Stainless steel cabinets, get to know them carefully

The concept and formation of stainless steel cabinets in the home is a little later than that of wooden cabinets, but it has developed rapidly. It is not only popular among consumers, but also has a tendency to sit on the same level as wooden cabinets. What kind of charm does stainless steel cabinets have?

The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel cabinets

I. Advantages

1, anti-crack

The base material of the stainless steel cabinet is made of stainless steel. The cabinets are integrated with the countertops and will not crack or crack in the future.

2, green environmental protection

Modern people are very concerned about environmental issues, and the material of stainless steel cabinets does not require traditional epoxy resin, nor the radiation of natural granite, stainless steel environmentally friendly So consumers can rest assured.

3, hardware accessories unified

The entire countertop, stove, faucet and even the sink are made of stainless steel, so that the entire cabinet looks more uniform and harmonious.

4, fire and heat

The stainless steel itself has fire and high temperature resistance, even in the high temperature environment during the cooking process, the stainless steel cabinet is still intact, there will be no Damage.

The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel cabinets

5, moisture and anti-seepage

The stainless steel material has high density and has good moisture-proof effect, which can prevent daily use. Water penetrates into the process. At the same time, stainless steel cabinets also have anti-permeability. When cooking at home, it is inevitable that the soy sauce soup will be sprinkled on the countertop, and it will be done with a gentle rub.

6, cleaning and maintenance

Stainless steel cabinets do not need to spend too much time to maintain like other cabinet materials, you can use bleach or laundry detergent to wipe stainless steel cabinets Yes.

7, never change color

For example, quartz stone countertops and the like, will change color and become old after a long time, it is troublesome to replace, it is easy to cause secondary pollution. Stainless steel cabinets never change color, and even have recycling value.

8, long service life

Compared with other material cabinets, stainless steel cabinets have a longer service life and can be recycled twice.

Stainless steel cabinets

Two, shortcomings

1.Color single

Because stainless steel is a metal material Therefore, its color is relatively simple, the decoration is poor, and it will be restrained when it is matched with the home decoration style. However, this is the limitation of the previous stainless steel cabinets. Nowadays, there is a color stainless steel on the market. It looks beautiful and smooth in terms of color and craftsmanship.

2.Scratch difficult to composite

The material of stainless steel is prone to scratches and is not easy to repair. It is easy to keep hidden after damage or damage, and it should be used when it is used. Be careful.

3. The visual sense of cold ice

The stainless steel cabinet gives a visually chilly feel, and there is a good visual buffering method, which is covered with a warm color series of colored stainless steel. The cool image of stainless steel.

4.Easy to oxidize

There are some flaws in the domestic stainless steel cabinet countertop technology. Oxidation is likely to occur after a long time of use.

5. Corner joints

The installation technology is not mature enough now. When installing, it is easy to cause a lack of reasonable treatment at the corner joint.
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You should know these about the application of home improvement tiles.

You have had a decoration experience, you must remember the memories of buying tiles. There are many kinds of ceramics with different materials, crafts and colors on the market. The sales staff will also introduce some new terms of the eyeballs to consumers: polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, all-ceramic half-tiles, antique bricks, cement bricks, Wood bricks, small tiles… Don’t look at the real thing, just listening to these names is enough to dazzle.

  What are the differences in raw materials and crafts? Can these various names reflect the quality of the tiles? How should consumers buy according to actual needs?

A  Don’t be stunned by the name of the

The name of the tile can be derived from different materials, processes, appearances, etc. The name, such as the tiles sold in the market, is called “glazed tiles” from the material, and is “glazed tiles” in terms of craftsmanship. Therefore, when the manufacturer develops the name of the tile, it will pick up the high-end name. Therefore, consumers should not be confused by the various names when purchasing tiles. Not only that, the tile products are upgraded very fast, the materials with better performance, more advanced craftsmanship, more beautiful textures are constantly on the market, and the name of the tiles is constantly updated. Some names that sound high-end tiles don’t tell you the quality is good.

   Because of the diversity of tile names and the rapid replacement of products, consumers do not have to judge the quality of tiles through different materials and processes. For most consumers, to the standard building materials market, choose a well-known tile manufacturer to buy directly. Large-scale ceramic tile manufacturers, their own standards are more detailed than the national standard, and the bigger the brand, the stricter the standard, the after-sales service is also guaranteed.

   The reporter learned that most of the owners judged that the tiles are still “face value”. If you can take into account the hardness and water absorption of the tiles, it is enough to purchase good quality tiles. In addition, special attention should be paid to avoiding radioactive element tiles when purchasing tiles. Radioactive elements can make the rocks green or reddish, but it does not mean that all reddish or greenish rocks contain radioactive elements; if the white rocks contain radioactive elements such as potassium, rare earths, and uranium, the radioactivity is definitely higher than other ordinary rocks. .

B  kitchen and bathroom main anti-slip wear-resistant brick

The tiled room mainly has bathroom, kitchen, living room, among them, kitchen The floor tiles must be non-slip and stain resistant, and the wall tiles have a high water absorption rate. Although there is friction coefficient and wear resistance to define the slip resistance of a brick, not every tile has been tested, there are test reports, so pay special attention to the selection. It should be noted that the matte tile is definitely more slippery than the glossy tile. It can be felt with a touch of the hand. The rough tile is wear-resistant, and the uneven texture of the tile is better. The reporter visited the market and learned that the non-slip tiles sold in the market are mainly whole-body bricks, and the whole-body bricks have plain colors and oozing flowers. For example, ceramic mosaic has a good anti-slip effect, many seams, rough, and large friction, which is used by many families in the bathroom.

  Because the kitchen and bathroom should be cooked, bathed, etc., the quality of the tile is good enough to fall off. Within the specified range, the lower the water absorption rate, the lighter the tile and the cement mortar are combined more closely and less easily.

   Among them, the most critical indicator is the water absorption rate. Depending on the water absorption rate, ceramic tiles have different names. For example, porcelain tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, ceramic tiles with a water content of more than 10%, and enamels between ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles. Quality, fine porcelain and so on. “The old method of detecting the water absorption rate of tiles in the past can not be universally applied. For example, as long as the water droplets are on the back of the tile, the water absorption rate can be judged by the water absorption rate. Now many tiles are glazed tiles, and the tile surface is a It is of little significance to measure the water absorption of the back material only when the layer does not absorb water.” Industry insiders said.

   Therefore, in terms of production process, tiles with low water absorption are often because the machine is pressed tighter and the density is high. Therefore, when visiting the building materials market, it is possible to judge which type of tile has a higher water absorption rate than the two wall tiles of the same specification.

C Select the “microcrystalline stone” in the living room

In addition to the use of ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, the living room floor tiles are also widely used in many homes, floor tiles It is easier to care than wooden floors, carpets, etc. Commonly used tiles on the market for living room paving are: high hardness of polished tiles, microcrystalline stone tiles, etc.

  The living room is the area where family members and visitors walk the most frequently and easily accumulate dirt. Therefore, the selection of tiles is more resistant to stains, and it is not easy to infiltrate colored liquids, and it is not easy to get dirty. Tiles are resistant to dirt, and owners who need to use them for a long time know that there is nothing to see in a few minutes of testing. For example, use an oil-based pen to draw a picture on the tile and then wipe it off, or drop the ink and wipe it off. It is not possible to judge whether the tile is dirty. When choosing, the owners who like glossy tiles can choose from tiles such as polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, fully polished glazes, porcelain polished tiles, etc. These tiles have excellent properties of high hardness, high density and low water absorption.

   “It is important to note that the industry that prefers glossy tiles is mainly careful to choose microcrystalline stone tiles. This brick is very bright, and the glazed surface of the tile is decorated with glass-ceramic. The layer can make the room look brighter, but the surface of the brick is vitrified and the hardness is only 5-6. If the sand is stained on the sole, the tile will be worn out quickly.” Marco Polo Tiles Salesperson Ms. Zhang said.
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Want to install a shower room, the price of the shower room is not expensive?

   Now, the bathroom will be recommended to do dry and wet separation during the renovation, so that the bathroom can be more dry and maintain hygiene. The most common means of doing wet and dry separation is to use a shower room. How do you calculate the price of installing a shower room? Let’s count the list together!

Anwar Sanitary Ware N6F20L21 Bathroom cabinet

  Shower partition material affects price

  We see more on the market It is tempered glass. Tempered glass has some characteristics such as high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high safety factor. It is popular and reliable. It is generally divided into 8mm tempered glass and 6mm tempered glass.

  The PVC board is also a large material for the shower room. It is moisture-proof and waterproof. It is very suitable for bathing environment. The installation is relatively simple and the construction cost will be relatively low.

  The moisture barrier is also a partition material used in the shower room. Its maximum function is moisture resistance, and it is not easy to break and break.

   These three are suitable materials for the shower room partition. For the price, tempered glass>moisture proof board>PVC board. All three prices are above 150/square.

 Shower partitions affect the price

   There are many types of partitions in the shower room. 202 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, etc. However, if 202 stainless steel and aluminum alloy are not of high quality, the corrosion resistance is not enough, and it is easy to produce spots and mold, so it is not recommended to choose these two shower room profiles. Although 316 stainless steel has various performances but is expensive, the price/performance ratio is not very high. Therefore, when purchasing a shower room, you can choose 306 stainless steel or zinc alloy. It is also possible to mix the two. However, the price difference in the market is very large, 100-1000 yuan / square.

  Shower room type affects price

  This is specifically the shape of the door of the shower room. There are three main types of shower rooms: push-pull, split, and folding doors. The price order of these three types of doors is: folding door > split type > sliding door.

   When choosing a room type, it is recommended not to use the price as the main measure, but should be based on the size and habits of the bathroom. The sliding door is the most space-saving, the open-style decoration is strong, and the folding door has strong personality.

  The size of the shower room affects the price

  The size of the shower room partition will of course affect its final price. Different sizes correspond to different prices, and you need to determine the cost based on your home improvement needs.


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How can KFC gates avoid opening up?

In the process of using the profile door, some KFC door users often encounter the situation that the door body is not open and difficult to open. Although this problem does not seem big, it brings great inconvenience to daily use. Need to find the reason in time to eliminate. Let’s talk about the reasons for the inconvenience of the profile door and how to eliminate it?
Reason 1: Installation is not in place

The installation work of the KFC door requires professional technicians to carry it out. If it is installed by inexperienced personnel, it is easy to install it in place, thus causing the KFC door. The opening is inconvenient. Therefore, when installing the profile door, you must not be cheap, you must find a professional.

Cause 2: Inadvertent use

When KFC door operation, pay attention to nudge the light pull. If the push and pull is not smooth, do not force open and close, first find out The reason is to see if there are any foreign objects or obstacles. After the reasons are excluded, the KFC door will be opened and closed.

Cause 3: Cleanliness is not timely

KFC needs to carry out regular dust removal work, paying attention to keeping the door clean and tidy, especially in the daily door opening area of ​​KFC. In the tank, the ash removal and dusting work should be carried out regularly with a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, after the cleaning is completed, a little oil or smooth oil can be added to reduce the friction.

Cause 4: Do not wipe on rainy days

KFC is the key to isolation indoors and outdoors. When it rains and rains, rain and fog will adhere to KFC door profiles, if not Wipe clean with a rag in time. It is easy to cause corrosion, damage and deformation of the profile over a long period of time. Therefore, if it is overcast in rainy weather, it is necessary to promptly dry the wet KFC door and remove the accumulated water in the dry chute.

Reason 5: Damage to accessories

Although the KFC door is relatively practical, it can not block the damage of the accessories. First check the accessories. If it is a simple problem. You can find someone who knows how to deal with it. If it is serious, it is recommended to replace the accessories.

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Bedroom wall color matching, help you create a colorful home

After reading this guide, the bedroom wall design is no longer a problem. Xiaobian teaches you the ten-bedroom wall color scheme, and you can easily create a colorful home.
Fruit-flavored orange bedroom

   matching scheme: orange wall + small square sheets

  The color of the whole bedroom is fresh and beautiful The high-purity orange bedroom wall makes the bedroom bright and bright, with small square sheets of the same color, the color is consistent, and the green and red bags of the same sheet are very eye-catching, bringing color to the space. Change and freshness, the color design of the fruit taste is of course a good mood, such a bedroom must make you very attached!

Purple lavender bedroom

   :Purple Wall + Monochrome Sheets

  The deep purple wall makes the whole bedroom be covered with thick lavender flavor, without the superbly decorated pale-colored bed sheets, in color and The wall is very well-balanced, and the contrast of the purple color makes the whole space not as heavy as it seems, but it exudes elegance in the lightness, and the large flower pattern on the bed makes the warmth of the bedroom just right.

Blue wall condensation and calm temperament

   matching scheme: blue wall + leaf pattern sheets

 &emsp The dark green and brown combination bedding gives the bedroom a masculine calm, while the leaf pattern adds a touch of energy and movement, the blue walls enhance the brightness of the space, and the brown bedding is in color. With a clear contrast, the space is calm, but not dull.

Lavender creates an elegant bedroom

   matching scheme: lavender wall + purple and white bedding

 &emsp The overall color of white and lavender makes this bedroom clean and clear, and the purple and white bedding is more harmonious and complete against the lavender wall. The classical pattern on the bed and the white side table tells A touch of nostalgic feeling, a few small flowers bloom in it, inject more natural elements into the bedroom.

Enthusiastic red bedroom

   matching scheme: deep red wall + striped sheets

   The red bedroom wall is the perfect expression of the owner’s warm personality. Under the sunlight, the red looks more radiant, with the white striped red striped sheets, which not only echoes the red wall in color. The stripes form a jumping element in all the color blocks of the bedroom, which is more active in the atmosphere of the space.

Rigid and soft pink bedroom

   matching scheme: pink wall + flower bedding

&emsp ;  wrought iron bed, black bedroom cabinet and black border decorative painting make this bedroom full of tough temperament, and the choice of the overall pink wall, in sharp contrast with the black in the bedroom, weakens the toughness of the space In order to make women’s softness and infiltration slowly, the flower-patterned bedding and the pink wall face each other, making the dialogue between the tough and soft space in the space smoother.

Mediterranean-style blue wall

   matching scheme: blue wall + blue and white sheets

  This bedroom is mainly composed of blue and white colors, blue and white bedding, which is constantly changing in the decorations of stripes, dots and totems. With a blue wall, the gradient color makes it easy to take people to the deep and romantic Aegean Sea. The rattan chairs and dark wood furniture create a perfect Mediterranean atmosphere for the bedroom.

Yellow wall brings pastoral style

   matching scheme: yellow wall + floral sheets

&emsp ; Simplified fireplaces and uncomplicated furniture make this bedroom have a touch of classicity, while the yellow walls give a warm and soft atmosphere, and the sheets of finely flowered flowers make the pastoral wind stop here. The combination of footsteps and yellow makes the whole bedroom easy and casual, and the use of some natural materials brings more natural flavors.

Warm beige bedroom

   matching scheme: beige wall + white sheets

 &emsp Every piece of furniture in the bedroom is very round and soft in color. Only in the partial embellishment, the color is active. The beige wall with white bedding is the soft background in the whole bedroom. Peaceful and warm rest space, the owner must be very relaxed in such a bedroom, you can enjoy this relaxed and intimate space, red, green, pink and other small details, let the bedroom color escape from monotony, a trace of naughty and lively perfect .

Beige modern bedroom

   matching scheme: beige wall + beautiful bed sheets

   simple design The style makes this bedroom very modern, the dark yellow wall expresses the warmth of the owner’s heart, the gorgeous red large bed sheets make people’s eyes shine, especially in the dark yellow wall and dark furniture space. Fashion, local activity makes the dynamics of the space more intense.
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Full carpet features

The characteristics of full carpets

1. First, handmade carpets: but the fibers of handmade carpets are made of natural fibers, which are characterized by elasticity and breathability, but such The carpet pattern has strong stereoscopic performance and belongs to the high-grade carpet. It is more suitable for laying in the living room, high-end rooms and some reception areas.

2. Then, the family velvet carpet: the most striking part of the family velvet carpet is the strong performance of the pattern, it is modern and colorful. However, the piles are richer and more velvety, and the variety is rich. There are more opportunities for consumers to choose, and the carpet pattern is more suitable for embossing. It is more vivid and generally suitable for offices, hotels and other places.

3. There is also Wilton carpet, which uses semi-combed spinning, and a large area of ​​high-density weaving, the face looks very rich, but It is relatively flat, and the warp and weft are relatively clear and full, so it has the functions of sound insulation, warmth and comfort. There are also many suitable venues, such as hotels and exhibition venues.

4. Finally, Axminster carpet: its surface fiber looks more natural, rough, its pattern is rich and colorful, and the preparation process is special, so the stability of the carpet can Better, it is a good choice for public areas.

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The so-called smart home is just the intervention of voice?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology (AI) is being applied more and more to home appliances. Intelligent innovation is also considered as the main development direction of the future home appliance market. The whole house intelligence is becoming the hottest new favorite of the society. “.
Only need to move the mouth, the whole house of home appliances can listen to the command, complete a series of activities on their own… This is the beautiful “smart family” use scene that has been portrayed in recent years. Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology (AI) is being applied more and more to home appliances. Intelligent innovation is also considered as the main development direction of the future home appliance market. The whole house intelligence is becoming the hottest new favorite of the society. “. But then the problem has come, what is intelligence. I believe that the word “smart” has been heard countless times, but there are very few products that can really be intelligent. The smart configuration of most products is just a matter of fact, and the gimmick is more than practical.

Recently, a brand launched a new “AI Smart Interconnected Kitchen Voice System” at the 20th Anniversary AI Smart Connected Kitchen New Product Launch Conference, and implanted the voice recognition function into the range hood. Is it artificial intelligence? First of all, don’t worry about the conclusion, let’s first think about the use scene of the range hood. Noise is one of the inevitable sensations of the range hood when it is turned on. How to ensure the accuracy and stability of speech recognition in a noisy environment is a very difficult proposition. In the environment of the exhibition venue, the author had the privilege of experiencing the range hood with voice recognition function. At the time, the author issued a voice command to the range hood: “Turn on the range hood, turn on the hood, turn on” and then shut up. The hood is turned on with a single touch. In the original simple operation form, it is a bit unclear to choose a voice command that is not related to the unknown effect of the device. What is the difference between “pseudo-smart” that takes out the phone, clicks on the app, connects the device, and then clicks on it? More like the concept of “remote control” replaced by the concept of “voice control.”

For the intelligence of kitchen appliances, Fang Tai gave a very clear explanation. Intelligent innovation should be based on the convenience and stability of product use, and optimize the experience. Faced with the enthusiasm for intelligence, companies should be aware that users need more than just the “intelligence” of concepts, but the combination of “more convenient”, “more enjoyable”, “healthy”, “safer”, etc. A “better experience” for multiple needs. Among them, artificial intelligence technology is a tool and a way to achieve a better experience, but we must not use the so-called “intelligence” such as “networking”, “remote control”, “data reading” as a unified means of implementation to bind users. In fact, this is true. The real “artificial intelligence” needs to be done not only to control a single product, but to realize the interconnection between all the smart devices in the home, by constructing a network connecting objects and objects. Let the data “communicate” between the product and the person and the product, thereby fundamentally improving the user’s product use experience.

In general, voice control is only a step-by-step test for the intelligent development of home appliances, but it is far from the absolute direction. The combination of voice control and range hood requires more consideration of user usage scenarios, optimizing the experience and ensuring the accuracy and stability of the functions. Otherwise, it may not be artificial intelligence, but artificial obstacles, making the safe and convenient use experience deviate from the original direction.
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The close combination of Bluetooth chip and resistor can create a new type of LED lamp

Innovation is no longer a challenge. The real challenge is to learn how to use resistor technology in the right way. In the development of the led market, the innovation of smart LED technology brings new market opportunities. With the rise of the smart home industry, more demands are placed on the networked control of led lights. In the past, LED lights produced by using bluetooth or zigbee chips combined with precision resistors can realize the color and brightness of LED wireless control, Bluetooth. The tight combination of chips and resistors creates a new type of LED luminaire.

However, the control security of such led lamps is gradually becoming a common problem for IoT devices. The quality of the system depends on its weakest link. These wireless systems are complex, and the engineer’s focus is on designing products that combine effectively with the Bluetooth control chip, so it’s easy to become stubborn, at the expense of other considerations to pursue effectiveness. But who will guarantee the security of the system? Security should not be seen as a function that can be achieved at the end of the development cycle, but rather throughout the process.

But the good news is that with the advancement of smart home technology and wifi technology, there are tools that can greatly improve the security of intelligent lighting systems. Everyone who serves the smart lighting market, from chip designers to consumer device manufacturers, needs to share responsibility. When designing led smart luminaires, engineers can easily connect with smart homes through the wifi security protocol and the combination of led hardware parts produced by resistors.

It can be said that the development of the led intelligent lighting market is software system security, and the other is a hardware system composed of resistors. The two systems are combined with each other to realize remote control of led smart lamps and adjust LED brightness through current networking technology and resistor technology. In the development of smart home technology, more technologies will be integrated into this system, such as: smart meters in smart homes, sampling precision shunt production can accurately feedback current detection in the meter, can make smart meters accurate Transfer data to a smart home system.
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Home improvement, purchase of doors and windows, five performances to have

Energy saving

In the purchase of windows, consumers should choose windows that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The role of energy saving and environmental protection is to block outdoor heat energy in the summer to save energy consumed by air conditioning; in the winter, indoor heat energy is left indoors to save energy and costs due to heating.


Whenever a typhoon or storm occurs, there is always concern that the door and window are not leaky enough. The reinforced ribs on the profiles of the timber doors and windows ensure the stability of the window and increase the wind pressure resistance. The insulating glass (tempered glass) and EPDM sealing strips are used to greatly improve the waterproofness of the doors and windows. Fearless wind and rain.


There are many brands of windows on the market. If you accidentally choose products that are out of specification, after a quarter of use, the surface of the product will be yellowish and will Foaming, easy to deform, brittle. Therefore, in the selection of windows, in addition to the selection of surface materials, but also look at the windows using high-quality hardware. Asian-made doors and windows are selected with high-precision silicon-magnesium-aluminum profiles for processing, coloring and precision assembly. The hardware is hand-in-hand with the German Haobo and Siglia brand, and selects high-quality hardware to ensure the stability of doors and windows.

The exterior window of the building with sound insulation function adopts a hollow structure as much as possible, generally adopting two layers of glass with strong texture, durability and wind pressure resistance. Asian-style doors and windows focus on high-end silent doors and windows, using three-piece insulating glass, the inner and outer roads are sealed, and the EPDM material sealing strip is used at the joint of the frame glass and the profile to strengthen the sealing of the window. The purpose of the sound insulation function.


After installation, please pay attention to check whether the whole window is deformed, whether the window sash is flexible, whether the window and the wall are firmly connected or not, and it should be removed in time. A protective film attached to the surface of the window material. In addition, high-rise tenants living in buildings with more than seven floors are not recommended to install windows that are sashed outwards to prevent the wind from scraping off the sash.
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Wooden floor, gentle and quiet, self-reporting

The static wood floor material and the natural scenery of the heart and soul have healed the emotions of people and space, and the design of the thinking context, as always, revolves around the development of the nature of the living, and the human behavior pattern and life course, connecting the entire spatial relationship. All functional arrangements are dominated by real habits, which naturally generate images of rest areas, reading areas, living rooms and dining kitchens. The series and independence of space passages, between implicit and open, also reflect the simple expectations of urbanites. Rhythm.

Restaurant wooden floor

The main space of the whole space, simple and unpretentious furnishings and Yu Yu feel, echoing the design of the white space, people’s life and Move and become the real highlight. The restaurant’s wooden floors and thick original wooden tables and woven seats convey the inner voice of the retreat in a quiet, rustic space style.

Living room wooden floor

The living room has no common internal and external divisions. Through modern texture furnishings and paved wooden floors, there are several relaxing dialogue places. . With simple colors and lines, the space is full of feelings, and the influx of skylights washes away too much material dependence, allowing the space to radiate a natural and gentle humanity.

Kitchen wood flooring

The completely open Nakajima and kitchens bring together a variety of activities and tranquility, which is another focus of life. Low-key stylish earth-colored kitchen utensils and understated wooden floors, the kitchen image extends to the practical island, providing an elegant space for the hostess to communicate with friends.

Xuanguan wood floor

The wooden floor extends from the entrance to the aisle and bedroom, gently letting the healing factor into the space. With a continuous window view and a clean skyline, you can enjoy the visual enjoyment of the place.

Bedroom wooden floor

The bedroom is decorated with simple wooden floors, drawers and single-piece furniture, reflecting a simple and quiet living style. The quiet atmosphere makes people enjoy the pleasure of sleep.
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