Garden-like Worcester Library

Grant, the famous landscape architect behind the Cooling House and the Skyscraper project in Singapore, saw their landscape design as a hive, Worcester Library to live. The British program, designed by the architect Feilden Craig Bradley, was the first to offer a joint university and public library in Europe and opened in July 2012.

The hive is a BREEAM excellent lighting and natural ventilation library, maximizing These elements are drawn into the building, and the seven roof cone designs echo the ridgeline near Morse Mountain and the historic Royal Worcester kiln pottery. The exterior form is used with solid laminated timber, and the copper alloy is worn in a palette with concrete and ash.

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Foreign glass companies are full of confidence in the Chinese glass market

The 20th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition hosted by the China Institute of Silicate will be held in Shanghai on May 13th. According to Jin Zhanping, Secretary General of the China Institute of Silicate, China is the world’s largest glass producer and consumer. The China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition, founded in 1986, has become one of the world’s three major international glass exhibitions. Although the global financial crisis this year, a considerable number of foreign glass companies still have confidence in the Chinese market. Up to now, there are 836 exhibitors, including 229 foreign companies, from 23 countries including Germany, the United States, Turkey and India. Regions, Germany, Italy, the United States and Belgium also organized national pavilions. The exhibition covers all aspects of the glass industry, including new technologies and products.

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Britain’s Taunton’s award-winning bridge is now open

The architect has completed Moxon: Castle Peak Green Bridge, located on the grounds of a scheduled ancient stone monument, in the market town of Taunton, England. The bridge has been shortlisted for the Beijing Capital International Airport [British Architecture Industry Award and the Royal Institute of British Architects Award is the winner of the consulting engineer ACE [guild] & ldquo; Building Excellence Awards & rdquo;.

The Castle Peak Green Bridge is a bridge design designed by Moxon Architects and the Meteorite and O’Neill engineers intend to be a coherent home infrastructure. Is the first one to complete. This pedestrian bridge simplifies the routing of Greenton and increases the readability of the site through adjacent land gardens and improves the quality of the public spaces, connecting the castles and rivers near retail and reconstruction. It is designed to be a respectful first-class medieval castle, now the museum Somerset.

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RTKL unveiled smart bus hub solution

This fall, Kansas City will host a one-month exhibition from October 4, 2013 to October 25, 2013 in the East Hall of the Historic Union Station in Missouri, Kansas.

The concept of the submitted project at the show is held in part of the call for the Kansas City Regional Transportation Alliance in June The annual conference hosted by Union Station on October 8, 2013, will be attended by election officials, business leaders, architects and designers and decision makers from many cities who will be able to see and experience innovation and present ideas.
All submissions transform Kansas City planning means the idea within the pavilion to inspire and enhance public discourse around the smart, sustainable transportation investment transforming power, many ideas to change the public’s perception of the future city The benefits of public transportation. In short, this exhibition is for ideas, gathering some great urban design and transportation projects around the world, many of which are displayed at this exhibition. Transformkc intends to inspire the public’s imagination by demonstrating built and unbuilt work, connecting rail-based, transiting to our urban design.

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Builders’ eyes expand globally

There has always been a lot of movement in the post-construction technology space. M&A (mergers and acquisitions) are reserved, and construction software providers are also making global technology strategies for mobile development worldwide. But what kind of contractor does these announcements mean? Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the most recent plans to announce its global expansion. The technology company began its service in the US residential construction market as early as 2007. Since then, it has evolved into large commercial projects in airports and educational institutions, in many other services.
Now, the company has announced plans to adopt its global technology. The company’s president and CEO, Louis · Pascual said the company has strategically concentrated in the North American market and is now ready to expand internationally for the past six years. This news is a new web-based application for your Multivista, considering the workflow design and the published high heels. The purpose of the new product is to get the right visualization of the data in the hands of the right person, while also giving the worker the ability to manage the data and increase the productivity process at the end of the day.
Multivista said that international market expansion efforts will bring technology back in the fall of 2013, with new locations and future updates. In addition to joining the international location, the company will also continue its growth in North America, choosing a location under the franchise distribution model. Of course, for Multivista, this move marks the company’s readiness for global economic growth itself. When the company expands into a new market, what does this mean for a construction company?
San Bruno, California, is a classic example of the original technology supplier to the Australian construction market, but its coverage has expanded to North America. Today, large-scale construction projects around the world continue to increase the company’s technology, and operators continue to introduce significant product upgrades, liquidity, BIM (Building Information Model), and more. The software for viewpoint construction, Portland, Oregon, also did an action to expand beyond North America and enter the Australian market. As the company has already begun this effort, it has also upgraded its products to target this new market. In particular, at the end of June, the company announced the latest version of the Viewpoint V6 software, which will include the Australian Taxation Office’s AP taxable form, along with other updates that allow construction companies to comply with regulations. In addition to the United States, Canada, Australia, the views also serve the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. However, the integration of some other companies into the global market has already slammed the initial announcement after expanding from technology suppliers. Of course, the construction industry has seen a lot of transformations in the past few years, and it will be interesting to see how the market is gimmicking in the next few years.

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Dynamic Energy Announces Completion of New York State Solar Project

Dynamic Energy Saving Solutions, LLC (Dynamic Energy Savings) is pleased to announce the completion of the Decalo distributor, the company (Dikalo) in the construction of the 904.2 kW solar project in New York State. The Solar Project is one of the largest rooftop-mounted solar arrays in Long Island to participate in the Lipa Clean Solar Initiative Feed-in (FIT) program. Dynamic energy saving provides complete turnkey services including engineering, procurement and construction.

The installation of Decalo’s photovoltaic system involves an array of roof mounted ballasts with more than 3000 solar panels . With an estimated annual production of 1,113,000 kWh, the solar system will reduce effective CO2 emissions by 7.85 million tons per year.
Summary: We are pleased with the planning and implementation of our energy-saving work on our solar projects, which will benefit our environment, Chief Operating Officer John John · DiCarlo said. “We have made a lot of improvements, and in recent years, “green”, but this project is far more than all people combined. Just another reason DiCarlo Blue is new green.

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Zaha buys design museum website

Zaha · Hadid Architects (Cha) Shad Thames, the website of the London Design Museum is a new owner to be proud of. According to reports, in the transaction worth £10 million to buy, the website of the Conlon Foundation Design Museum is ready to relocate to the former Commonwealth Institute in West London, redesigned by John · Parsons.

The design museum relocation, in 2015, will receive more than three times the space available than the Shad Thames site at the Tower Bridge. In the design museum De Yan Sudjic director commented that although we were sad to be left in the Shad Thames we all left the building as best as possible; sales are a relocation plan in the museum and a substantial contribution to our new home At the moment.

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What are the main factors to consider when choosing a stone?

Stone is mainly used in the field of architectural decoration. Compared with other decoration materials, the biggest feature is that stone belongs to natural minerals, and its unique decoration in many aspects such as color, texture, line and hardness. In addition to the type and color of the stone, the price, quality and durability of the stone are also the main considerations:
   I. Price: Stone belongs to natural ore, different stone due to its quality, quantity, There are also significant differences in price in terms of mining sites and processing techniques. This requires the owner and designer to select the appropriate stone according to the project budget. To do this, you should have a considerable understanding of the price of stone. Nowadays, most of the stone consumers in China have entered a misunderstanding: the stone with high price is good stone, or the imported stone is better than domestic stone.

   Of course, it should be affirmed that the imported blue diamond, Indian red and other stone unique decorative, with irreplaceable decorative effects. But we should also see: domestic stone such as Dahua Green, Baoxing White, Black and White Pine, Hangjie, Yixing Coffee, China Black and Fengzhen Black are not more than imported big green, Brazilian white, black and white pine, brown net The quality of stone such as grain and black stone is poor, and even some varieties are better than imported products.

   If we compare the prices of these varieties, it is not difficult to see that the imported products are 3 to 5 times that of domestic similar products. So what do our consumers do not choose these inexpensive domestic stone? As a real estate developer, we feel that the domestic stone enterprises have not yet formed an influential brand, and the Chinese people still have blind worship of foreign stone.

   Second, the mastery of stone quality

   1, color. In addition to avoiding the use of stone with more obvious color difference, you should also avoid the use of colored stone.

   2. The composition of the stone. First, avoid using stone materials that contain excessively high levels of iron sulfide, salt, carbon, clay, etc.; secondly, avoid using stone materials that contain excessively high expansion coefficients and thermally conductive minerals.

   III. Years of use and durability

   Stone has a high status in decorative materials and is irreplaceably decorative. It is used on the “facade” of a building, so the owner wants the stone to have the same vitality as the building. Stone with good durability can not only ensure the aesthetic appearance of the building, but also extend the renovation period of the building. Therefore, when there is stone as the decorative material in the outer wall and the ground and the hall, the following aspects must be investigated on the stone:

   1. Physical properties Stone must be able to withstand gravity, Wind, vibration, temperature changes, wear, load and many other external forces. This requires high strength of the stone, especially the stone installed in the high position.

   2. Chemical properties Stones must have considerable resistance to chemical attack such as weathering, hydration, dissolution, dehydration, acidification, reduction and carbonate. To do this, the stone must be waterproof.

   3. Structural strength When selecting directional stones such as slate and shale, attention must be paid to the structural strength in different directions.

   4. Water absorption rate The molecular structure of the stone is relatively stable when it is mined, but when it is exposed to the atmosphere, the coordination between the minerals inside the stone occurs, such as limestone (The reaction product of sulfurous acid gas and water in the air) dissolves the surface to form calcium sulfate, which causes collapse of sandstone and the like. Therefore, when selecting stone, you should try to choose stone with uniform pore distribution, small pore size and low water absorption.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Block the noise outside and help you to sound the door

Soundproof doors, such as the door with its soundproofing and excellent finish. A soundproof screen is installed to block the noise outside, and if the soundproof door is not soundproof, it will become a normal door and window. Today, I will tell you how to install the soundproof door. Help you to sound the door.
How to install the soundproof door?

The first step of the soundproof door device:

Relaying and positioning: Combine the fixed glass and the movable glass door into a perfect glass door Then, according to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, carry out unified unwinding and positioning, and confirm the orientation of the door frame.

The second step of the soundproof door device:

The limit groove at the top of the device door frame: the limit groove width>the glass thickness is 2-4 mm, and the limit groove depth is 10 -12 mm.

The third step of the soundproof door device:

The metal veneer is installed on the ground first, then the metal veneer is pasted with the universal glue. On the wood.

The fourth step of the soundproof door device:

Vertical door frame device: nail the door frame with the center line, confirm the orientation of the door frame column with plywood, and finally outsource the metal decoration surface.

The fifth step of the soundproof door device:

Inject the glass glue for sealing: respectively, the gaps such as the top limit groove, the bottom bracket side, the thick glass and the frame In the local area such as the column, the glass glue is injected for sealing, and if there is excess glass glue, it is scraped off with a tool.

Sound-proof windows and doors purchase tips

How to buy soundproof doors?

1, see sound-proof glass
< There are three kinds of soundproof glass on the market: hollow glass, laminated glass and vacuum glass. The first two prices range from one hundred to more than one thousand. The lower price of sound insulation is not guaranteed. The function of the laminated glass and the insulating glass can also be used, but there is a certain blind zone, which is not ideal for dealing with the low frequency noise that occurs when the car is faster or faster. The vacuum used by vacuum glass cannot propagate the principle of sound, and it is aimed at noise of various frequencies.

2. Look at the soundproofing strip

The soundproof door on one side is either a steel or a soundproof door made of other materials, such as a rubber soundproof strip or a wool soundproof strip. However, the performance of these two types of sound insulation strips and the time of use are not good. The wool sound insulation strip has been used for a long time, and the sound insulation effect is relatively weakened. The rubber has been used for a long time, and the capacity of the wind and the sun and rain has become hard and the aging sound insulation effect is also weakened. Therefore, the sound insulation strip must be resistant to aging and patience.

3, look at the soundproof door panel

The door is not soundproof, mainly the door panel. The sound insulation of the door panel is mainly determined by the filling of the core of the door. Generally, the molded soundproof door is filled with a paper base of a honeycomb structure. Its enclosed air layer provides excellent sound insulation. This door can reach 29 decibels of sound insulation.

4. Look at the component

The most ideal soundproof door should also have the characteristics of light weight. Is it possible to use 4 cm thick steel plate as the door panel or cement in the door panel for higher sound insulation? In this way, although the sound insulation effect is reached, the weight of the door panel will be added, and the hinge and hinge of the door will be burdened. Too heavy to switch easily, affecting the use of functions.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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What should I pay attention to when punching a tile?

1, first mark the position of the tile to be punched with a marker (preferably select the solid part), and put it on the box tape.  

2, use hoe and sample punch (if you can’t use large steel nails, remember that steel nails, also called cement nails, but can not use nails) rush out at the mark A small point of about 2-3 Mm in diameter removes the enamel on the tile surface.  

3, select the required diameter impact drill to install the impact hammer, vertically align the punch point, give appropriate pressure to start the impact hammer, the feed rate should not be too large, the slow force can penetrate smoothly ceramic tile. After the tile is penetrated, it can be forced to feed directly to the required depth.  

4. After punching the hole, select the appropriate expansion tube to embed and fix the required installation items with screws.


  A. If the object is to be fixed with expansion bolts, the required hammer bit should be selected according to the required bolt size. Generally the nominal diameter of the bolt thread + 2 = the required drill diameter. If you make a hole larger than 10mm on the tile, it is recommended that the novice be divided into two. For the first time, a small hole is pre-punched with a 6-8 mm diameter drill bit, and then reamed with a drill of the desired diameter to ensure that the tile does not break.

  B, punching point and sealing box glue is necessary, can effectively prevent the enamel on the tile surface from being smashed and smashed by shock and impact during punching and punching. It can also effectively prevent the drill from being unstable, causing the drill bit to slip away from the desired punching position and scratch the tile glaze.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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