Is the balcony tiling good? okorder

The balcony is not tiled, which has always been a problem for people. Although the balcony is not the main functional area of ​​the home, it is also very important. Now people decorate the balcony, mainly in two aspects, one is the leisure balcony, the other is the living balcony. The balcony space is fully utilized, and the decoration quality and decoration materials of the balcony are also taken seriously! So, is it necessary to tiling the balcony? Let’s take a look now.
Do you want a balcony tile?

Balcony tiling is of course good, the tiles are waterproof and moisture-proof, beautiful and clean, easy to maintain and so on. The balcony tiling will make the whole house more exquisite and beautiful, and the balcony is often connected to the living room. Many people like to tiling in the living room. At this time, the tile is placed on the balcony, and the overall feeling of the whole space will be stronger! Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of balcony tiling.

1, beautiful and generous. The decorative effect of the tiles is unquestionable. The balcony is covered with tiles, which not only makes the space look even higher, but also has many types of tiles and many patterns. The range of consumers is also very wide. You can choose more suitable tiles!

2, the inner wall will not be moldy. In fact, after many people renovated, they all ate the loss of the balcony wall without tiling. On a cloudy day, it was good to say that it was really regrettable to cry. And the wall is very wet, and if it hits the rainy weather, the wall is absolutely moldy.

3, clean and clean! The average family is drying the clothes on the balcony, but if the interior walls of the balcony are moldy, bacteria and other germs will follow, and the clothes that are sunk on the balcony will inevitably get some bacteria. Think about it. Let it be scared.

Does the balcony need to be tiled?

Balcony tiling is good, but after all, it is not a small overhead, whether the balcony should be tiling, this mainly depends on the decoration and decoration function of the balcony.

I. According to the decoration form

Closed balcony: If the enclosed balcony is not intended to be used for the drying area, it is not necessary to tiling the wall.

Open balcony: The dust on the open balcony will be relatively large, it is best to tiling the wall, so the cleaning work is relatively simple, the tile is smooth and water resistant, very scrub resistant.

Second, according to the balcony function

<br If you have any dust, you can add more tiling, depending on your preference!

Life balcony: Living balcony, as its name suggests, is mainly used for drying clothes and washing laundry. Therefore, the space of the living balcony should be relatively humid. It is best to put on the tiles. If the wall is covered with wall tiles, it can provide a good protection for the balcony. Materials such as latex paints are susceptible to discoloration by the external environment and are resistant to mold cracking. So living balcony tiling is better!

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Is the renovation of second-hand housing bigger than the new one? okorder

Friends who have bought second-hand housing should know that the amount of renovation of second-hand houses is much larger than that of new houses, especially the part of painting, which is much more troublesome than new houses. Many people will deal with the wall of the second-hand house according to the operation of painting the new house. If the luck is good, there will be no big problems, but if the luck is not good, the rework is a minute.
1. Preparation

Before painting, be sure to have a good understanding of the wall condition and prepare the materials. The final result of the hasty brushing may be uneven wall coverings, which can be very ugly.

Ingredients to be prepared before painting: latex primer, latex topcoat, putty powder tool, accessories: step stool, blade, gray knife, roller brush, wool brush, pig hair brush, Floor/furniture protective film, textured paper, scotch tape, sandpaper for polishing, hand bucket, etc.

2.Select paint color

Selecting color is a cumbersome thing, because there are many choices. In terms of color selection, according to one principle, the color should be changed from shallow to dark from ceiling to floor. The color of the ceiling should be lighter, the color on the wall can be properly deepened, and the darkest color must appear on the floor. This will make the visual effect even better. Color matching can be used to help some color centers that specialize in coatings.

3.Protection work

Before the official start of construction, it is necessary to protect the floor with a protective film, and then all the furniture will be adjusted and protected with a protective film. This will make room as much as possible during the construction process to facilitate construction.

Electrical appliances, socket switches, etc. All areas that may be contaminated by paint and dust should be protected. Large protective film and socket switch can be pasted with textured paper. . The protection of the socket switch is directly wrapped with textured paper. The advantage of the textured paper is that there will be no residual glue.

4. Remove the wall putty layer

The wall surface is damaged, the putty layer should be removed, some need not be removed, and the partial repair is done for Prepare the putty.

5.Re-scraping the putty

After removing the original bad putty layer, it is necessary to re-scrape the putty. In the process of scraping the putty, try to be even and smooth. The following is to scrape the putty again for all the eradication areas. After the putty is scraped, it usually takes about 1 day to dry before grinding.

What preparations do you need to make before using the second-hand house?

6. Polishing the putty layer

After the dried putty is dried, the surface of the putty should be polished. The sanding can make the wall surface more flat and the sandpaper is produced. The fine texture allows the paint to be more easily wall-hanging and the coating layer applied more evenly. It is inevitable that dust will be generated when polishing the putty layer. It is best to wear a dust mask.

The polishing of the putty layer is also divided into manual grinding and machine grinding. The efficiency of manual grinding is lower, and some corners can only be polished manually; the grinding efficiency of the machine is higher, but Speed ​​and strength requirements are relatively high, otherwise it is prone to unevenness.

What preparations do you need to make before using the second-hand house?

7.Cleaning the wall

When the putty is polished, some dust will remain on the wall. It must be cleaned. It cannot be directly applied, otherwise the adhesion of the paint can be It will weaken. Use a wool brush or sponge to sweep back and forth on the wall to quickly remove surface dust.

8.Repair the wall

After cleaning the wall, some small flaws that may exist, such as small cracks and small holes, can be filled with caulking paste and plaster. Repair, wait until it is completely dry, then sand the repair area.

9. Priming primer, topcoat

Generally, the primer is applied once and the topcoat is applied twice. The primer is used to improve the adhesion of the topcoat and increase The fullness of the topcoat, the provision of anti-alkaline, anti-corrosion function, etc., while ensuring the uniform absorption of the topcoat and giving full play to the performance of the topcoat. The topcoat needs to be painted twice to enhance the coverage of the topcoat, which will make the effect better.
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The tiles you bought may be tiles. okorder

Tile tiles? Many consumers are stupid and unclear, thinking that they are the same product, just different. In fact, the two materials are different. If you need to use the tiles, the result is to buy the tiles, which leads to the master not having to start, resulting in waste. So we have to understand the difference between tile tiles before buying.
  1,What is the tile

  The tile is made of high temperature resistant metal and semi-metal oxide, mixed by clay, quartz sand, etc. Processed in a number of processes, it is made of acid-resistant porcelain or stone building materials, collectively called tiles. For example, polished bricks and antique tiles are all ceramic tiles.

   Second, what is porcelain

   porcelain is a kind of interior wall tile, a more layered thin layer patch, The surface of the whole body brick body is polished and the surface is more bright, which is a kind of whole body brick. But compared to the whole body brick, the surface is more polished.
  3,What are the differences between tile tiles

  1.Scope of use

   tiles are in tiles One type has a porcelain surface and is a thin layer patch. It is more suitable for sticking to the wall. Tile refers to the floor tile with porcelain surface, which is more suitable for sticking to the ground.

  2, internal texture

   tiles have high internal requirements and cannot have one-and-a-half-point bubbles. Because the ceramic tiles with bubbles encounter temperature changes, it is easy to suffer from freezing and fragmentation. The tiles are made of porcelain clay, and there is no high requirement for the presence of air bubbles inside, which has little effect.

  3, thickness

   The most obvious difference between porcelain and tile surface is that the thickness is not the same, the tile is obviously thicker, the tile It is a thin type.

  4.Slip resistance

  Because the surface requirements of tiles and tiles are different, the smoother the tiles are, the better the tiles are. Need to have a certain degree of slip resistance, or walk on it, the safety performance is poor.


  The life of the tile is short, and the service life is generally about eight years. At present, the water absorption rate of the ceramic tiles on the market is about 10%, and cracks or breaks may occur after being used for a long time. The service life of the tile is more than 20 years, as long as there is no hard object collision, there is generally no breakage.


   In addition to the above, we can also distinguish tile tiles by weight when purchasing. In general, the feel of the tiles will be lighter, and the tiles will be more than twice as thick as the tiles.
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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring okorder

Strengthen the advantages of the floor:

1, wear: about 10-30 times more than ordinary lacquered flooring .

2. Beautiful: You can use computer to simulate various wood patterns and patterns and colors.

3. Stabilization: completely dispels the original wood structure, destroys the characteristics of anisotropy and swelling and shrinkage, and is extremely stable in size, especially suitable for Floor heating system room.

4 In addition, the laminate flooring is also resistant to impact, antistatic, pollution, light, cigarettes, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

Strengthen the floor defects:

1, strengthen the floor blisters It can’t be repaired after damage, and the foot feel is poor.

2. Because the laminate flooring uses a large amount of adhesive in the production process, its environmental performance is not guaranteed. It is recommended to choose a big brand manufacturer. Purchase of laminate flooring.

How to buy laminate flooring

1, see the brand : Well-known brands, especially well-known brands of domestic manufacturers, can guarantee product quality and after-sales service.

2. Look at the material: normal laminate flooring should be based on high-density fiberboard.

3. Look at the thickness: the international standard thickness is 8mm, which is not strong below this thickness.

4, look at the surface wear resistance number: the initial wear resistance value of the household floor surface is generally above 6000 rpm, the surface wear resistance in offices, shopping malls, dance halls, etc. The higher the rate should be, the better.

5. See the amount of formaldehyde released: The standard of green building materials stipulated by international environmental protection organizations is not higher than 9mg/100g. Therefore, brands below this standard should be selected.

6, see after-sales service: whether there is a warranty card, whether it is directly sold by the factory, whether the product is monopolized, etc., otherwise, problems in the use process will be difficult to solve.

7. Look at the moisture-proof measures: Is there a special moisture-proof floor mat, whether there is a thick moisture-proof layer on the floor, and whether the glue is a special floor waterproof glue.

8, see if the price is fair: compare the quality of the floor and its after-sales service is worth the money, should not be cheap, so as not to suffer losses.

9. Look at the packaging: If it is imported goods, according to relevant regulations, there should be a Chinese logo and a customs inspection certificate. Otherwise, the road is suspicious and should not be credulous.

Method for identifying laminate flooring

One ​​look: observation enhancement Whether the surface gloss of the wooden floor is uniform, the pattern is well-proportioned, whether there are white spots or stains; whether the interface is neat and without damage, whether there are tiny sawtooth cracks; whether the same brand or model has the recent test report of the quality supervision and inspection department, and whether the report content is Overshadowed.

Two touches: Carefully touch the surface of the wooden floor with your hand, whether there is any unevenness, and a good laminate flooring should have a smooth surface.

Sanwen: Smell the laminate flooring with a nose, even with a slightly pungent odor, indicating a higher formaldehyde content.

Four Tests: Although consumers do not have the equipment, they can still identify laminate flooring by simple testing methods.

Precautions after strengthening the floor installation

1 Try to reduce walking after 24 hours after installation, and move heavy objects for at least 48 hours.

2. In the area where the floor is laid, the furniture with a larger volume should not be placed symmetrically.So as not to affect the floor free to stretch.

3. It is not advisable to carry the furniture when carrying the furniture. It is not advisable to use the iron furniture legs to directly touch the surface of the wooden floor; it can be added in the place where the table, chair, stool, etc. are in contact with the floor. Upper cushion to reduce the degree of friction on the floor.

4, indoor humidity is maintained at 40-70%. When the indoor humidity is less than 40%, appropriate humidification measures should be taken; when the indoor humidity is greater than 70%, appropriate ventilation and moisture removal measures should be taken.

5. Close the doors and windows when you are out to prevent rain from drenching the floor and direct sunlight. If you accidentally pour water on the floor, wipe it off in time.

6. It is recommended to place a foot pad at the door to reduce the abrasion of the floor such as sand.

7. Do not sand or sand the floor surface.

8. When cleaning the floor, please use a vacuum cleaner or wring out the damp cloth to wipe the floor in the direction of the floor. Do not rinse with water.

9, the method of removing floor stains should be correct, and no hard scraper surface such as iron can be used. For special pollution, please wipe with mild neutral detergent and wet water. Do not use steel balls or chemical solvents such as acid or alkali to clean the floor.


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Crystal light tells you to know the fake crystal okorder

Observation: Natural crystals are often affected by environmental influences during the formation process. When viewed from the sun, you can see a faint uniformity. Small horizontal stripes or catkins. The fake crystals are often smelted with crystal enamel and glass enamel. After polishing and coloring, there are no uniform stripes and catkins.

Tactile: Natural crystal touches have a cold feeling, even on hot summer days, and the fake crystal touch is very light or not.

Hardness: The hardness of natural crystal is relatively large, and it can be worn intact with stones. The fake crystal will leave traces.

Use hairline to check: Put the crystal on a hairline. If the human eye can see the double shadow of the hair through the crystal, it is natural crystal, mainly because the crystal has birefringence.

There are so many types of crystal lamps in the market. The sellers exaggerate the crystal lamps to describe them perfectly. In fact, this is not necessarily the case. The above is a small series on the resolution of true and false crystal lights to make a commentary, hoping to help you in the selection.
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Sliding window anti-theft skills to share okorder

How to choose doors and windows for family new home decoration? The first thing to look at is the anti-theft performance of doors and windows. Anti-theft doors and windows can not only prevent thieves from entering the room, but more importantly, protect the family’s personal safety. The sliding window is beautiful and easy to open. For many owners who choose to push and pull the window, the anti-theft performance of the sliding window is the most concerned issue. Is the anti-theft performance of the sliding window good? Sliding window anti-theft? Below, the deep aluminum doors and windows share some knowledge about the sliding window security and anti-theft skills for everyone.
The anti-theft performance of the sliding window is first achieved by installing a layer of anti-theft protection on the original window. There are many types of materials for such protective gears, such as aluminum alloy security windows, stainless steel security windows, wrought iron security windows, zinc steel security windows, plastic steels, security windows, color steel security windows, and the like. According to the opening and closing method to distinguish, there are movable sliding windows and fixed sliding security windows. At present, the more common materials on the market are stainless steel and color steel. The hollow tube wall thickness is about 0.3Mm. The anti-theft window of this material has general performance and is easily damaged by malicious people. It adopts the bottom load-bearing push-pull design, which is not very flexible and easy to push and pull. Tilt, can not be used for a long time, and the lighting and ventilation performance is not good. Many sliding door and window security products produced by door and window manufacturers are mixed. Users should remember to compare and purchase when choosing to buy. At present, the price of color steel security window is about 200-350 yuan / square meter, and the price of stainless steel security window is basically above 350 yuan per square meter.

The anti-theft performance of the sliding window can also be achieved by other means. If you do not want to install additional active security windows, the following sliding window anti-theft tips can help you.

1. Put sticks, iron bars, tile strips and other similarly shaped objects on the window track from the inside, the length is equivalent to the outer sash, which can prevent the window from pushing and pulling, preventing the thief from entering the room. ;

2. The window sash is integrated with a sliding window. The window has a built-in anti-theft net. The material of the net is specially made of super-hardness and strength wire, which can prevent the cutting of the knife and so on. The security net is strong and strong, and it is safe and burglarproof.

At present, more steel stencil screens are used, which are made of high-hardness stainless steel. The surface technology is electrophoretic sprayed with high strength and impact resistance.

The advantages of window sash integrated sliding window:

1. Exquisite workmanship, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, can be mixed in a variety of styles;

2. It can prevent thieves from entering the room and stealing, and protect the safety of family property;

3. No space, free ventilation, good lighting performance;

4. Compliance with consumer safety Requires free access from the window in an emergency;

5. Bearing suspension wheel, easy to use, sturdy and durable.
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Do you know the water saving method of the toilet? okorder

Method 1. Place a 2.5L beverage bottle or brick in the toilet to reduce the flushing volume.

Method 2: Bend the inside of the float handle slightly downwards (do not bend too much), so that the water storage capacity of the toilet tank can be reduced. This is because the water storage capacity of the toilet tank is controlled by the float ball. When the float rises, the amount of water stored increases; conversely, when the float is lowered, the amount of water stored decreases. If the float handle is bent too much and the water storage capacity is reduced too much, in addition to adjusting the float handle back, the direction of the float handle can also be used to adjust the float height. If the water storage capacity is reduced and the large size cannot be washed clean, you can flush the water to the toilet (not the water tank) with water or water scoop. In addition, before adjusting the height of the float ball, the normal water level before unadjusted can be marked with a pencil on the inner edge of the water tank, and then decide how much water to save or how much water is saved. Because the number of times each person rushes to the trumpet is greater than the size of the large size, and the small size does not need to flush the large amount of water, it can be washed clean. At the same time, this method is better and easier than placing bricks or water bottles in the toilet. Bricks or water bottles may also jam the devices in the water tank so that the water flows without wasting water.

Method 3: Use a water-saving toilet or install a two-stage flushing fitting. At present, the conventional toilet has a flushing capacity of about 12 to 15 liters per time, and the new generation of water-saving toilets only needs to be 6 to 9 liters per flush, and because of the overall design, there is no reduction in water volume. Do not clean the doubts. However, since the installation of such a water-saving toilet needs to be replaced by the original toilet, it is generally replaced when the original toilet is old. A simpler and more economical method is to replace the original toilet tank fittings with two-stage flushing fittings, and only half of the water can be used for flushing.

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Is it really a magic weapon to win sales at a low price? okorder

Rising sales at low prices has always been the magic weapon for all kinds of e-commerce products. And relying on low prices to rush sales, it is not the way furniture products should go. In fact, it is not the sales of furniture products on the Internet is wrong, but after being brought into the non-professional online sales platform, only short-term profits, no matter how long-term word-of-mouth maintenance, there is a problem. In this regard, many furniture industry insiders said that in the past, furniture brands that touched the net often had short-sighted behaviors, explosive low-cost promotions, and their own service terminals could not bear it. The online and offline products were not differentiated or sorted out, and the price was chaotic. After that, consumers feel more distrust and unsure.
In the face of the current online shopping environment, the principle of consumption for most people is: do not ask for the lowest price, but seek high cost performance. It can be seen that the furniture online shopping brand that takes the low-price strategy can only temporarily attract some low-quality consumers, and can’t impress the consumer groups that really know what they want and have higher brand follow-up.

However, this principle is not well known. Whether it is in the well-known furniture brand self-operated online store or on the third-party online shopping platform, the “crazy promotion” in various names is still comparable. All are. “Low price”, without exception, is involved in the same scuffle as all other commodities.

In fact, the “low price strategy” can not only win high profits for itself, but also affect the brand’s regular online shopping price system and customer quality. Previously, there were a lot of furniture brands eager to make online shopping. However, the product update could not keep up, the pricing system was not perfect, and the logistics distribution was slow. Because the preparation work was not done well, some brands made the online shopping into a dross. It’s a pity that it’s tasteless. It can be seen that the after-sales service of the brand is not in place, and touching the net is equivalent to suicide.

In reality, some furniture brands are “too anxious” and can’t help but seduce short-term sales. However, once their operations cannot support their sales, they will not be able to serve consumers and bring trouble to themselves. This kind of short-sightedness not only brings trouble to consumers and brand owners, in fact, furniture stores have become another victim of furniture online shopping.

It is understood that in the past two years, the proportion of complaints about the online shopping of furniture to the store is extremely high. Many consumers purchase furniture products on various online platforms. Once quality problems or delivery and installation problems occur, The first thing to look for is not the brand, but the store. The reason for this is that the consumer’s original words are: “The XX brand has a store in the store, who is not looking for a store?”

In the chaos and confusion, some well-known online homes Brands are actively expanding offline channels to achieve crazy expansion.
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In 2019, which smart products will be more popular? okorder

According to statistics, the number of people living alone in China has reached 75 million. In the past three years, the number of single-person households has increased by 30%-40% every year. Some of the 75 million people are elderly people, accounting for 35 million people. The other part is 80 years old. After 90, after 00, after 00. In addition, there are also some people living alone in the large floating population of China, and some people who go out on business trips and travel to hotels. How do these large groups of people live safely when they live alone or when they go out? It will inevitably become a consideration of more and more people.
   From the perspective of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in addition to the most basic “physiological needs” of human beings, “security needs” is the second highest, and the need for personal security is a human nature. There are more and more people living alone, and there are bound to be more and more people using their own “safety and security devices”. I have to say that this is not so cold and not too hot, but the prospect of the seemingly bright smart home industry needs a phenomenal star product to lead the industry to a high-profile breakout of the public.

   According to the “2018 China Smart Home Industry Research Report” released by iResearch, practitioners believe that leading in face recognition, intelligent video analysis, and front-end computing capabilities Next, family security products (32.6%) will be the first area of ​​the outbreak. Nowadays, smart home products for family security are mainly divided into three categories: intelligent access control, security monitoring, and intelligent alarm. Each category includes various vertical products such as smart locks, smart cameras, and security alarms. Which of these products can be the first to make a “hot red” product?

So, is this “explosive” a smart lock?

   In July 2018, the Guangzhou Jianbo Fair, known as the “Asian Building Materials First Exhibition”, not only the smart lock manufacturers’ eyes, but also the smart home enterprises participating in the exhibition, there are several smart locks in almost every booth. Highlighted in the exhibition. At the Shanghai Smart Home Show and Beijing Anbo Conference, the smart locks are also in the limelight. It can definitely be regarded as the darling of the industry, and the first member of the “Essence” team.

   In this regard, the author also visited the industry, such as Ai Smart Home, which released a series of smart lock items. In response to this problem, Aite intelligently replied, “We are very optimistic about the smart lock this item. First, the user is used in a variety of ways and very simple. Second, there will be alarms and records if there is abnormal intrusion; I hope to use it to guide the public. C-end users, popularize smart home use and benefits.”

  Smart lock can be used as the first barrier for home security, generally upgraded building projects to upgrade intelligent buildings, using smart locks It is standard. Ordinary families want to upgrade safely, and it is easy to replace them with smart locks. The general smart lock manufacturers are all free to install products.

Smart home “explosive” second echelon preparation member, will it be a security alarm?

   If you say, the use of smart locks There are still some thresholds, such as the need to re-lock and install, and now the average price on the market is not less than 1,000 yuan. For renters, hotels and other users, it is not good to cover their security issues.

   So, can mobile security alarms that you can carry around one day become a blast for the smart home industry?

   35 million old people living alone, smart pension, is a big and growing market. What products can be derived from smart retirement? For example: emergency alarm button, fall detector, etc. When the elderly has an emergency, you can automatically call for help by pressing the emergency alarm button; when there is a fall, the intelligent algorithm of the fall detector can automatically send an alarm in time, take a picture and push it to the set mobile phone.

  Second, huge single rental, travel and external users, if there is no smart lock can be real-time alarm, then portable smart door stopper, security sensor alarm, can be a breakthrough?

Smart home “explosive” third echelon preparation member, will be a home security camera?

   In fact, now intelligent camera monitoring system In fact, it has gradually begun to become popular, not only in the school classrooms, office scenes, but also in the family. Some are for family safety, and some are for taking care of pets that are vacant in their homes.
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Bathroom products need to confirm the installation location before laying tiles and wall tiles okorder

  When is the home improvement bathroom installed? The industry mainly understands that the bathroom is a big concept, the bathroom contains a lot of items, different bathroom installation will be different, so we must first understand the specific value refers to the bathroom Which one can give the most correct installation time guidance, let’s follow the small series to understand it!
   sanitary ware basin installation time

   First, confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin: Before laying the floor tiles and wall tiles, it is necessary to confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin. Since the sanitary ware basin is to be perforated in the wall, the water inlet hole and the drainage hole are also required. Once the installation is generally unable to move the position, it is necessary to confirm the installation position of the sanitary ware basin.

   Second, when purchasing the sanitary ware basin, confirm the shape and size of the sanitary ware basin according to the installation position: after the position of the sanitary ware basin is determined, the shape and size of the sanitary ware basin can only be determined according to the installation position. .

   Third, look at the pipeline diagram of the water pipe and the wiring diagram of the wire: When installing, use the air drill to punch holes in the wall, so confirm the pipeline diagram and wiring diagram before installation. Important, if you break the water pipe or wire map, you will open some of the wall tiles, causing unnecessary losses.

   Fourth, confirm the installation height of the sanitary ware basin: the standard installation height of the general sanitary ware basin is 80~85cm, which is calculated from the upper part of the floor tile to the wash basin, the specific installation height It is also determined by the height and habits of the family members, but is the most appropriate within the standard height range.

  5, the accessories and installation of each sanitary ware basin are different, that is, the same type of punching size (the size of the hole to the wall) is not the same, but the installation The process is basically the same.

  When is the renovation of new homes?

  Many people think that during the entire home improvement process, sanitary ware products need to be installed in the later stages of the project. Because it has to go through people’s house inspection and a series of civil construction before, and the bathroom is naturally important for its waterproof performance, after the work is completed, it will involve the installation of sanitary ware.

   However, professionals pointed out that the choice of sanitary ware products should be determined after the overall decoration style of the room, that is, before the overall renovation of the home, because only in this way, can be selected in the construction process The specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the sanitary ware products are reserved; in general, the sanitary ware products of different sanitary ware manufacturers have different requirements on the installation conditions. For example, the faucet needs to be pre-buried with appropriate pipelines, and the toilet needs to consider the drainage hole and the wall. The distance between the faces and the shower room needs to consider the bearing wall and the floor drain position. These must be done in the home decoration process, otherwise, the sanitary ware products are difficult to install and use.

  Basic common sense of sanitary ware installation

  Sanitary ware installation and construction process: sanitary ware inlay wall tile→ceiling→laying floor tile→installation Toilet, washbasin, bidet → installation and connection to the drain pipe → installation of lamps, sockets, mirrors → installation of towel rods and other hardware accessories.

  The process of the toilet: check the ground drain pipe → align the nozzle → level the alignment → draw the mark → punch the hole → put the putty → set the rubber pad → Screw on the nut, → mark the two sides of the water tank on the back of the tank, → punch the hole → insert the bolt → 捻 → → back the water tank to hang up and find the right → screw the nut → install the water tank elbow → install the eight-word door → put The mother’s lamp is well bent → insert the drift door and the eight-word door → tighten the nut.

   Washbasin process: expansion bolt insertion → 捻 → → basin tube rack hangs → put the washbasin on the rack to find the level → water connection: washbasin → straighten → Connected to the water.
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