A couple’s home in Stockholm

Manually planned and bright interior design, this apartment is a cozy home for couples. This is a 35m2 apartment located in Stockholm and is currently sold at a price of 2.2 million kronor. The apartment is very beautiful, with a large window on the southwest side and a lovely balcony.
The apartment has a partially open space and a spacious kitchen. Overall, there are great storage facilities and functional plans. The location is very convenient, only three minutes to reach the subway, the interior is carefully planned, with bright large windows and a sunny balcony. The living area is spacious and shares open space with the kitchen.

The lobby is large with white tiled walls and doors, and the lounge area is spacious and full of natural light. It also includes The kitchen, breakfast bar, and walls are white so create a strong contrast with the floor. This area has entered a sunny balcony at the southwest end. The kitchen has a freshly designed and functionally decorated white living area. Refurbished in 2010, it has an induction cooktop and oven, hood, dishwasher, refrigerator and a built-in wine rack.
There is a relaxing decor in the bedroom. Large enough to accommodate a double bed, it also has a large window with spotlights on the ceiling, white walls and dark floors. The bathroom has grey walls, white tiled floors and the balcony is sunny. In short, the apartment is elegant, simple, comfortable and enticing.

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