Biodegradable bowl made from food residue

FOODSCAPESThe project solved the problem of food waste in a completely different way. They made the food residue into a functional tableware rather than trying to reduce food waste.

FOODSCAPES is WHOMADEandMichela Milanicreated. It uses the food remaining material and is transformed into a seed-shaped bowl that can hold dry food. It is without any additives, preservatives, colorants,A thickener and neutralizer that dissolves in water and turns into a soil fertilizer.

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A bold black and white exhibition in Denmark

Denmark Graphic DesignerEmil Kozak took over an empty white space, this is an exhibition space ; also a multi-purpose space in Denmark. This space consists of black and white ink drawings and web prints.

KozakInspired by human needsDiscover the system and meaning in our physical environment.

This exhibition explores his geology The interest in learning, through the shape of rock shapes, boldly uses black and white to create optical perception and how he creates abstract expressionism from the side of the room to the other side like a puzzle.

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MARC THORPE Design Furniture Collection (Lili)

Lily is a collection of furniture, the mat surface provides a variety of functions, depending on their height . ByMarc ThorpeforCasamania Design, this system is inspired by the Nymphaeaceae, a flowering plant, which is named after it. The high mat can be used as a seat and table, while the low mat can provide a display function.

Depending on its purpose and arrangement,LilyCreate locations to motivate community events and conversations.

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Portuguese street artists decorate distribution boxes with ornate tile patterns

by adding decorative tiles to the distribution box, Portuguese artistDiogo MachadoHelp passers-by to understand the culture of industrial hard work from urban infrastructure. Inspired by tile painting, he uses a symmetrical template——Portuguese Tiles—— to decorate this public facility near the middle class community in Lisbon.

This work is not profitableMistaker MakerPart of the community revitalization of leadership. Interestingly, MachadoRetained some of the original surface with graffiti. This detail represents the collapse of the region’s deteriorating infrastructure and artistic renaissance.
On the surface, the pattern shows a gorgeous tradition and classic design. But when you look closely, you will notice Machadomixes pop culture symbols and amazing pictures in the theme. In this work, for example, the decadent blue vortex turns out to be a finger, and the waves are the eyeballs.

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Stable power supply from tulip-shaped solar power station

Hospitals, schools and businesses all need electricity sources, and rural Africans often do not have access to reliable electricity. Ethiopia has just announced plans to address the use of green energy: a hybrid system for this demand. The system is clever because it is modular and uses less water than other systems, but perhaps most importantly, the concentrated solar tower looks like a gorgeous tulip shape at high altitude.

The unique design takes up almost no space, as long as 0.86 acres per module, 100 kilowatts of solar energy, Usually the water required is made by the CSP project. The bulb design is not only cute, but the shape allows the sun to heat the air to generate electricity.
The tulip-shaped solar power station will operate on the local Ethiopian, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and will be an important part of the development of the country’s goals. Not to mention the fact that it looks quite amazing and has all the reliable energy.

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Stool with Chinese garden features

The choice of seats is tens of thousands, with sofas, cane chairs, folding chairs, stools … … to dazzle people. Let us now take a look at the stools with Chinese garden features!

The design of stools with Chinese garden features is one of the difficulties that many designers need to overcome. The design and pattern of stools , style, etc. need to be carefully studied. The stool is hollow, with a hexagon at both ends and a hollow, complex pattern on the side, somewhat similar to the ceramic texture. The stools are lighter in weight and easy to move. After the weather gets warmer, people can bring their chairs to the garden for recreation. People buy this stool is a wise choice.

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Campana Brothers’ Coir Furniture

Brazilian designer Fernando and Humberto · Campana chose a newest material for the door mat – the coir rug to construct a piece of furniture. The substance added by the Campana brothers, known as capacho, is stored on the surface of a block made of walnut composite wood from Brazil.

The Campana brothers continue their inherent possibilities of exploring traditional materials, allowing them to perform to a certain extent. Precious and created unexpected finishes and high-end elements. The collection of designs includes a cabinet, a bedside table and a buffet cabinet.
The handle consists of brown marble blocks that cover the surface of the studio’s new materials, originally made up of two people’s stage sets, as part of their 2012 Baroque Rococo show in Paris, the museum’s decorative arts. The coarse material, also known as coir, is cut into geometric patterns and added over the entire surface of the drawer.

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Fubao Port Bath as a bath building in Denmark

Early this year, “Fobao Port Bath” was a new public space in the southern part of Denmark that encouraged local residents and visitors to participate in various water activities. Let the nearby residents enjoy the benefits of nature.

Designed by JDS Architects, the development is envisioned as an open sea bathing stage with a dressing room The sauna and the 300 m2 square branch. The plan highlights the formation of open basins between the piers, thus allowing the safe control area to dive and swim. The wooden piers have been carefully treated to form ramps, stairs, seating areas and small pools to meet the needs of young children.

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Gregory establishes a home for the homeless

The problem of homelessness exists all over the world, and although many countries are trying to suppress the causes of homelessness, there does not seem to be a suitable solution. More importantly, many countries are still in the global economic crisis, and even if governments and non-profit organizations in many countries try to build a temporary home for the homeless, they are a little powerless.
Nedorolik and Lee Keniz have teamed up to develop a project called Gregory, which aims to build a temporary accommodation for the homeless. The Gregory project specifically creates a triangular standard-sized billboard temporary residence by mimicking the structure of the roadside. This will avoid taking up public land and avoiding the steps approved by the relevant authorities. At the same time, it can also place advertisements on billboards, improve income funds, and build more and better shelters. Nedorolik and Lee Keniz, founders of the Gregory project, said: “We hope that the Gregory project can be promoted globally and build a temporary home for many homeless wanderers. ”

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£5 million renovation project at the Wallace Collection

Xaar has completed a £5 million renovation program at the Wallace Collection in London. The museum was originally built by Richard Wallace in the north of Oxford Street in May 1872. His work includes Hals & ldquo; Smile Knight & rdquo;. Art historian Clarke described this as “the largest picture gallery in Europe”. The remaining façade involved in Xaar’s two-year project was almost completely rebuilt in the inner central gallery.

It re-uses the roof around the original bent steel member, but replaces the ceiling and reintroduces natural light And deprived of accumulation for many years. Xaar worked with Dublin architect John · O’Connell, who worked in the Wallace Collection for more than a dozen times.
Xaar partner Mark · Hammond said: “The atmosphere and lighting in the gallery, despite its size, encourages intimate relationships with art, as well as the richness and detail of architectural coatings, is the appropriate setting These internationally significant works. We are very happy that this recognized art critic has benefited from the recent viewing area. ”

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