List of 2017 Chicago Exhibitions

3form displays three different worlds in their showroom, one of which is made of sturdy surface material and is made of optical grade engineering resin. They turned these panels into a color gradient and then paired them with two chairs.
These sculptural devices were designed by 13 & 9 and they use BuzziFelt felt to help reduce the sound of the space. They paired the sculpture with the light source to give the design a dual function.
Coalesse shows a lot of colorful and fun entertainment room seats, such as custom orange-red seats.
Chilewich announced Shade, a cool new option for flooring. It has a flat and firm twill weave with a deep and gradual effect. It has floor tiles, mats, and material options for the floor and walls.

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When designing the Osler house in Brasilia

When designing the Osler house in Brasilia, the MK27 studio superimposed the two structures. This unusual configuration allows them to place the pool below the cantilever structure. The pool was partially covered and protected, which gave it a particularly intimate and comfortable charm.

Customers asked this lovely house in Vancouver, Canada to reflect his love of travel. RUFproject was responsible for the design and they chose elements from the West Coast and Oriental style. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, bamboo and water, and the swimming pool and pond play an important role in the overall style.

All important areas of this Texas Austin home can be directly connected to the outdoors, with garden space. The pool and deck are connected. The pool is integrated into a frame that connects to a backyard sleek bathtub.

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Smart mirror for self-portraits

JUNO Smart Mirror is undoubtedly a mirror of innovation. With dimmable settings, self-timer and lifestyle mode, this smart mirror takes self-portraits and live broadcasts to a whole new level.
JUNO smart mirrors bring advanced technology to make it easier to take great photos. This is a make-up mirror with different light controls, you can use the phone app to adjust the hue and color temperature to complement your skin tone. It can even save your settings so you can use them directly in the future. The mirror can also be used as a home decoration. It is an adjustable storage light for reading lights and gadgets. The mirror can be used for one week on a single charge.

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New York residence on the dunes

A family wants a home that is comfortable enough, so they hireBates Masi + ArchitectsDesign a New York small for them villa. Amagansett DunesThe house is a few hundred feet from the ocean and is situated on a small sand dune.

The house is designed to face the street and enjoy the afternoon sun and breeze. The outer walls of the west and east are equipped with glass.
large sliding in the east The glass door, when opened, is a deck that overlooks the parabolic sand dunes.
The interior is kept clean and simple, perfect for beach life.
Western covered with canvas blinds, bringing a summer breeze while blocking the winter Gale.

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Modern Williamsburg hotels in New York

Located on the corner of Wythe Avenue and North 10th Street, the Williamsburg Hotel was designed by architect Michaelis Boyd, combining history and modernity with 11 floors and 150 rooms.
Enter the hotel and you will find architectural fixtures and artwork from local artists. You can even find custom-made wallpaper inspired by linen. There are five types of rooms in the hotel. Each room has custom furniture designed by Michaelis Boyd in collaboration with the Bill Amberg studio. The 10-foot window provides a view of Manhattan and Brooklyn. All rooms are slightly different, from light or dark to the glass bathroom door.

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All-in-one multi-function cutting board

Canada food lover and restaurant ownerMichaelMotamediCreated a kitchen essential. UltimateCuttingBoard is an all-in-one multi-purpose cutting board that is easy to use and clean.
is a wooden surface with two cups for measuring and placing food, a juicer, a Drawer containing debris, a drawer for placing the knife, and space for the slicer and cheese grater.
When you finish processing the ingredients, you can The cutting board is divided into two halves for use as a tray. The cutting boards are also easier to clean, store and transport, so you can carry this multi-purpose anvil Go camping or have a picnic.
Chopping board16inchwide,21inchLong, made of durable maple wood. It is also very hygienic and prevents the growth of bacteria.

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This bust with a typical shape comes from the popular Greek artist Thanasis Lalas

This bust with a typical shape comes from the popular Greek artist Thanasis Lalas. Lalas was first and foremost a writer and publisher, focusing on art and artists.

Elsa Marina Losada is a plastic artist, wall painter and sculptor. She uses different techniques to paint, such as oil, paint, acrylic and ceramic tiles, which she uses to create murals and other photos. This bright and colorful bust is a bit like a cubism, and we like it very much.

Manolo Valdés creates witty artwork, including paintings, graffiti and sculpture. His work studies social topics and everyday issues. This sculpture is a bust of a woman, novel and interesting.

These tribal-inspired works of art are covered with water-colored beetle wings, threads and fibers. Fiber artist StarTrauth uses traditional fiber art materials as well as non-traditional materials to create these pieces.

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Architectural Digest Design Exhibition Latest Lighting Ethereal Appearance

CartwrightOtto LuceThe chandelier is magnificent, without the usual dull atmosphere. Brass fixtures with hand-gilded snowflake glass give a creamy white appearance.

This stylish wall-mounted candlestick comes from Delightfull. It can be used alone or in groups of two or three, it is made of steel.

Atomic wall lampIt looks a bit like a molecule, and each shade will cast interesting light onto the wall. It is inspired by 50 age, suitable for modern home design.

This gorgeous chandelier looks like a brass instrument. Its structure is hand-made brass, covered with a gold surface. This elegant chandelier is perfect for any style of home décor.

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Modern ski lodge surrounded by forest

Surrounded by dense spruce, maple, beech and birch,Laurentian Ski Lodge is a weekend holiday home. RobitailleCurtisDesigned this modern home and placed it on a steep slope in Quebec, Canada nearby.

hut Built in8inch ×8 inchThe western red cedar floor overhead column allows snow and water to flow under the structure.
The main living room is on the top floor, An open floor plan. 27footlong windows across the kitchen and dining area, bringing beautiful Vision. There is a concealed storage area under the cushioned bench.
There is a living room with a fireplace at the southern end of the house.
There is a master bedroom in the opposite direction of the living room, enjoying the same view as the public space.
The next layer isChildren’s bedroom, a guest room, a steam room and a games room.

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New York’s interactive showroom

Studio-Tag Recently opened an interactive showroom in New York to guide the creative process of designers. Focus on business, hotel and corporate interiors, showroom selection13A fresh and affordable international and local manufacturer.
combines years of experience in construction, architecture, interior design, space planning and furniture selection and integrates them.
team and designer from the very beginning The conceptual phase of collaboration provides each client with a customized plan. Their goal is to make the showroom a collaborative workspace while also allowing it to be a vivid case study.
Customers have a wide selection of products available. From artwork, acoustic paneling, lighting, curtains, carpets, architectural glass, steel solutions to custom European furniture, each product is displayed in 6200 square feet in the showroom.

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