bring the Internet industry problems

the integration of IT and OT in terms of technology, in fact, not difficult, but the key difference is that thinking, which is reflected in the following areas: 1. The difference between the tool and the core business for the IT side, the interconnected network , database, development platform, application software is their core product, so do the manufacturing time, IT is based on the realization of their own products, what programs can do to find the scene (note, is looking for scenarios, but not for the scene design products), and OT people to do the manufacturing sector, he is to solve the problem, looking for better tools to solve problems, for example, in order to achieve more economic data presentation, Web Server can be integrated into the controller, You can then access via IE, and therefore , the OT is found in looking for IT technology tools.
It’s like I just graduated from Angel Yeast work as electrical and instrumentation section, we will find that their salaries compared to fermentation and drying process section has a large gap between our highest less than their lowest level since in this biological fermentation enterprises, fermentation and drying process is the core mechanical and electrical auxiliary, which is similar to the + Internet. This is the difference between treatment groups in both directions in the manufacturing sector, the OT person point of view, this is not the core of IT, so , just + Intnernet it, because IT is a tool, and for IT people, they think we can form a new Internet + ecological and profitable business model. Thus , Internet + and + Internet is not a simple vocabulary to create controversy, actually behind the two camps of their respective manufacturing upgrade “me” centered understand. 2. Bottom-up and top-down thinking already mentioned last time, the Internet industry in terms of achieving its aim of course is to be implemented to improve the overall operational efficiency through digital connections, OT At present, many people for so-called IT industry is dominated by the Internet have found these comments because the architecture can not fall to the ground because of the complexity of the IT field who are not aware, the Internet and business are two completely different worlds, because real-time, stability and reliability , safety – not to speak of information security, but to the functional safety of persons and property safety of production, unlike commercial networks, iT-based architecture to promote the overall top-down and bottom OT must verify feasible, then a grade level upward, the implementation must ensure that the data transmission connection possible, and accurate signal acquisition, and data collection storage, or mechanism model data intelligent algorithm to consider the application, and then performing the feedback, closed-loop verification must start from the bottom instead of starting with a ride on top of architecture, go to so-called technical iterations.

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