Brazilian home built with three different materials

DTEstudioDesignedItahyêThe residence is located outside the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The unique design uses different materials for each floor: bricks on the bottom, solid concrete on the middle, blue on the top Metal tiles. The materials chosen are based on their durability and thermal properties.

Three-story across the house330square meter(about3552square feet), the ground floor contains the garage, laundry and storage area, the middle floor is the kitchen and living room and the outdoor space, the top floor is the living room and three bedroom.
The car was parked in the front part of the house. The top floor shrouded the yard, creating a roofed balcony that obscured part of the garden.
A white ceramic wall helps the balcony block the sun while creating an interesting pattern.
The living room has a two-story ceiling that helps to ventilate and bring extra natural light.

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