Britain condemns Spain’s invasion of Gibraltar and proposes “high-level” protests

People’s Daily on February 20 According to the BBC, the British government said it would make a formal “high-level” protest against Spain’s invasion of Gibraltar’s territorial waters this week. This is the latest in a long-standing diplomatic dispute between the United Kingdom and Spain on Gibraltar.

The report said that Gibraltar is a huge rock at the southern end of Spain. Spain was ceded to Britain 300 years ago, but now the Spanish government wants to regain this place.

A spokesperson for the British Foreign Office said that, during the Royal Spanish Navy exercise on February 18, it invaded the British territorial waters near Gibraltar. ”“We will make high-level negotiations with the Spanish government and prepare for a formal protest. ” Local media in Gibraltar reported that a Spanish naval vessel entered the waters of Gibraltar using pseudonyms and codes and was later escorted to leave the waters.

Last summer, Spain’s dissatisfied artificial reefs off the coast of Gibraltar blocked the operation of fishing vessels, thus tightening the border control of Gibraltar and causing long queues of vehicles entering and leaving. The European Commission later intervened in the arbitration of border disputes, but found that Spain tightened border controls and did not violate EU law. (老任)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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