People’s Daily: Strictly Prevent Abe from Activating Japanese Militarism

Abe’s political energy in transforming Japan in the wrong direction is becoming a real threat that the international community needs to effectively guard against.

According to Japanese reports, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on February 12th in the House Budget Committee: “Some news media criticize me almost every day, & rsquo; scum & rsquo;, I don’t care about it. . “Of course, Japanese right-wing politicians have never been so careless when they are plagued by historical issues.

In recent days, the ridiculous words and deeds of the past aggression history and the post-war international order have been refurbished in Japan under the leadership of Shinzo Abe:

“Kamikaze Special Forces&rdquo Shen Shi, & ldquo; comfort women rdquo; The problem is not unique to Japan, the Nanjing Massacre does not exist, the US air strikes against Tokyo during the Second World War and the atomic bombs thrown to Hiroshima and Nagasaki are also “Holocaust”, the trial of the Far East International Military Court It is to cover up the truth … … so many kinds of shocks, the black and white madness is growing more and more, and the farce of revisiting the old dream of militarism is full of enthusiasm.

Through the various performances on the table, people can further recognize the true face of Abe’s “trader”. Since becoming prime minister again, Abe’s plan to reshape Japan in accordance with his own intentions and to push Japan as a whole to the right is being implemented step by step.

The aim is to re-open the door of “Shangwu”. For Abe, the “Peace Constitution” is a mark of Japan’s defeat and an important limitation of Japan’s path to regain its military power. Therefore, he has taken this responsibility to break this restriction. In order to achieve the “revision of the constitution”, Abe can be described as deliberate, and he will not hesitate to break the rules and insert the person who actively supports the collective self-defense right in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the position of the cabinet legal director in charge of the government’s constitutional interpretation. At the same time, Abe has engaged in expert symposiums, and in public speeches, it has repeatedly been “reformed”.

妄图“Change”Japanese historical memory. History education is related to national cognition and the country’s future. Abe has a lot of in this field. As early as the first ruling period, Abe made a number of major changes to the “Basic Education Law”, adding “and love the motherland and the native land” and other expressions. Shortly after becoming the Japanese Prime Minister for the second time, Abe’s current textbook review degree “does not reflect the spirit of respecting Japanese tradition and culture, loving the country, and loving hometown” as amended by the revised Basic Law of Education. The current textbook certification standards.

Trying to influence the Japanese media position. Abe has worked hard to “master the dynamics of national public opinion” and let the cronies take the ground of public opinion. According to media reports, the appointments of several senior members of the Japan Broadcasting Association, which have frequently thrown out strange ideas, have been promoted by Abe. The British “Economist” pointed out that for Abe, changing the media position is a strategic priority.

Fabrication “self-risk” excuses to expand military power. Abe shot out “Security three arrows”, increased defense budget, expanded armaments, unprovoked dissemination “China threat theory”, high-profile performance “Osaka exercise”. For this series of actions, the comments of the British “Sunday Times” hit the nail: “The ghost of war has always followed the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. ”

What is it like when Abe’s dreams are “strong Japan”? Abe’s words and deeds in the first phase of the past more than a year have given footnotes: “Nationalism with right-wing thinking”, “, the militarism resurrection”, the militarism of the militarism “new god movement” &helquo; …

For the so-called “strong” in Japan, Abe is barely arrogant and openly worshipping ghosts; on the other hand, he is extremely dizzying in the eyes and ears, and is brazen in the international community to talk about “positive pacifism”. ; The Financial Times of the United Kingdom warned that it is very dangerous for Abe to manipulate the situation to advance his own claims.

Abe’s political energy in transforming Japan in the wrong direction is becoming a real threat that the international community needs to effectively guard against. In the past, “the policy of appeasement” eventually led to the bitter fruit of the world war. Today, if Abe continues to follow the right-wing road, Asia’s stability and prosperity will face even greater challenges.

Responsible Editor: Zhu Malie

The US Embassy in Japan did not agree to accept interviews with NHK on the grounds of right-handed remarks.

China News Service February 14th According to the Kyodo News Agency, a number of related parties revealed on the 14th that NHK had filed an interview with the US Embassy in Japan to interview Caroline · Ambassador Kennedy, but the embassy NHK’s management committee member and novelist Honda’s speech on the Tokyo trial and the Nanjing Massacre have not yet agreed to interview.

The management committee is the highest decision-making body of NHK. The interview work affected by the speech of the management committee is the first time known to the outside world.

According to reports, the interview team of the International Department of the NHK Reporting Bureau filed an interview with the press officer of the US Embassy shortly after taking office on November 15, and the two parties subsequently negotiated.

When the interview team visited the US Embassy in the first half of this month, the press officer said: “Because of the speech by Bai Tian, ​​the realization of the interview has become difficult. This is the intention of the ambassador himself and Washington. & rdquo; After this, the US Embassy did not formally respond to the agreement.

Responsible Editor: Zhu Malie

Syria’s second round of peace talks is deadlocked

The second round of peace talks in Syria is deadlocked by the government and the opposition is unrealistic

Image source: United Nations website.

China News Service, February 15th According to the UN website, a spokesman for the Syrian opposition delegation, who is attending the second face-to-face talks in Geneva, said on the 14th that negotiations aimed at ending the Syrian conflict have fallen into “The stalemate”, the continued implementation of military means will only cause more damage to the peace process. The Syrian government delegation accused the opposition of holding unrealistic negotiating goals.

Louay Safi, a spokesperson for the Syrian National Coalition, said on the 14th that the negotiations had not moved in the direction of a political solution. According to the Geneva Communiqué adopted in 2012, the National Alliance worked hard to promote the formation of a transitional government, but the Syrian government delegation has not made a “positive response” to this.

Safi said: “Today, we have not received any positive response to our (political process) concept, and we call on the authorities and their representatives to address this issue seriously. Because the political solution is the only way to end the suffering of Syria, the continued use of military means will only lead to more, irreversible damage, and we must move forward. & rdquo;

Safi also appealed to Russia to refrain from vetoing the resolution when the Security Council grants humanitarian assistance to the people in the besieged areas of Syria in the future.

The head of the Syrian government delegation, Fiasal el Magdad, also held a press conference in Geneva that day. The round of negotiations did not make any progress because the opposition had unrealistic goals. He said that the Syrian government delegation came to participate in the Geneva talks in order to implement the already announced position and reach a political solution to end the Syrian crisis. However, unfortunately, the other side of the negotiations carries an unrealistic agenda, which has only one topic, and this topic provides a selective expression of the Geneva Communiqué.

Magda said: “In addition to the transitional management agency, this party does not want to talk about any other issues, and we are prepared to discuss everything. ”

It is said that the date of the third round of talks has not been selected by the negotiating parties.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

U.S. Ambassador to Japan Visits Nagoya, Mino, “Osprey”

China News Service, February 13th, according to the Kyodo News Agency, on the 13th, the US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline · Kennedy, who is visiting Okinawa Prefecture, inspected the US military Futenma Airport scheduled relocation area —— The coastal area of ​​the Shivabu military camp in the city of Bianye. The Japanese media said that Caroline’s planned visit to the relocation site was intended to gain an understanding of the local residents’ plans to move to the Bianye Ancient Plan.

During Caroline’s investigation of the Schwab military camp, a new transport aircraft MV-22 “Osprey” took off from Futenma Airport and flew over the ancient sky. Japanese media analysis, this may be the case for Carolyn to actually see “Osprey” flying over the sky.

On the 12th, Caroline held talks with Mayor of the Nago City, Rice Ridge, and expressed his intention to investigate the wilderness.

In response to this, Inaba emphasized the importance of protecting the ancient nature of the wilderness through photos and materials, and expressed his views on the relocation. The citizens who opposed the ancient plan of the borders had strongly demanded that the ambassador could come and see the ancient beauty of the wilderness.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

South Korea’s married immigrants in 2013 exceeded 150,000.

China News Service February 18th According to the Yonhap News Agency, according to the Korean Ministry of Justice’s Foreign Affairs and Economics Policy Headquarters on the 17th, last year, Korean marriage immigrants exceeded 150,000 for the first time, reaching 158,865, but the year-on-year growth rate decreased To 1.6%.

The number of marriage immigrants increased from 126,087 in 2009 to 146,654 in 2010, an increase of 12.2%, but the growth rates in 2011 and 2012 increased by only 2.1% and 2.6%, respectively. Significantly reduced.

Some analysts believe that the slowdown in marriage immigrants is due to the increase in the number of victims of cross-border marriages, which has sounded the alarm and the authorities have increased supervision. The number of multinational marriage intermediaries also decreased from 1,679 in 2011 to 512 last year.

As of the end of last year, women accounted for 85.4% of the gender of married immigrants, which was 138,826. Judging from the nationality of marriage immigrants, the Chinese have the largest number of 62,400 people, followed by Vietnamese, Japanese and Filipinos.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

German collectors find more Nazi looting art

China News Service, February 12, according to the BBC Chinese website, in the house of the German Gullit in Salzburg, Austria, dozens of masterpieces that were probably looted by the Nazis were found. , including works by Renault, Monet and Picasso.

A spokesman for Gullit, who is over eighty years old, said experts are identifying new discoveries to see if they were looted by the Nazis during World War II. He said that after preliminary tests, this suspicion was not confirmed.

In March 2012, when the German authorities conducted a tax investigation on Gullit, they discovered about 1,400 art collections in his apartment, including some masters.

These masters include Mark · Marc Chagall, Otto · Otto Dix, Marx · Max Liebermann and Henry · Henri Matisse), Picasso, Henry · De · Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Many of these collections were confiscated or looted during the Nazi administration, with an estimated value of $1.35 billion.

Gullit has stated that these collections are the legacy of his father; his father obtained these works by legal means, and he legally owns them.

His father Hildebrandt was an art dealer in Munich during his lifetime. He used to sell art that was confiscated or acquired by the Nazis, but there were many works he left at home and not sold.

Investigators are still trying to find out the original owners of these collections.

German media reported that Gullit’s lawyers had arranged for the security of houses found in Salzburg.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Japanese parliamentarian wants to engage in the Japanese version of the Taiwan Relations Law, February 17th According to the Kyodo News Agency, a group of about 70 Japanese Liberal Democratic Party members will be a member of the Youth Council who promotes economic and cultural exchanges between Japan and Taiwan. (President: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kenichi K. At the meeting on the 17th, a plan for the formulation of the “Japan Taiwan Relations Act” (provisional name) was proposed.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly stressed that the Taiwan issue is an internal matter of China and the Chinese government resolutely opposes any external forces intervening. The Chinese government does not disagree with the non-governmental economic and trade exchanges between the Taiwan region and foreign countries, but opposes the development of any form of official relations or the signing of agreements of an official nature. China hopes that the countries concerned will abide by the one-China principle, handle the Taiwan-related issues cautiously, and support cross-strait relations for peaceful development through practical actions.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

The US Republican Party compromises on the debt ceiling in order to prevent the defeat of the mid-term election, February 14th According to Hong Kong’s Wenhui Daily website, the US House of Representatives passed the unconditional increase of the debt ceiling on the 11th, extending the US Treasury’s issuance of debts until March next year. Since the mid-term elections will be held in November, the analysis believes that the Republican Party of the United States has “released the debt increase policy without additional cutting conditions” in order to avoid a debt crisis caused by the stalemate between the two parties and defeat the Republican Party.

According to reports, on the second day after the House of Representatives passed the bill, the US Senate finally passed the bill with 55 votes in favor and 43 votes against, implying that the debt crisis was temporarily lifted.

The US debt is as high as $17.3 trillion (about 104.9 trillion yuan). If Congress does not pass the debt limit, the federal government will use up the debt line this month.

Bona promotes dissatisfaction with the Tea Party

The US Democratic Senate voted in favor of the vote, and the Republican leader, McConnell and Tongke Ning is “turned” & rdquo; support. As McConnell is seeking a re-election in Kentucky, he voted in favor of signalling the state’s conservative voters and the Republican Party’s conservative tea party to dissatisfaction, affecting his chances of winning. The Tea Party strongly opposes the unconditional increase in debt limits and believes that the Republican Party should be bound by the conditions for redemption.

The bill passed by the two parties will come into effect after the signing of US President Barack Obama, so that Washington can increase its debt issuance as needed by March 15 next year.

Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Boehner on the 11th ignored the “following the minority” “Hastedt Rules”, allowing the debt limit motion to enter the voting process, becoming the unconditional booster of the debt limit, different from the past A position that requires redemption in exchange for redemption. Bona and some of the party members originally wanted to exchange the veterans’ welfare in the motion, but they did not receive the support of the party. Considering that the Democratic Party could not cooperate, and the Congress was adjourned, Bona had a quick fix.

The US media generally believe that the debt limit issue can be easily resolved and can be regarded as the victory of the Democratic Party. On the other hand, the partial closure of Washington in October last year led to the Republican Party being attacked. The Republican Party’s compromise this time can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Decrease 37% and fall to 7-year low

In addition, due to reduced spending and economic recovery, government revenues have increased, the United States from October 2013 to 2014 The budget deficit for the first four months of the fiscal year in January was 37% lower than the same period of the previous year. The Treasury Department previously said that the fiscal deficit for the first four months was $184 billion, compared with $290.4 billion in the same period last year. The Congressional Budget Office earlier predicted that the budget deficit is expected to fall to a seven-year low at the end of the fiscal year.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Taxation of Spanish Chinese clothing trade was strictly investigated by the tax authorities, February 17th, according to Spain’s, not long ago, the police and tax authorities in Spain, the city bordering Morocco with Morocco, concentrated on the taxation of clothing trade between Spain and Morocco. Big check. The inspection found that the amount of suspected tax evasion in this industry reached 8 million. Since the clothing that flows from Spain to Morocco is mainly from the hands of Chinese and Moroccan merchants, the two have become the focus of the large-scale tax inspection by the Spanish tax authorities.

It is understood that clothing exported from Spain to Morocco is mainly based on low-end obsolete clothing and second-hand clothing. In addition to Moroccan merchants, Chinese businessmen in the West also have a large share of this market. The tax department said that in the fourth quarter of last year, there were 23 million tons of clothing exported to Morocco through Ceuta, but the tax department only collected taxes of 200,000 euros. This is equivalent to less than 1 euro for the price of 1 kilogram of export clothing. In fact, these clothing is sold between the end of the consumer and the price of between 20 and 30 euros. Such a huge price difference can only indicate that some exporters deliberately lowered the declared price when they export, or they did not declare at all to achieve the purpose of evading taxes. As a result, the Spanish tax authorities have analyzed that only 5% to 10% of the clothing exported to Morocco may be taxed, while others are suspected of evading taxes, which may amount to eight million.

Because during the inspection, the tax authorities found some clothing from the COBO CALLEJA Chinese wholesale area in Madrid allegedly falsely declared, and the tax price was too low, so now they are looking for the Chinese for this batch of clothing. Freighter. In addition, due to this major inspection, other Chinese businessmen who have clothing trade with Morocco may also become an important target for future inspections by the tax authorities.

Therefore, Chinese businessmen who have a clothing trade with Morocco must pay attention. While preparing for and responding positively, we must also strengthen law-abiding operations and avoid losses due to investigation and punishment in the future.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Japanese media: Japan wants to promote the Japan-ROK summit talks

China News Service February 17th According to “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” reported on the 17th, the Japanese government is preparing to test the intention of South Korea in order to hold the Japan-Korea summit in March. It is expected that the Japanese side will use the heads of both countries to be scheduled to attend. Opportunities for the Dutch Nuclear Security Summit. In addition, the United States asked Japan to improve Japan-ROK relations before Obama visits Japan and South Korea. The report pointed out that under such circumstances, Japan will make a positive stance for the improvement of Japan-ROK relations. However, it is still difficult to break the deadlock in the issue of comfort women. It is difficult to determine whether the Japan-ROK summit will be realized.

The report said that on the 18th, the head of the Asian Oceanic Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ibara Ichihara, will visit Seoul, the capital of South Korea, to hold talks with Li Xiangde, director of the Northeast Asian Bureau of the Korean Foreign Ministry, and Zhao Taiyong, the head of the peace negotiation headquarters of the Korean Peninsula. . Since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine at the end of last year, the two directors of Japan and South Korea have met for the first time. Some analysts believe that this move is to find a breakthrough for the improvement of Japan-ROK relations.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yi Yiwei once again stressed on the 14th that “the door to dialogue in Japan will always be open, and I hope to start from the overall situation and actively cooperate in order to build a cooperative relationship with South Korea”. Although the Japanese side has been calling for a summit between Japan and South Korea, it does not mention the specific time and place.

The report pointed out that before US President Barack Obama visits Asia, the Nuclear Security Summit is expected to be the only opportunity to hold a summit between Japan and South Korea. Obama’s visit to South Korea shows that the US responded to South Korea’s strong demand, “for the improvement of Japan-South Korea relations demanded by the US, President Park Geun-hye may make concessions”, and the Japanese side expressed expectations.

But the report pointed out that the issue of comfort women is still a huge obstacle. At the US-ROK foreign ministers’ meeting held on the 13th, after US Secretary of State Kerry urged the ROK to improve relations between South Korea and Japan, South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi said that “Japan should take a course of history and sincerity.” South Korean President Park Geun-hye has asked Japan to explicitly inherit the fact that the Japanese army has been convinced that the Japanese military is a strong consolation woman.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang