scene experience wall. Subsequently, the smart store B&Thome began to land in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Beijing and Chongqing. It is expected that this year, the Baianju 100+ smart home experience wall will cover all smart stores.
   In May, the long-established “Millet has a product” opened its first line in Nanjing. It is worth noting that in addition to mobile phones, the experience store also brought together Xiao Ai, Mi Jia robot. As well as the Mijia smart home single product SKU, it can be seen that Xiaomi is also a good user.
   In June, Ou Ruibo opened its first smart home flagship store in Chengdu, which sensationalized the Sichuan home improvement circle; Le Anju signed a cooperation agreement with Chuangshi Real Estate to officially deploy new retail; Huawei released a panic The smart home terminal equipment brand, Huawei’s smart selection, announced that it will open 1,000+ Huawei’s smart line ** check-in stores this year.
   At the same time, the three major telecom operators and their local contractors have also begun to enter the smart home new retail market.
   It seems that the new retail market has become a new battlefield for the “torn” of smart home businesses.
  Can new retail detonate the new navigation of smart home?
   Ma Yun once asserted that there will be no e-commerce platform concept in the future, only the new retail model. When the online e-commerce platform encounters the ceiling, the new retail is undoubtedly a powerful weapon to save the e-commerce in trouble. At the same time, it is also a huge disruptive change for traditional physical stores. For the smart home industry, the new retail also has an important apocalypse, which means that smart home manufacturers through the cooperation with traditional home stores, well-known large chain stores, through these partners’ online and offline traffic resources, and manufacturers The offline smart home experience store combines and then completes the transaction through mobile payment through mobile payment.
  As we all know, in recent years, the scale of the smart home market has repeatedly exploded. According to the prediction of authoritative organizations, the scale of China’s smart home market will reach 200 billion by 2020. Undoubtedly, smart home is a commercial blue ocean to be explored. This is the reason why all smart home enterprises are madly digging for gold. However, it is always a pain point for industry to land. The emergence of the new retail model seems to make smart home enterprises see a breakthrough.
   The experience of the new retail advocacy is the soul of the smart home line. Smart home products are re-experienced products. At present, the smart home market is still in the stage of being educated. It is necessary to push smart home products and systems directly to consumers through online inspection shops, thereby enhancing consumer awareness. This is the most direct and fastest way to promote. The most important thing is that, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, the products of the smart home line ** check shop are not only exhibitions, but also showrooms/model rooms, but are replaced into real-life living spaces, users. You can directly play smart products, small scene sets or whole house smart sets.
   In terms of new retail, Xiaomi has products, Ou Ruibo, Ziguang IOT have sample reference value, Xiaomi has the leader to make smart home products to be the best, Ou Ruibo will be single product + system to be unique The demonstrator, and the Purple Lights Association is the leader of the whole house intelligent customization. In short, they will restore the real scene of the smart home scene through the line ** inspection shop, give the customer the ultimate, true line test, truly solve the pain points of traditional home improvement, and thus win the trust of customers. Moreover, with the gradual opening of the smart home ecosystem, smart home products using different communication protocols can be compatible with each other, greatly improving the dilemma of low smart home experience, which is why smart home new retail development is so fast.
   In addition, AI, big data and smart internet technology have brought development opportunities for new retail, helping users to create shopping interaction, marketing accuracy, customer stickiness, insight into consumers through data analysis, and enhancements. Business flexibility and quick response to market changes. For example, many ordinary users come to the offline smart home experience store, the first time may just look at it casually, but if you can realize the real-time perception of user needs, the user may even be able to generate sales for the first time when the user visits the store for the second time.
   Moreover, after consumers experience a smart home brand, they only need mobile payment, and the rest of the services including logistics, installation, and after-sales service do not need to worry about it, so users can save The heart and effort, as a smart home manufacturers can also make money, the same as the provision of traffic services, logistics services, supermarkets, logistics companies can profit from it, can be said to achieve multi-win.
   However, overall, the new retail model of smart home has yet to be improved, the integration of online and offline is not high enough, and the experience needs to be improved. Therefore, the transformation of new retail products in home enterprises is still very A long way to go. Moreover, when companies seek to transform, it is not advisable to make a self-sufficiency, but blindly follow the trend is also very dangerous, smart home enterprises to see the industry and their own shortcomings, to identify their own market positioning. From the current point of view, smart items are the main force of new retail sales, followed by small scene smart sets, and the whole house smart sales conversion is not ideal, but it represents the future direction of smart home.

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Door and window industry, need a heart of exploration

Overview of the current door and window industry, brands are gradually increasing, and competition among door and window companies is becoming increasingly fierce. In the development process of the market, some of the backward door and window enterprise brands were eliminated. Although it is inevitable, this shuffling always requires a long process. For door and window enterprises, only by adapting to the development trend and continuously improving the core competitiveness can promote the long-term development of door and window enterprises.

The design of the heart needs to be connected with life

Innovative design that meets the needs of people at this stage should come from life, and life comes from the market, they are A relationship in which triangle loops are connected to each other. Consumers in today’s era need more window and door design that is more life-oriented and practical. Compared with the old door and window products, although some can lead the trend in the market, there is still a certain distance. Therefore, door and window enterprises need to have a centripetal force in the design of door and window products.

Adhering to the tide of environmental change

In the future, the original driving force for the important changes in the door and window industry is the awakening of consumers, as well as the doors and windows Proactive guidance. Seeing the world’s new door and window design products, they all fit the aesthetic pattern of people’s living space while maintaining their practicality. At present, door and window enterprises are experiencing two major pressures of release of raw materials and environmental protection storms. Based on this, some door and window enterprises develop and use environmentally friendly materials, and they constantly want to reform the route. In short, the market environment is changing, and door and window companies must actively change. We can start from the aspects of door and window product design, material upgrade, etc., and grasp the market trend changes in time.


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How to choose a bathroom cabinet that suits you? Teach you a few things to note

The choice of bathroom cabinet should match the overall design of the bathroom, from the color of the material to the size of the shape. Other facilities are coordinated. For example, the white that everyone loves can reflect the sense of space, which is a good choice for a bathroom with a small space.

From appearance, to material, to storage,Bathroom cabinetplays a pivotal role in the bathroom, due to the small, damp environment of the bathroom. Select bathroom cabinetright There are certain requirements for quality and practicality. How to choose a bathroom cabinet that suits you? Today, Xiaobian teaches you a few places to pay attention to.


Bonnie Tuome bathroom cabinet BN-8475

The choice of bathroom cabinet should be consistent with the overall design of the bathroom, regardless of the color of the material to the size of the shape and other facilities. For example, the white that everyone loves can reflect the sense of space, which is a good choice for a bathroom with a small space.


Bonnie Tuome bathroom cabinet BN-8539

In general, bathroom cabinets are mainly divided into “floor-standing” and “wall-mounted”. The floor-standing type is suitable for modern sanitary rooms with dry and wet separation and large space; the advantages of wall-mounted type are: saving space, easy care, and eliminating sanitary corners, but the wall is required to be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall, a thermal insulation wall and Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets should not be installed in lightweight partitions.


Bonnie Tuome bathroom cabinet BN-8469

The current mainstream cabinet materials are generally: solid wood, ceramic, PVC, stainless steel and so on.

The solid wood feels strong, giving people a sense of high quality; the ceramic is easy to care, giving a clean and bright feeling; the biggest advantage of PVC is Waterproof performance; stainless steel, the above advantages can be.

Good stainless steel bathroom cabinets, such as Bonnie Tuomei stainless steel bathroom cabinets, special waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, not easy Deformation, no formaldehyde, and so on, and with the process upgrade, Bonnie Tucci has made the stainless steel bathroom cabinet no longer only cold and silvery, the style is monotonous, but the surface treatment can reach hundreds of kinds, the texture is rich, the simulation is high. Realistic, plasticity, and diverse styles to meet different home improvement needs.


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Several misunderstandings that custom furniture is easy to fall into

The trend of personalized customization has become increasingly popular, so that people’s thinking is not limited to the purchase of finished furniture, more and more people like tailor-made furniture. Although the custom furniture is good, but not all the furniture must be customized. For the decoration of the white, the pursuit of seeing the new custom furniture effect, ignoring the practical application and subsequent maintenance and other issues. Today, I will talk to you about the things that custom furniture is caught in.
  Miscellaneous 1: Custom furniture is quite good, then all furniture is customized!

   1. Can all furniture be customized?

  Not all furniture can be customized. Customized products are mainly designed to solve some difficulties in space utilization, privatization of storage requirements, and different sizes and standard fixed sizes. An example is a wardrobe/cloakroom. Only custom furniture can better shield the beams and columns and make better use of the high space. For furniture that is not sensitive to spatial scales, such as sofas, coffee tables, chairs, and those that are relatively fixed in size and have little difference, such as beds and tables, finished products are a better choice.

  The finished furniture is a product of the same quality and the same specifications, the factory can be produced in large quantities, in terms of raw material cost, process cost, quality control cost and later installation cost. The relative cost of custom furniture is lower. (relative cost refers to the proportion of these links to the final ex-factory price). Custom furniture is a single order to split, unload, produce, test, install, each order is different, can not be produced in large quantities. So in terms of price, customization is more expensive. To give a simple example, in the market, an ordinary one-meter five-plate bed, the custom cost will not be less than 1500. The finished product of the same material and style is one meter and five beds, and 1,000 yuan can be bought.

  2, custom furniture, just how to design?

  Customization is not equal to random. It is not how the owner thinks about how to do it. The current customization generally means that the user can freely choose materials, colors, lines, and adjustment lines in the inherent process. , planning space, decoration, hardware, etc., if the user has his own design of the new style and meet the production conditions. Even if there are thousands of ideas, they must be designed according to the standards of production standards, and manufacturers can only produce according to this. In fact, custom furniture is similar to building blocks, such as customizing an American solid wood wardrobe, selecting material + selecting color + selecting door shape + selecting line shape + selecting Roman column style + selecting other decorations + selecting space in the cabinet and selecting hardware accessories, Basically the entire wardrobe came out. The product can’t jump off the factory’s existing craftsmanship and the existing style, unless there is enough budget, the money to let the manufacturers to develop new styles, of course, this price is high.

  3, is the overall furniture custom made?

  Unequal, the whole furniture is to provide a whole home design plan, and supervise the implementation details during the construction process to complete the design and then provide customized furniture services according to the needs, while the overall furniture is not only Including the customization of simple wardrobes, bookcases, etc., as well as other finished products.


  The use of space and storage requirements are high, it is recommended to choose custom. For example: cabinets, wardrobe cloakrooms, shoe cabinets, bookcases on the entire wall, and owners of finished furniture that are difficult to buy. For fixed sizes that are high in design and style and not sensitive to space, it is recommended to select finished furniture. For example: sofas, chairs, coffee tables, beds, desks, etc.; if you care more about the price, do not care about the space, you can even choose the finished wardrobe shoe cabinet.

  Miscellaneous 2: The sooner the custom furniture is planned, the better, the better.

  1. Determine the custom furniture before the decoration?

   Generally speaking, the designer will advise the owner to decide on the choice of custom furniture after most of the renovation is completed. Some users often start to customize after the hard work is completed in order to speed up the process. The product, however, the overall style of the decoration is very important for the choice of furniture, so it is best to complete the basic overall decoration before customizing the furniture.

  2, custom, to put all the places on the cabinet

   cabinet products are the mainstream in custom furniture, but now a little run Partial. Nowadays, not only small-sized units, but even large flats of more than 200 square meters, even villa customers of more than 300 square meters, will emphasize all kinds of storage. It is not allowed to have any empty area in the house. All cabinets have cabinets… enough storage space. It’s a very good thing. After all, when you live at home, there will always be a lot of things to put. However, the overcrowding and the cramped movements are contrary to the original intention of custom furniture. Imagine a bedroom that should have been simple and refreshing. It was all cabinets, even for the cabinet, and the bed had to choose 1 meter 5, which is affecting the quality of living. Secondly, most of the custom furniture is fixed furniture, it is difficult to remove it when it is installed. If you want to move the position, or want to change one, it is very troublesome and will cause considerable damage to the original cabinet. If the house wants to re-decorate it someday, or adjust the function of the room, it will be very painful – and the cabinets that are individually designed according to the specific spatial scales will be placed in another space, and there will be no fit and no fit. The problem. Lack of flexibility can be considered an insurmountable shortcoming of custom furniture.

  3, since custom, then the color, style are the same!

  When the whole house is custom-made furniture, many users like to make a uniform color style, and the troublesome style is unified. Especially the owners who don’t understand the mix prefer to do this, but the actual It is a terrible thing to customize the product like solid wood, and the furniture in the whole house will make the space lose its sense of hierarchy or even feel depressed. The idea of ​​the owner is actually very simple, that is, the feeling of wanting to be integrated, but the integration is not the same color to occupy most of the space. In the color matching, the designer can help.


  Customized furniture, just enough, storage, harmony should be rational, believe in your own vision and designer’s profession Degree, don’t be “too exaggerated.”

  Miscellaneous 3: Custom furniture, I ask, the designer can get it!

   1, exhibition effect ≠ actual effect

   Many users choose custom parameters through the exhibition hall or 3D display, but the exhibition hall display effect And the actual effect is still very different, the house has no restrictions on layout, spacing, and height, so it leads to the gap in effect. In actual construction, it is not necessary to force the effect of the exhibition hall. The most important thing is to suit the house.

  2, custom furniture, just ask for the request, the rest of the total no matter

   custom furniture designer, is not yet a Very mature and perfect career, many are the transformation of interior designers, it is difficult to hear, most do not understand ergonomics, do not understand the different demands of different customers for storage, in order to save time and improve efficiency, basically several sets The design of the template has been changed. Everyone’s item quantity, storage habits, and movement methods cannot be the same. How can they use several sets of templates to meet the needs of everyone? For example, young and young couples, I hope that the wardrobe has more hanging areas, to hurry, pay attention to efficiency, the wardrobe should have a reasonable and clear division; while the elderly are older, but more accustomed to stacking and using the drawer, but they are waist Legs are not as flexible as young people, so try to make it easier to use and reduce the situation of bowing your head. Another example is the cabinets. If you don’t ask for them, they are basically designed to be 80 cm high. But if it is a big man of one meter, it will be very inconvenient. Generally, before the custom-made furniture is officially signed, a meeting with the designer will be arranged. You can first sort out the customization needs of the family in the mind. How many clothes, pants, shoes, books, etc. are used to how to place and how to take them. Use, and then must be described in detail with the designer. After that, the designer will do the project and hand it over to the owner. At this time, everyone should carefully review it and don’t let go of any details. All questions are promptly presented to the designer, to see how the designer explains, and to hear how the designer has designed your needs in the program.

  3, flashy and ignore rationality!

  When choosing custom furniture, the increase and decrease of all materials should conform to the design principle. The support, practicality and function should be considered with reference to the designer’s opinion, and the personality cannot be expressed wishfully. Pay attention to rationality.


  If you need custom furniture, you should also try to participate in the design as much as possible to ensure the suitability and practicality of the furniture. Of course, we must also pay attention to the fact that not everyone’s needs are reasonable, but also listen to the designer’s opinions. In short, in the process of communicating with the teacher, not only to identify their own aesthetic orientation, but to consider more practical needs.

  Miscellaneous 4: After the custom furniture is designed, it is completely handed over to the manufacturer and can only be installed.

  1, no matter what is handed over to the manufacturer

   This is the practice of many lazy people, but also the practice of causing many sad sequelae. Users of custom furniture should have such a sense, respect the professionalism of the manufacturer, but also pay attention to the problems of supervision and construction docking, follow up communication to make adjustments at any time. For example, the side that can’t be closed, the mouth that can’t be covered, the nail eye that can’t stop, and how the lines are not flat. The so-called difference is a thousand miles, and it all appeared when it was installed. For example, a negative angle, if the angle is not just 90 degrees, when the cabinet is installed, it can not be close to the wall, between the side panels and the wall. There must be a big gap – before I love the sauce, I encountered a cabinet with a width of 1.7 meters, and the gap between the back panel and the wall on the left side reached 4 cm. Some owners feel that the gap does not matter, at most it is not very good-looking, it can be blocked with a side view board. So what if this is a wall cabinet installed with expansion screws or lifting code? The gap means that the expansion nail can not be completely fitted, and the force is very unstable. If something goes wrong, it will fall down and hit people. If the wall of the kitchen is uneven, it is more troublesome. This seam is difficult to fill with glass glue. Eighty percent need the cabinet factory/countertop factory to send people to stake out and change the goods, and it costs a lot more. If it is the top surface is not flat? Other spaces, with ceilings, or flat tops, may be solved with a negative angle, but what about the closet in the bedroom? The wardrobe usually has a top line, or a closing plate. The installation worker re-polished according to the slope of the top surface, and then barely installed it. The problem is that it can be seen that it is oblique. There is still a problemIf there is paint, it is very likely that during the grinding process, the paint surface will be smashed and peeled off. What to do, return to the factory and repaint. There is also the problem of the wall. Nowadays, in order to have more storage space, many homes will arrange some hanging cabinets. The installation of the wall cabinet is fixed by the wall. The most common method is to expand and root. However, when many households change water and electricity, the wall is slotted and buried, and there are pipelines embedded by the developers. This leaves a huge hidden danger to the installation of the cabinets – in case of expansion, the hammer is hit. Broken pipeline, this is not a good deal. There are also some hollow bricks used in the wall. They do not have the ability to bear weight. Even if they are barely loaded, it is difficult to ensure that they will not be used for a long time. As for the lightweight partition wall of the gypsum board structure, the wood board is cut off, and the outside looks like a wall, but at most it can only hang a TV set, and the cabinet is a dream.

  2, custom contract does not look at the terms

   after determining the custom furniture furniture, it is necessary to see the contract terms, the content should be as detailed as possible, both sides The rights and obligations, payment methods, installation procedures, warranty services promised by the manufacturer, after-sales service, etc., special attention is paid to the data related to the material thickness value, the materials used in the product, the installation method, the delivery time, and the after-sales service. .

  3, there is no strict requirement for the type of work

  Customized furniture actually involves all aspects of the hard decoration, like the wall, the ground, Too, the skirting line will be related to each other. In the installation and construction, strict requirements should be imposed on various types of work to avoid destroying the original basic decoration and even the safety of the house.


   Don’t think that custom furniture is omnipotent, it’s just a link in the whole renovation, it can’t exist independently. Match all items such as walls, walls, tops, floors, baseboards, doors, door covers, and more. Therefore, in order to complete the completion of the renovation and the quality of the final presentation, please be sure to strictly meet the requirements of each type of work in the base installation process, at least horizontal and vertical, yin and yang. In addition, in the hydropower transformation project, it is best to take pictures at any time to record the position, direction, and nodes of the pipeline. If there is a new wall, please be sure to confirm the material of the wall. For the original wall, consult the developer/property for the structure, material and load-bearing capacity of the wall to ensure sufficient strength to fix the cabinet and rest. Board and so on.

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Sanitary ware purchase instructions

Sanitary ware generally includes basins, toilets, bathtubs, etc. Their presence facilitates people’s daily bathing. It can be said that people’s daily life is basically inseparable from these sanitary wares. Today, Xiaobian will explain some basic common sense of sanitary ware purchase for everyone, I hope I can help you.
Sanitary Ware purchase instructions

Sanitary ware is an indispensable part of the interior of modern architecture. It is necessary to meet the functional requirements as well as the new stage of energy saving and water saving. There are many kinds of sanitary wares, but the common requirements are smooth surface, impervious to water, corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, easy to clean and durable.

The current common sanitary ware has the following:

How to choose sanitary ware? After reading it, I found that I missed this point.

(1) Washbasin: It can be divided into hanging type, column type and table top. In addition to the shape of the basin, everyone should pay attention to the quality of the glaze, because the glaze is good, not dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and the long-term use is still bright and new. When selecting, the light can be viewed from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles. The good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles, and the surface is very smooth.     

(2) Toilet: It can be divided into two types: flushing and siphoning. According to the shape, it can be divided into two types: conjoined and separated. The new toilet also features insulation and cleansing. The first thing to pay attention to is the wall distance of the toilet (the wall distance of the toilet, which refers to the distance from the center of the pipe sewer to the back wall). Standard wall spacing is generally divided into 305mm and 400mm. In addition, you should pay attention to the flushing method and water consumption when purchasing toilets. There are two types of flushing methods, such as direct flushing and siphoning.     

(3) Bathtub: There are many shapes and shapes. According to the bath washing method, there are bathing and lying baths. A bath with a washable chassis. There are bath tubs and jacuzzi by function. The materials are divided into acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, cast iron bathtub and so on. Generally speaking, the ordinary steel plate bathtub is easy to clean and has a simple shape; the acrylic bathtub is rich in shape, but the life is shorter, and it is not easy to clean after aging; the cast iron bathtub has a long service life, high grade, high price, and is troublesome to handle and install.     

(4) shower room: consists of a door panel and a bottom basin. The shower door panel is divided into three types according to the material: ps board, frp board and tempered glass. The shower room has a small footprint and is suitable for showers. In general, the hinged open shower door is simple and stylish, easy to clean, long in life, high in grade and high in price. When choosing a shower door, be sure to choose a glass that is tempered, so that even if the glass is broken due to improper use, it will not cause harm to the human body.     

(5)Hardware accessories: The form patterns are different. In addition to the sanitary ware accessories mentioned above, it also includes various faucets, glass brackets, towel racks (rings), soap tanks, toilet paper cylinders, shower curtains, anti-fog mirrors, and the like.     

Xiaobian reminder: choose sanitary ware to pay attention to its ceramic quality. The high-quality sanitary ware has a smooth glazed surface, no pinholes, bubbles, deglazing, uneven gloss, etc.; the ceramic sound is relatively crisp by hand. Inferior sanitary ware often has blisters, bubbles, glaze, and even slight deformation, and the sound produced when tapping is dull.
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Tiles can be so beautiful

  Peacock blue glazed tile roof, light milk gray tile exterior wall, granite pedestal stone steps, and white marble railings, the whole body is based on blue, taking the water with caution. The beauty of Chinese architecture is inseparable from ceramic tiles. Tiles are also essential in home decoration, and it is resistant to heat and heat, is not easy to be scratched, and can be beautifully decorated to beautify new homes.

 Antique brick tiles

  Antique bricks, can be paved, or you can choose diagonal paving, suitable for European, American, Mediterranean, rural and other styles. Modern antique bricks tend to be more minimalist in style, yet without losing the details. It shows a very beautiful detail. In terms of materials, the materials of modern antique bricks are more abundant, the color blanks are more, and the glazed color is more personalized. This is especially true for the unique and individual needs of the home tile after the 80s and 90s. Technically, on the basis of minimalism, the use of ceramic inkjet technology innovation and application has greatly improved the decorative effect of modern antique bricks.

 Spanish abstract geometric floor

  Geometric floor is made up of different colors and different geometric figures, showing a specific or abstract pattern. With a variety of colors and refined craftsmanship, stylish personality design, slowly changing the unchanging stereotype left by the most original floor, presented in a new attitude. The geometrical floor-like texture of the clouds, like the opaque notes, is written in different colors on a piece of original floor, like the rhythm of constantly jumping. Write a moving melody where you can see the music that the sea is solidifying.

  Personal tile retro floor tiles

   Now 80, 90 has become the mainstream of home consumption, their demand for home is personalized, hope to show their own unique aesthetics and ideas through their own home, for home art The pursuit has reached an unprecedented height, pursuing a low-key luxury and connotation of environmentally friendly and healthy home environment. Personalized tile retro floor tiles through a harmonious neutral tone, carefully selected materials, style textures and color matching, to meet the needs of customers, to provide a more personalized design combination.

  T Antique Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

  The mosaic is the darling of decorative materials in a colorful form, which is favored by avant-garde and fashionable families. Even if the material chooses the cheapest product in the mosaic, the floor is still showing off the spiritual luxury. Sometimes, simple patterns will be elegant and elegant due to the choice of color matching.

  Classic black and white checkerboard ceramic tile

   black and white, the same classic color. Black and white checkerboard has always been the darling of fashion, how many times international ice wearing this pattern coat appears in the lens to know its classic magic. Black and white checkerboard tiles, firmly in the empty boss position of the floor tile decoration, as a 360-degree no-dead player who can not be wrongly laid, please do not miss it again and again!

  800×800 wear-resistant fully polished glazed ceramic floor tiles

  All-glazed tiles are different from ordinary polished tiles. The glaze on the surface is a special crystal wear-resistant glaze. After high-temperature sintering, the molecules are completely sealed, and there is almost no gap. Long-lasting, high-brightness, no faintness, hard and wear-resistant, make the tiles more bright, and make the house more beautiful, bright and magnificent. The color is more abundant, the colors are bright, the colors are diverse, and the texture is natural. The service life is long, and the transparent glazed tile of the polished glaze is relatively thick and not easy to wear, so its service life is three times that of the general micro-powder brick.


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