Chen Chunhua: digital transformation of traditional industries, “six key cognitive”

1 traditional industries, why it is necessary to enhance cognitive abilities? I talk about the relationship between the digital industry with the Internet from the microscopic point of view. Research organization in the biggest challenge, is the traditional enterprises in the transition process, the digital economy, digital technology and the digital age is difficult to accurately understand.
cognitive ability to understand the objective world, get the knowledge of the most important capability. In the past, a lot of knowledge based on experience, and experience can help us solve the problem, cognitive impact is not so great. Our experience over the things that can be directly judged. But the biggest challenge is to bring the Internet experience is not useless. Understanding of many traditional industries, after entering the digital age is not the same, this is a very big change. This includes the ability to five areas. First, is your understanding of verbal information, that is, you have to answer is what kind of world, for example, after entering the digital age, our answer to many of the world’s problems are not the same. The second is that you have no skills to answer the question “Why and how to do” is. Third, is your strategy. Can you go to adjust or balance, or cognitive processing process. When the digital economy and the Internet into every industry when it changes completely different. Have also introduced the fundamental difference between 4G and 5G, many people may not fully understand this change lie, this is different on your cognitive strategies. Plus the attitude and action of skills, which means you have to be able to achieve recognition. Over the past six years I feel the most is that traditional industries and cognitive ability to adjust quickly enough. We worked out a lot of policy, but difficult to implement in traditional industries. Internet industry, to enhance their own industry cognitive ability; if the industry does not enhance their cognitive abilities, the Internet and technology-enabled industries and digitized difficult grafted into it. 2 1. All six critical questions before being converted into data might be the core product, and later serve as the core Control Engineering Copyright , and then followed as the core technology. But today has changed, it is data-centric.
When the core data when changing business model, the efficiency is changing. For Internet companies start to serve the consumer side, it is precisely because the business model has become the fastest growing segment. Next is the manufacturing end, is to address efficiency issues in all industries. Everything is converted to data, data-centric when the first change is that you understand how this cityField, which I call “data that is insight,” you can not rely on the market to understand their feelings, must be in possession of data.
For example, I studied why the Kodak filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012, this very leading companies in the end what happened. Things turning point in 2002. In 2002, digital imaging technology into the field, but at that time Kodak digital product rate of only 20%, so that later went bankrupt. See China’s industrial enterprises and traditional enterprises today is to look at the proportion of digital. I recently did a joint study with Kingdee, hope to have a strategic report on all reports, not to see you run today, but watch your investment and accounted for on a digitizing rate is. This is the “data that is insight.” Data that is inclusive. Today, if companies are not able to expand your greater inclusiveness, your links, enhance associated with each other, you have no way to really understand what the numbers change brought in the end yes. Application data has been omnipresent. Now there are products that put text into sign language, is to use the digital computing. This changes the direct relationship with more than 30 million deaf children of this world. Therefore, the digital action plan is very important today. If you do not have the ability to do digital action plan, you might quite far away from this world today. 2. Join industrial enterprises is more important than to have one drawback is the need to control, must clear boundary, we must have, if you do not have found it very difficult. Even the most simple of talent, but also feel that their talents can be used. But the digital age, this knowledge must be adjusted, which means that you can understand what is public, what is iterative, what is a collection of wisdom. Run from the human to the organization, all to do to connect, share, the value of innovation, are the step by step revealed. Shenyang Machine Tool Plant by digital technology into organizational model of practice enlightening, we can put a very traditional business out completely updated. We can also see why Haier’s transformation so much attention is because it used a very open digital platform, so that more people joined together to form a very large joint innovation. Huawei is also connected to a large number of innovative projects and innovation institutions, to embrace a whole era links.
you want to try to link, rather than ownership. This is the State of the hospital with Tencent Research Institute must open the forum with the original intention, we want to promote a wider link. 3. credible andOpen collaboration is the key to the digital age, the most important thing is trust. If you do not trust the security as the bottom line can not be achieved digitally. You can not establish a community of destiny, it is the fundamental thing. 7-Eleven is not the Internet company, but growing stronger , because it is very early to meet the requirements of the digital age of today, so that credible and open collaboration, the establishment of a common destiny.
Another millet. Millet is a very competitive company, because of its relationship with the developer. It is a collection of individuals from both platforms to a collection agency, collection of smart devices. When all these collections together, we can imagine its future development. Tencent when energized in the Internet industry, a stance is that it only connector. Under this connector, the connector range has become very wide, people, people and business services, hardware and intelligent people are connected. Even Ma said that strategic partnerships autonomous growth Without Borders, we can feel the power of imagination and the space and technological progress of the development.
The steering symbiotic logic from the logic of competition I’ve been pushing “symbiosis” of the word, the reason is very simple: For the past due to technical limitations can not do, only with comparative advantages, to meet the demand, obtain profitability. Today, if you can factor productivity through technology, digital capabilities, make it more space, greater flexibility when all industries are re-defined. That’s why we have to turn this logic symbiosis, this is a very important, no-win concept.
strategic shift in the digital age, the most important thing from enterprise-centric to customer-centric. Our traditional strategic logic, what want to do, what to do, what to do, there is a boundary. I want to do what is beginner’s mind, to do what is resource capacity, to do what is industrial environment. But in the digital age, the three can be changed, wants to redefine what you can, do what you can connect with others, what you can do cross-border, you will find a number as the basis of all changed when the border . This change explains why today there are many unicorn, why many can iterate why there are many new industries much faster growth rate than we thought.
5. Customers doctrine you must return to the Customer Valueend. Digital customers can help us and really come together. Today we have a better idea of ​​people’s needs, a better idea of ​​the overall market environment CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , more clearly what customers want in the end yes. Customers doctrine of strategic logic can be expanded from two dimensions, one is from the customer side, called the demand for school; one is from the technical side, called a technical school. You have four new choices , you can become a subversive strategically, can also become a leader, or facilitator, or innovators.
figure for the industry, for the manufacturing sector, helping traditional industries can go beyond all imagination, at least in the four dimensions of space strategy a chance. If you are willing to return to the customer end, then based on the four directions have the opportunity to do it. Today, we must ask ourselves four questions: 1. Do you know what customers expect, right? 2. You give customers imagine? 3. What future technological advances can have an impact on our field? 4. You have to break the convention, determined to use aggressive techniques and abilities? The core of these problems is that you can not really return to customer value.
6. The long-term doctrine today, probably more than ever you need to have long-term doctrine, how to determine in uncertainty. In the past we have been asking you face uncertainty, but from the beginning of 2019, I asked you face determined, because of the uncertainty is essential. How to determine in the context of fundamental uncertainty, it becomes very critical. Today, high-speed rail in the motherland flying, you look back at the whole technology development process, it is determined to now Control Engineering Copyright , it is the learning process of tracking advanced technology since 2004. Of course, in the process of learning Chinese in the car tracked, did not give up, “I want to have core competence” of the long-term pursuit. They do it all the way, in 2015, really have the core technology.
At the same time, we must return to humanity. Only the return of human nature, enterprises can truly long-term capacity. Huawei’s pursuit of the whole 5G technology is to promote ubiquitous connectivity. A paradigm change, the world has changed at any time. The digital age is changing the paradigm, and therefore the whole world is changing. If we are on the cognitive paradigmNo effort, not to make a change, we may really no chance.
Rousseau said that humanity toward the lost, not because of ignorance, often due to self-righteous. I hope you do not use logic of the industrial age to deal with the digital age!

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