“Discover Israel” special issue conference held in Beijing

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Wei] To enhance the understanding of the Chinese and Israeli people, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence, the Global Times and Israel The Chinese Embassy jointly published a special issue of Discovering Israel. On November 26th, the Israeli Embassy in China and the Global Times jointly held a special issue of “Israel”, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Global Times, and He Zewei, Israeli ambassador to China.

At the press conference, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of Global Times, said that China and Israel are two friendly countries and hope that the special issue can reflect the real Israel and let China Readers can better understand the country. I wish the special issue a good result after the publication of the special issue, and I wish the friendship between China and Israel will be stronger.

The Israeli ambassador to China, He Zewei, expressed his gratitude to the Chinese and Israelis who participated in the special issue: “A small special issue has condensed the hard work of many people.” & rdquo;

He Zewei said that on November 24th, the Israeli Embassy in China and the Global Times jointly published the special issue of “Israel Discovery”. This timing is very important. On October 24, Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan visited Israel and co-chaired the fourth meeting of the China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Committee with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The photos of the two were displayed in the National Museum of China. This photo was also published on the front page. This is a model of cooperation between China and Israel and is also the result of cooperation between the Israeli Embassy and the Global Times. A photo is worth a thousand words.

He Zewei also said that this special issue demonstrates our determination to promote friendship and ties with China. Through this special issue, you can get a comprehensive understanding of Israel from politics, economy, innovation, technology, sports and tourism.

Four foreign tourists were slashed by five Tajik people.

Original question: Tajik court sentenced to a life imprisonment for a foreign tourist attack case

Xinhua News Agency, Astana, November 21st, Dushanbe News: Tajikistan Supreme Court on the 21st of this year 7 The foreign tourists who were attacked in the month were sentenced, the mastermind planning the attack was sentenced to life imprisonment, and the remaining 14 were sentenced to prison terms ranging from one year to 16 years.

According to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the case’s mastermind, Abdusa Madoff, was sentenced to life imprisonment for engaging in extremist and terrorist crimes and recruiting Tajik people to fight in other countries. The other two persons were sentenced to 16 years in prison for participating in criminal gangs and extremist organizations. The remaining 12 people, including a woman, were sentenced to prison terms ranging from one to two years because they did not report.

On July 29 this year, seven tourists from the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France were attacked by five Tajikistans while riding a bicycle tour in southern Tajikistan. . The attack resulted in the death of three tourists on the spot. One visitor was sent to the hospital and died. The other three tourists were injured to varying degrees.

UN report: Total greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 reached 53.5 billion tons, the highest in history

[Global Network Reporter Qu Tengfei] The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) released a report on November 27, local time, the total global greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 It is 53.5 billion tons, the highest in history. If no further measures are taken, greenhouse gas emissions will increase further.

Japan’s NHK TV reported on the 28th that according to the report, the total global greenhouse gas emissions in 2017 was 53.5 billion tons, an increase of 1.3% over 2016. And if the international community does not take further measures, the total greenhouse gas emissions will increase to 590 tons in 2030.

The report also stated that in order to minimize the impact on the climate, the global temperature increase must be controlled within 2 degrees. To this end, the total global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to 40 billion tons by 2030, and countries must significantly increase their emission reduction targets.

UNEP’s New York office director Satya said, “We have no time, and the sooner we act, the better we can produce good results”.

According to reports, this report will be submitted to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland on December 2.

California Mountain Fire caused 25 deaths and 110 people lost contact. It takes 3 weeks to control the mountain fire.

Zhongxin.com reported on November 12th that the mountain fires in northern and southern California continued. As of the local time on the 11th, at least 25 people were killed and 110 people lost. This is the largest economic loss and the number of casualties in California. The three major mountain fires are estimated to increase further. Firefighters expect that the mountain fire may take up to three weeks to be controlled. In addition, some people were arrested for looting in the fire.

Local Time November On the 11th, the mountain fires in northern California continued to wreak havoc, and the number of deaths caused by the fire as of the 10th had risen to 25.

Only 20% of the fire is under control

According to reports, the mountain fire destroyed as many as 6,700 houses or shops near Parades. The neighborhood was almost flattened, and many parked cars were burnt down. Some of the victims returned to their homes to see the disaster and felt tears.

The home of the 81-year-old Victim McGregor was completely burned, and only the remaining water pipes were faintly discernible. He admitted that it was difficult to rebuild his home. “I have nowhere to go.” ”

The mountain fire has destroyed 40,500 hectares of forest. Only about 20% of the fire area is controlled. Highway 101 is partially closed. It is expected that the fire will take 3 weeks to be fully controlled. President Trump extended condolences to the families of the dead.

There have been mountain fires in the vicinity of Woolsey in southern California. At least two people have died. Los Angeles, Ventura, and even the recent shooting of the Thousand Oaks City have also caused a large number of residents to flee their homes. Pepperdine University near Thousand Oaks may also be affected, but due to the fire-proof design of the university building, the school’s approximately 7,700 students are temporarily not required to evacuate.

On November 11th, NASA released satellite maps of California mountain fires on November 8 and November 9.

Houses near the woods are flammable

The authorities estimate that the economic losses caused by this mountain fire are the largest in California and the most people since 1991. The mountain fire of death. The fire department said that the weather in California this year is more dry than normal, and global warming has caused the temperature to rise and increase the risk of mountain fires.

In addition, in recent years, the suburbs of California have continued to develop, and the distance between residential houses and forests is getting closer and closer. Not only does the mountain fire more affect residents, but high-voltage cables that supply new houses may also trigger more fires.

According to statistics from Villanova University, the number of residential buildings in the high-risk areas of the West Coast is currently 7 million, more than 10 times more than in 1940. It is estimated that the number will continue to rise in the future, threatening to further expand the mountain fire disaster. .

The meteorological department expects that the wind speed in the vicinity of the fire will continue to be strong on the 12th. It is estimated that the highest gust will reach 80 kilometers per hour, which will make it harder to extinguish the mountain fire.

Gilles, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley’s Natural Resources Institute, warns that when a fierce mountain fire occurs, the fire will spread rapidly from the canopy, and the dwellings under the canopy will also become a fire “fuel.”

In addition, the police said that some people had been robbed of fire and that illegal elements had been arrested.

Wendula County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said at a press conference: “We are entering a new normal, and the fire is spreading much faster than it used to be.” “He pointed out that the wildfire spread this year is much faster than it was 10 years ago.”

The number of flights to and from the Narita Airport A runway is limited or exceeded.

[Global Network Reporter Qu Tengfei] The number of landings on the Narita Airport A runway is too high, and it is likely to exceed the highest limit reached by the government and the local government by 2020. The problem, Narita Airport Corporation president Natsume Shun said at a press conference on November 29, hoping to get a local understanding. He said that he will explain the matter in the relevant local government’s parliament.

According to Japan’s NHK TV station on November 29th, the Japanese central government, local government and Narita Airport operating company reached an agreement in 2010, the airport The number of take-off and landing of runway A and runway B is up to 150,000 times per year.

However, as the airport plans to delay the opening hours of the A runway by one hour in 2019, and the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will also be held in 2020, the number of takeoffs and landings on the A runway is likely to be Rapid increase.

Natsume said that he is very worried about the number of take-offs and more than the limit, and hopes to get a local understanding. “If the number of take-offs and landings of the A-runway exceeds the maximum limit, the noise generated will not exceed the current standard.” Natsume said that he will send employees to participate in the regular parliament of the surrounding local government to explain the matter.

The Sri Lankan Court of Appeal ruled that the new prime minister should be suspended until “legality is recognized”

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda & Sdot; Rajapak Sa. Vision China An appeal court in Sri Lanka made an interim ruling on the 3rd, demanding that the new Prime Minister Mahinda & Sdot; Rajapaksa and his cabinet temporarily suspend their functions until “legality is recognized”.

122 members of the Sri Lankan parliament last week brought Rajapaksa and his cabinet to the Court of Appeal, demanding that the new prime minister appointed by President Metripala & Sdot; Sirisena leave. The Parliament had previously passed the no-confidence case against Rajapaksa, but Sirisena and Rajapaksa refused to acknowledge the result of the vote.

The Sri Lankan parliament has a total of 225 seats, of which 122 members oppose Rajapaksa as prime minister; they promoted and passed the motion in parliament, severing all expenses of Rajapaksa’s office, not giving new cabinets The Minister paid a salary.

2 Japanese women attacked 1 death and 1 wound in Guatemala

[Global Network Reporter Wang Huan] In the early morning of November 4, local time, an attack occurred in the province of Petén, northern Guatemala, in Central America. Two Japanese women in their 20s were attacked at home. The Japanese Embassy revealed that one in two people died and the other one was seriously injured and is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

According to a report by NHK TV on November 6th, the local police revealed that the deceased was named Muben, and was 26 years old; the injured Named Maurer Zee, 28 years old this year. Police said that on the morning of the 4th, when two people were found, Muben’s head and abdomen were beaten and died. Ma Luze was also wounded by a knife and fell in a pool of blood. The money in the family was taken away.

Two people have lived in Guatemala since 3 years ago and are engaged in the missionary activities of Christian religious groups “Jehovah’s Witnesses”. It is said that two people recently told neighbors that they were entangled in several men and were beaten. The police are investigating the connection between the incident and the incident.

Warm heart story reverse! American couples and tramps colluding with crowdfunding scams are being debunked

[Global Network News] According to CNN News on November 15, a couple in New Jersey and a homeless man were accused of making up Warm heart story, using the public fundraising platform GoFundMe to raise more than 400,000 US dollars.

Scott Coffina, Prosecutor of Burlington County, New Jersey, said on November 15 that the names were Kate & Bull; Kate McClure and Mark & ​​Bull The couple of Mark D'Amico, and the tramp Johnny & Bull; Johnny Bobbitt will face allegations of second-degree theft and conspiracy to deceive theft.

According to the couple, they knew Bobbit on the road. At the time, McClure drove on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia. Due to lack of gasoline, the car broke down on the road and McClure was trapped on the road. At that time she met the tramp Bobbit, Bobbit gave the last $20 to McClure and exchanged some petrol for her. McClure was deeply moved by the behavior of Bobbit, and then expressed his gratitude to the crowdfunding website GoFundMe for crowdfunding.

Cofina said at a news conference: “The story of promoting this crowdfunding seems too good, so close to unreal.” But it is true that the entire crowdfunding campaign is based on lies. “Cornnina said that in addition to the handling fee, the crowdfunding activity net earned $367,000 and was fully deposited into McClure’s account. Bobbit got $75,000 from it. Within a few months, McClure and Damico squandered these donations, bought cars and high-end handbags, and customized a number of travel plans. He said that the couple also spent a lot of money in the casino.

Cofina emphasizes that although the identity of Bobbit veterans is true, the contribution to the country is worthy of thanks, and the current situation is worthy of sympathy, but He can be said to be indeed an accomplice to this criminal incident, and has repeatedly appeared in the media to help “promote this fraudulent activity”.

According to Cofina, in fact, at least a month before the start of the crowdfunding campaign, McClure and Damico met Bobbit for the first time. The meeting place was frequented by the couple. The exit of the casino near the ramp. A month later, they returned there again, and Damico took a photo of McClure and Bobbit. A few hours later, they launched a fundraising event at GoFundMe.

The investigators reviewed more than 67,000 SMS records in the case, one of which was issued by McClure to a friend who wrote: “Well, the contents of the gasoline section are completely fabricated. But that guy is not. I need to write something to make others feel sad. ”

In other text messages, the couple also discussed the bills they were unable to pay and the accumulated debt.

Cofina also pointed out that in 2012, Bobbit posted a “very similar” story on his Facebook page. At the time, he wrote that at a Wal-Mart store in North Carolina, he met a woman who had run out of gasoline and a tire puncture. He said that he gave her the only cash left. Cofina believes that this story is not coincidental with the case.

Currently, GoFundMe has committed to provide a full refund to the 14,000 donors of the event. The spokesperson said that such personal actions are extremely rare and they are zero-tolerant of such fraud. The spokesperson also said that the company has a trust security team that continuously reviews GoFundMe’s activities 24 hours a day to prevent fraud. The website also guarantees that if the donor’s participation in the event & ldquo; has a problem & rdquo;, you can choose a refund.

Damico and McClure surrendered on the evening of November 4 and were released before the trial. Bobbit is currently detained in Philadelphia and is awaiting extradition. Cofina said the second-degree crime in New Jersey could bring five to ten years in prison.

Last fall, social media was filled with the good deeds of McClure and Damico. They started crowdfunding activities and said that they could do something for Bobbit. The event quickly raised a total of $402,706. The video shows that the couple revealed the money to the overjoyed Bobbit and promised to place a new home for him. Bobbit said that the money will change his life.

However, the reason why this conspiracy scam was finally exposed was to thank the three of them for the unequality of the three people.

In August of this year, Bobbit sued McClure and Damico, referring toControl them to detain funds raised for him. His lawyer said that the couple did not give Bobbit’s promised house, but instead bought him a camper without consent and locked him in their house, “no money and no food” ; Of the approximately $400,000 worth of money that Bobbit deserved, only $75,000 was received, and the rest of the money was deposited into the couple’s personal accounts.

How much of the balance was left to Bobbit? As the number of questions became more and more, the judge ordered the couple to testify in court. The couple called Bobbit drug addiction, and before he found a job and quit poison, they decided to give him only a small amount of money at a time.

Bobbit’s lawyer then submitted the matter to GoFundMe, and the company agreed to pay the fee and ensure that Bobbit was able to get the promised money. In September, as part of the guarantee, the company paid Bobbit $20,000 and the rest was handed over to the investigation. (Internship Compilation: Chen Wenyan Reviewer: Tan Liya)

Spain and the United Kingdom call each other. The Western Prime Minister said that he is against the draft of Brexit.

Zhongxin.com, Nov. 22 According to foreign media reports, Spanish government sources said that British Prime Minister Theresa & Bull; May had a telephone conversation with Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez. Sanchez said that he did not agree with the Brexit agreement.

Information map: Strait of Gibraltar.

According to reports, Sanchez told Teresa & Sdot; May that if the agreement does not mention that Spain and the United Kingdom will directly negotiate on Gibraltar, Spain will meet at the European Council on the 25th local time. Voted against the agreement.

However, Theresa • May expressed to Sanchez that she hopes to reach a Brexit agreement, which will apply to all British territory, including Gibraltar.

When the food was provided to the US military in Afghanistan, the US businessman was accused of violating the sanctions bill.

75-year-old Abu & Sdot; Hud & Sdot; Abul Huda Farouki is a Jordanian-American businessman and philanthropist from Virginia, USA. He has been working on food for the US Army in Afghanistan for many years. . Today, he is accused by the US federal court for violating US sanctions on Iranian trade.

According to the New York Times report on December 5, the indictment from the US federal court shows that Faroki, who has a long-standing relationship with the former President Clinton, is suspected of money laundering, fraud and violation of the US sanctions against Iran. Waiting for crimes.

So far, the three major suppliers of food for the US military in Afghanistan have been filed lawsuits since 2005.

Take Iran, fake warehouse