An old woman in Aomori Prefecture, Japan was buried under the eaves by heavy snow and died of freezing

China News Service, February 11th According to Japanese media reports, an 81-year-old woman in Putian District, Aomori Prefecture, Japan, was buried in the snow under her house, at around 3:50 pm local time on the 10th. Died.

According to the Aomori Police Department, the deceased was 81 years old and lived alone without any occupation. The police concluded that she was frozen to death, presuming that the death time was about late January.

After a detailed investigation by the local police, it was found that there was a hoe near the body, so it is speculated that it was probably buried in heavy snow during the snow sweeping process.

On February 10, the relevant welfare facilities officers reported to the local police that they had lost contact. Therefore, when the police officer in Aomori went to the elderly, she found that she had been frozen to death.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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