Designed to attract backpackers

Every hotel has its own target audience, and most hotels are designed to fit families and couples, one of which is designed to appeal to backpackers. Located in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Ccasa Hostel was completed in 2016 by TAK Architects. The idea behind it is to encourage them to be free and travel, but especially to meet new people and interact with them in a comfortable environment to connect people around the world.

Although this concept is really interesting, it is not the reason why we are discussing this hotel today. We are actually particularly interested in design, more precisely, the materials and styles throughout the project. In the image below you will notice that part of the hotel is made up of re-adjusted containers. Before you understand all the details, it’s important to understand the structure of your structure.

Ccasa Hostel is divided into three areas, each with its own function and design. One is the district, where cooking and dining facilities come together. This area has a steel frame and is covered with black metallic paint. Another area is dedicated to the sleeping area, which is part of a hotel made of containers. The third area generally contains bathrooms and wet areas, with white bricks and concrete on the walls.

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Outdated Spanish colonial home was transformed into a mountain house

This Phoenix, Arizona home is located on the side of the Camelback Mountain and was recently transformed into a modern and stunning mountain house by an outdated Spanish colonial renaissance style. The home now works with an irregular landscape that includes an indoor/outdoor lifestyle with a focus on uninterrupted landscapes.

The part of the plan is to remove all the extra elements and start with a two-layer box. The interior is changed and the open living space will lead to the deck, hot tub, pool and valley views.

Limestone covers most of the exterior, not the typical red sedimentary sandstone.

With over refurbishment, over 2,000 square feet of covered courtyards have been created, increasing the available living space and helping to block indoor spaces in the hot desert sun.

A new master bedroom has been added upstairs.

The second layer covers the deck, and the double-folded stencil blocks some sunlight, but allows the breeze to filter in.

Exposed concrete covers the floor to help keep maintenance to a limit. Walnut wood and white are the tune of choice because it does not go beyond the red rocks outside.

Window and double folding glass doors provide a rocky view.

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Unique pool concept

Designed by architect Ramon Esteve, this pool is not only an added feature of the house, but is actually an integral part of the building design. The most unusual detail about it must be the fact that you can see the interior of the pool from inside the house. In addition, the indoor and outdoor spaces offer stunning views and the pool is large. This is a great house.

Patkau Architects also designed a great swimming pool. This is a residence in Vancouver, Canada. This is a tall structure with most of its features and outdoor entertaining space on the ground. In fact, this unique swimming pool is located on the second floor of the house side and is very impressive. But this is not all. The coolest thing about it is the bottom of the glass, which lets you see the inside of the pool from below, and also allows natural sunlight to filter through the water and project into the space below.

It turns out that the inside of the pool can be seen from the side or from below, we are fascinated, so here is another example of a unique swimming pool, when designed Consider this detail. This is the swimming pool designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop for Australian homes. It’s a swimming pool, so it’s long and narrow, it’s basically a huge transparent water tank, a bit like an aquarium, you can look at it from the living room.

The Jellyfish house designed by Wiel Arets Architects has one of the most amazing swimming pools in history. First of all, this is a very cool cantilevered swimming pool, but more importantly, the swimming pool has a transparent bottom that allows the sun to pass through the water and creates a very beautiful effect in the open lounge space below.

One cool thing about cantilevered pools is that they are usually positioned in such a way that they are exposed to the panorama, just like Paul de Ruiter Architects The same is true for the design of Villa K. The pool is long, rectangular and partially cantilevered at the edge of the field. Its unusuality lies in the positioning associated with the house. In other words, the swimming pool is perpendicular to the building.

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Chair imitating palm leaves

Imitated the form of palm leaves,PAMThe chair has a wooden tubular structure and is smooth and slim. The chair is made up of StudioformaDesigned for indoor or outdoor use, you may want to add a tropical feel.
The curved frame is made of walnut wood, each chair is handmade in Brianza, one is made in Italy. Famous area. For added comfort, PAMEquipped with a decorative mat.
Clean lines of chairs are added to Its striking silhouette seamlessly blends the legs with the seat and edges.

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Pay special attention to the surroundings of Milan Hotel

In Milan, Italy, the architecture + design studio Piuarch uses the design around the hotel and incorporates it into the design of the hotel itself.

At first glance, you have noticed the M89 hotel due to its unique roof structure. Take a step back and you will find that this design is actually a reinterpretation of the factory hall that the hotel is facing. These historic buildings originally belonged to one of Italy’s leading airlines, Caproni, and are now home to Gucci. The notch of the roof provides space for the hotel’s terrace + restaurant, which is made up of floor-to-ceiling windows and a wide view of the Milan skyline.

In the interior of the hotel, the hotel has minimalist colours, charcoal grey, white and green tones and a mix of 1950s and modern furniture. Although there is a feeling of moodiness in the public areas, the interior of the room is white walls and grey ceilings, adding brightness to the private space.

The hotel has 50 rooms and 5 suites with a more luxurious interior with oak parquet floors and wooden furniture made of walnut.

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Table of the Milan Furniture Fair 2016

Laser Art StyleThe table is fun and funky. It has a complementary mirror, but the two can also be used independently.

For a long time, we have always appreciated Multiple tables are used as a coffee table design. This comes from Max Divani The coffee table mixes the shape, height and surface. It is more useful than a large coffee table because you can move them.

ObjektoThe small table reverses the design of the legs, the legs pass through The desktop is completely different from the traditional table legs.

MIA CollectionsThe table set is made in Indonesia and has a very cool bench design. The seat is covered in leather, not just a piece of wood.

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Tokyo greenhouse becomes a multi-sensory experience when you touch plants

As part of the Tokyo 2017 Design Touch event, design studio PARTY built a technical color greenhouse installation in the Grass Plaza in downtown Tokyo. As part of a one-month festival, the focus is on “designing through five sensations” – an interactive event that combines color LED lights with seven different types of touch-sensitive digital vegetables.

Visitors are invited to observe and learn how to use touch, vision and sound gardening. When touched, each vegetable emits its own unique color and melody. PARTY’s sound engineer Ray Kunimoto explained that he recorded authentic plant noises such as “揉搓 seeds” and “touch leaves”. He then mixes the natural sounds with the orchestral instruments to create seven different melodies.

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Modern bench inspired by abstract painting

Los Angeles architect Dan Brunn unveiled a modern bench inspired by his own personal paintings. The bold abstract painting was reinterpreted as a bench.
The benches are made of slats and drawers made of sturdy beech wood, creating a natural backdrop for bright colors. Two drawers on the side provide extra storage and extra features.
The bench is limited.

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A renovated apartment in Warsaw, Poland

The interior design studio INDOOR recently completed the apartment in a 19th century building in the centre of Warsaw, Poland. The goal is to preserve historical elements while bringing modern aesthetics.

They combine colorful Art Deco furniture with contemporary painting while retaining textured walls to add history. The main living space is now quite open, adding a custom black steel bookcase that uses the original steel beams above.

The oak herringbone parquet floor was restored. The old-fashioned dining table is lined with chairs and a modern, stylish kitchen.

On the other side of the apartment away from the bustling streets, there are three bedrooms, bathrooms and closets.

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Floating sauna powered by motor

SeattlegoCstudioDesigned a place for friends and communities to enjoy the beauty of the lake together. The motor-powered structure is a floating sauna that cites a traditional Nordic sauna.
The sauna is equipped with an electric rotating motor, which is powerful enough to support the sauna in the lakes of Seattle. Sauna can accommodate 6People, it provides warmth through a wood-burning stove. After the sauna, you can jump into the lake Swimming in.

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