2013 NKBA bathroom winning works

After the recent glory<;top bath” bathroom, do you know? The 2013 NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) has issued award-winning works. The award-winning design uses color and creativity in some unexpected ways, such as backlit walls, to showcase a collection of handbags or to install a series of concave plaques to highlight the sculptures gathered in distant journeys. Either set up to build a bathtub from scratch or renovate existing ones. You must be able to find inspiration from these bathrooms.
The first name of the big bathroom
In a word: Wow. Imagine your favorite, high-end boutique delivered to your own comfortable home. The rich closet space and backlit acrylic shelves put this owner’s shoe and handbag collection on the front and center. Floors, shower tiles and countertops are all marble. Custom faucets are hand blown glass.

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British Crystal Palace or reproduce its glory

Architects were invited to submit a letter of intent for the design of the Crystal Palace in London. The size of the new Crystal Palace will be much larger than before. And was injected with more London spirit. The once brilliant “Crystal Palace” may once again stand in the south of London. In October, Zhongrong Group announced plans to rebuild and restore the surrounding public parks in Crystal Palace, with a budget of around 500 million pounds. This is also supported by the Mayor of London and the town of Bromley.

The new culturally-led exhibition and employment space will be located at the top of the 180-acre Crystal Palace Park in South London. It will incorporate an Italian-style balcony and restore other Victorian heritage in the park. The Crystal Palace project is expected to create more than 2,000 permanent and temporary jobs, as well as attracting broader investments to drive the local economy.

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Spanish scientists use waste paper to make bricks

Scientific scientists at the University of Jaen in Spain have found an economical and eco-friendly way to recycle waste paper to prevent waste. This process shifts paper mill by-products from landfills, while bricks can be manufactured in less time than other building materials and save energy and money, making it a good alternative.

The paper mill waste and the impurities extracted from the residual sludge wastewater purification process are pressed and extruded together with the clay to be secondarily manufactured into a novel sausage-like mixture. Then, the sausage pieces are cut into brick shapes and fired in a kiln. The materials required for this process are much cheaper and save time compared to traditional bricks. 3x1x6 cm paper bricks have low thermal conductivity, which gives them great insulation properties.

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Mott MacDonald encounters challenges in Ulaanbaatar

For Mott MacDonald, the Hilton Ulaanbaatar Hotel is a challenging project, and the intense temperature changes in the area make the project difficult. Mott MacDonald provides construction services and a development cost consultant for the five-star Hilton Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The project is expected to be completed by mid-2015.

The Hilton Hotel covers an area of ​​approximately 26,000 square meters and has 12 floors with 280 rooms. Facilities will include a swimming pool, spa, sauna, health centre and banquet hall, basement, as well as retail stores, bars, restaurants and conference rooms. There is a sky bar and executive lounge on the rooftop, also included in the design of Mott MacDonald.

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Xylexpo 2014 Wood Technology Exhibition will be held soon

Xylexpo, a biennial international exhibition for the woodworking machinery and furniture industry, will be held at the Lu Expo Center from May 13 to 17, 2014. Design and wood processing companies will present their work, including wood-based materials suppliers in Italy and internationally.
This event will bring together hundreds of companies and work together on new production methods, focusing on environmental innovation and the development of natural resources. These companies include Ima Klessman, LeBetter, ITALPRESSE, Michael WEINIG, BARBERAN, Camam, CASADEI INDUSTRIA, Essetre, Feld, HUNDEGGER, Friulmac, Paulino Bach, Siempellkamp and WINTERSTEIGER. There are more than 300 exhibitors.
& ldquo; Italy is still a major global market, despite the economic challenges faced during this period. “Hollywood Group’s board member Klinsmann said,” I believe we will see a recovery soon, as the Italian furniture industry remains competitive and provides a global trend for design and creativity. Xylexpo gives us more opportunities to collaborate and provide innovation in the industry. He believes that the Xylexpo exhibition is a very important step in the exhibition of woodworking machinery and furniture products industry, not only in Italy, but also in Europe.

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Lawn roof, building into the mountains

Dominica, a house designed by the Chilean architectural firm Vasho. Although the building was contained in the mountain itself and the lawn roof, it was hidden. Although the house is big, it is not easy to detect. Because the structure of the house is combined with the mountains, the family is invisible.

Rocks are collected and thrown away for use as architectural and decorative materials in the home itself. The subsequent rock walls, both inside and outside, add to the natural beauty of the building and help it blend into the surrounding landscape and even more. The stone wall casts images from the hillsides from archaeological remains of ancient times.

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Bolzano’s waste energy plant officially started

The old waste energy plant in Bolzano, Italy, is about to be abandoned, so the local government plans to build a new waste energy plant that burns garbage to generate electricity and is expected to handle 130 tons of combustible waste. The electricity generated by these wastes can be used by 20,000 homes.

The project is constructed in a hill and vineyard, and the contours and colors of the building block help Form a balance between industrial buildings and natural landscapes and reduce the visual impact of the overall building. The complex consists of two body blocks of varying heights, facing the Isarco River and nearby highways.
The complex consists of two main institutions of varying heights with a total area of ​​250 million square meters facing the roads and rivers. The appearance of the turbine and transformer room is aluminum green skin and acts as a noise barrier.

The other side of the office function uses a beveled glass curtain wall that opens up to the rural landscape and small greenhouse . The other building block is equipped with a furnace and a boiler, and the green exterior wall has many small windows. The sloping lobby features a translucent fiber façade. The interior pays special attention to the overall use of color, targeting the characteristics of each region.
There is only one main combustion zone. Before the waste is transported from the waste pit to the hopper to the incineration section before passing through the water cooling pipe. The solid residue is recovered. The factory has an efficient air pollution control system. Flue gas treatment includes the following parts: electrostatic precipitator, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) denitration system, waste heat recovery, wet scrubber and bag filter. Before leaving the factory, the continuous measurement system for strict emission requirements is qualified. The energy released is converted into electrical energy and heat in the form of combustion that can enter the form of steam/steam recovery.
This waste energy plant in Bolzano is currently under construction. In the near future, it will burn new garbage to produce new energy for the Italian people.

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Australian women architects’ path to change

The guide, in a fair form, the architects at the Australian Institute’s (AIA) National Conference in Perth pointed out that developing a response study shows that only 20% of Australian architects are women, and the guidelines are designed to help achieve a more Fair industry initiatives that provide every opportunity and better meet contemporary challenges.
The research project, “Equity and Diversity in Architectural Architecture in Australia: Women, Work and Leadership”, began in mid-2011, looking at women’s participation, development and architectural representation. Particular attention is paid to the underrepresentation of women in senior management positions. The results show that women account for almost half of all Australian architecture graduates, but only one in five registered architects are women.
Unfortunately, many architects work incredibly long, and there is no industry standard for flexibility and part-time work. This makes it difficult for women to balance work and family commitments. This Code addresses the key challenges of the architecture that women face. They advise employers on how to modify policies, recruitment methods, salary structures and working conditions to better support gender equality.
This guide identifies nine workplace issues that may hamper women’s careers and provide strategies for developing different, more equitable work practices. They are:
1, pay equity: towards men and women in the same work of equal pay for construction, to avoid payment of wages in arrears; free ‘internship’ arrangements are not part of the approved education plan; to do an annual pay fair audit; and establish A transparent compensation system.
2, long time: a challenging long-term cultural framework, including the establishment of a flexible office to accommodate planners; setting a reasonable workload for employees; and ensuring that senior members lead by example.
3, part-time work: establish and explore permanent part-time work arrangements, promote meaningful part-time work in the building; consider work sharing arrangements; and have the right processes and technologies to support business efficiency and promote internal improvement Communicate with the outside world.

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Snow Tower reveals the fabulous Lofoten Opera Hotel

Architectural company Snowhta has launched a theatre hotel that will display the rock across the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It is expected to be completed later this year and the Lofoten Opera Hotel will be located on either side of the mountain. The new low-rise structure will cycle through a central courtyard but across the south and west.

“The spectacular scenery and the feeling of being the ‘middle’ element is the primary construction of the building&&quo; Snow Hertha said in a statement. “In a unified building, captured in a circular motion, the composite layer of natural, cultural, and land quality is transformed into a local character. ”

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Romantic chairs give you a different experience of life

No romantic person will give up choosing such a romantic chair. The designer let Charles show his talent talent without being outdone. He redesigned a romantic chair. The outline of two angels, a man and a woman as the back of the chair. Wings are the best handles. When there is no one sitting, a pair of loving angel projections appear behind the sun. The chair is fully wrapped with paint and can completely protect the material of the chair from sun exposure. The stencil cut of the seat symbolizes the eternal life, while the nose-to-nose, face-to-face, mouth-to-mouth, and heart-to-heart. This is a romantic piece of furniture. Don’t you want a romantic piece of furniture that allows you to enjoy the sun while enjoying a romantic atmosphere.

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