Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Glazed Tiles

With the continuous improvement of the decoration grade, All-glazed tiles occupies half of the home-made tiles, and is favored by countless consumers. All-glazed tiles is good, but there are some shortcomings. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of full polished glazed tiles? Below, Xiaobian will give you an analysis of All the glazed tiles “those things.”

I. All-glazed tiles advantages and disadvantages

1. Rich in color and strong in decoration

full polished glazed tile compared to polished tiles, its calcination process makes it a variety of colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc. are common colors, and the saturation can be chosen. There is no color that can’t be made, only the color you can’t think of. Texture, delicate and round. The size of the fully polished glazed tile is generally not too large, which makes its construction very flexible. Wall and cylinder are suitable.

2. Abrasion resistance, antifouling property

All-glazed tile, who has not lost in smoothness, in all tiles The top ranks are in the category. Because of its high smoothness, it has a very strong anti-fouling ability and is easy to clean. Compared to the microcrystalline stone series, the full polished glazed tile has lower maintenance cost. The walls of the kitchen and bathroom are perfect for fully polished glazed tiles.

3. Good water absorption and breathability

All-glazed tile unique calcination process, making it more symmetrical, more stable structure, fine, so it has good breathability and water absorption. For decades, the appearance is bright and clean, and it is not easy to fade and grind.

4, insufficient anti-skid and anti-collision ability

As we all know, the surface of the fully polished glazed tile is very smooth, which leads to its lack of anti-slip ability. Xiaobian suggested that all-glazed tiles should be used for wall and column decoration. If the bathroom floor is often used with water, it is not recommended for everyone. The full-glazed tile has limited impact resistance and is not suitable for use on the ground in the hotel mall.

2,All-glazed tileHow to deal with scratches

1, wiping method

If the tile surface is not serious, you can try to apply toothpaste and wipe with a soft cloth. .

2, touch method

You can find some paints with the same color and tile color, brush on the tile surface.

3, replacement method

If scratches affect the overall beauty, try to replace it with new tiles to ensure the overall aesthetics, However, this method is too costly and you should choose as appropriate.

4, waxing

Washing scratches are not particularly obvious, you can also apply a layer of wax on the scratches, which can be played down The effect of tile scratches.

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