Observing the breathing step and the problem of saliva

Viewing the breathing stop step and the problem of saliva. mp3 From the upper fruit of the Zen Master No. 00:00-02:52

Someone asked: May I ask Master, is it a long, slow breath, and sighing for a long time without sucking? I always just started to breathe in. I didn’t stop talking for a long time, then I breathed in and then sighed, and there was too much saliva.

Master Kong Kong: Yes, that’s it. You see it now, you will master it all at once. It is possible that when you are not practicing for a while, you find that you can only breathe in. When you breathe in the air, you will find that you can still suck. You will continue to suck. Then, you find that you can still suck again after a while, and you will continue to suck again. At this time, you don’t have to exhale every time, you don’t have to exhale. cheap cpap cleaner and sanitizer is correct, just continue to do it, and continue to do as you go.

“Viewing Breathing Detailed”

Li Changqin (questioner), this mouthful of water is nectar, that is, the method of watching the breathing works, this saliva is more, after your lasciviousness is not easy Fluctuating, this is a very good effect, you will benefit! But this is only a preliminary one and should continue to practice. If you can extend your meditation to two hours at this time, you can continue to sit down and sit down. As you sit down, the final result is possible, reaching your ultimate goal, clear-minded, See the Buddha at the flower. But you have to be able to sit for two hours first, and then the heart has not fluctuated.

I hope that everyone can take some time out of your busy schedule, take time out for your future life and death, and work together to repair. The power of meditation is very great. As long as you practice enough, then Buddha and Bodhisattva will bless you. I am afraid that you will fish for three days and net the net for two days. This will not be effective, and the Buddha and Bodhisattva will not have so much time to care for you. Therefore, in the group to repair time, I hope that you can all take time to work together. Because after all, we have a total of more than 4,000 people in this group. There are more than 4,000 people in our group. Even if we have a hundred people working together, the power is very big and hard to come by.

China nowAlthough there are 1.3 billion people, there are very few people who can have 100 people together in this group. It is just that there are some people who are playing Zen seven, but it is just such a number, and it is in a short period of time. However, we have a meditation practice. The bamboo forest house has four time periods to be repaired every day. I hope that you can take responsibility for yourself and really face the problem of this practice.

—Pictures under the fruit

Modern home converted from an old barn

Loughloughan Barnis a lovely home in Northern Ireland. The project retains some of the elements of the existing stone barn and uses them in new structures with a more modern look. The transformation is completed in 2013Year, is McGarry-Moon ArchitectsResponsible for a project. The new house has a unique personality, filled with rustic details, but it actually looks like an updated replica of an old barn.

The old Barn in the Bangporto area of ​​Italy has been damaged by the earthquake. The surrounding area is also a structure damaged by natural phenomena and time. This special barn is architected. Life has been transformed into a stylish and modern home. The transformation is in 2016Year byArchiplanCompleted. The structure is now a stylish residence with a simple and fresh interior, open spaces and beautiful scenery.

SloveniaAlpine Barn The apartment is an inspiring example of renovation. Its footprint is 120 Square , by OFIS Architectsin 2015 Completed in the year. The architect transformed an old barn into a modern loft apartment. They decided to keep the original look and create a contrast with the new interior design. The place that used to be the bottom of the stable has now become a beautiful and enticing family room.

Alster, Belgium,The BarnYesPascal Francois ArchitectsResponsible for a project, A new structure has been added to the existing brick barn. The structure is simple and modern, but the design elements are visually connected to the old barn. The interior and exterior reflect the history of the building. Therefore, the design is a new and old combination, both The countryside is modern and there is an interesting conversation between the interior and exterior.

The UK also has its own old barn, some of which have been remodeled Into a modern house. An example of this is Brotherton Barn, located in Oxfordshire, is The Anderson Orr PartnershipReformed. The renovation is completed in 2007Year, the barn turned into an elegantThe residence has a strong connection with its past. The new design is not outstanding, and the interior is a beautiful combination of rustic and modern.

Because of its size, we really can’t call this house a barn. It is located in Gloucestershire, England and used to be an old agricultural building. It has been converted into a family home with a total area of ​​9700 square feet. It has two bedrooms on the first floor, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. The upper level has two bedrooms and an office. In addition to these, the home also has an entertainment area, a studio, a library and an art gallery space. The floors are connected by a sculptural spiral staircase wrapped in a round glass envelope.

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Five strokes to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring

With the changes in the international economic environment, domestic timber raw material prices have soared, production costs have continued to rise, and the flooring industry is facing unprecedented cost pressures. In order to reduce costs, some companies shoddy and inferior, such as the production of two-color plates, transfer plates, veneers, thin back plates and short-lived plates to pretend to be good for consumers.

First, the quality of the wood floor greasy swatch is poor. The raw part of the sapwood and core material is solid wood substrate. The surface of the floor is treated with color fine or special coloring to eliminate sapwood and core material. The color difference between them to serve as a premium solid wood flooring sales deceives consumers. Since the air dry density, water content, and wood hardness of the sapwood and the core material are different, it is easy to cause a series of quality problems such as arching, deformation, and cracking of the floor. Identification method: After the floor surface is sanded or sawn to the floor, the end face will show a serious color difference. Second, the secret wood floor greasy adapter plate splicing is not environmentally friendly. Some tailings, lower wire plates and solid wood flooring plates of different lengths are spliced ​​by finger jointing process, and serve as pure solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers. Such a floor is spliced ​​by a large amount of adhesive glue, and the formaldehyde content is high and environmentally friendly, and deformation and cracking are easily caused due to uneven stress in the floor. Identification method: longitudinal sawing or sanding visible finger joints. Third, the secret wood floor greasy stickers panel shoddy on the inferior solid wood substrate paste 0.05mm-2mm thickness solid wood veneer, to serve as a pure solid wood floor sales to deceive consumers. Such flooring is unstable due to the selection of inferior substrates, and the use of adhesive glue to press the veneer and the inferior wood together, it is easy to cause the veneer to peel off from the substrate, and there is a certain formaldehyde content is not environmentally friendly. Identification method: It can be distinguished by observing the surface and bottom surface of the floor. The wood grain on the surface of the solid wood floor and the bottom surface are basically the same, and the veneer is completely different. Fourth, the secret wood floor greasy transfer board wood grain is not natural Use of wood defects such as insect eyes, spots, cracks, etc., to serve as a solid wood floor sales to deceive consumers. The transfer board is made of inferior grade B wood as the base material. The quality of the floor is unstable, the wood grain is unnatural, similar to the reinforced floor. At the same time, the lacquer surface is easy to fall off and crack due to less lacquer coating process. Identification method: It can be distinguished by surface wood grain. The wood grain of solid wood floor is natural, the wood grain of the transfer board is the same, there is basically no color difference, and the wood grain on the back and front is completely different. V. Demystifying the wooden floor, the short-lived board technology is not up to standard The wooden floor is a modern industrial product with high production technology and certain technical content. Due to their own conditions, some enterprises fail to meet national standards in terms of paint adhesion and paint surface hardness. In particular, moisture content control is not strict, resulting in deformation and paint in a short period of time after floor covering. The surface is peeled off and the surface is not scratch resistant. Identification method: The results can be obtained through the evaluation of the on-site wooden floor.

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Renovated medieval style home in Los Angeles

A couple is hiredLANEYLARedesigned their homes near Silver Lake in Los Angeles while retaining medieval style. The family home did not have enough space, so the architects looked for ways to reconfigure the space.
The new office space benefits from the windows at the bottom of the stairs, which help bring more daylight.
In addition to a dedicated office, they also need a guest bedroom. In order to do this in a small space They built a custom desk, bookshelves and sofas. The full-size bed was hidden in the frame behind the wall, and the sofa was pulled out to become a bed.
The boy’s bedroom has a hidden desk that is integrated into the built-in storage cabinet.
skylight and new built-in storage are installed in the new owner’s bedroom.
The front door was moved forward Three feet, an interior corridor was removed to build a new master suite.

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Wyoming’s house between the stream and the mountains

This Wyoming house has a mountain on one side and a stream on the other. The house is largely shaped by the surrounding environment and is partly limited by local building regulations.

The landscape and environment define the direction, shape and design of the house. The architect gave the space two different ceiling heights. The public area of ​​the house is located in a higher structure, while the private room is located on the second floor of the second structure.

The positioning of the two types of structures is also strategic in terms of landscape. The higher structure faces the mountains and the lower level faces the garden and the stream. As a result, there is a strong relationship between the house and the surrounding environment.

The relationship between interior space and outdoor is also very strong. The L-shaped floor plan brings a beautiful courtyard. To avoid excessive exposure to sunlight in the interior and to ensure a smooth transition, the architects created a partition made of wood and glass.

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kindergarten artificial Grass and other sport course

2017 Maison&Objet Ex.t launches 3 new products

The Italian brand Ex.t does not take the usual path when designing bathroom products, bringing three new products. Working with Samuel Wilkinson and Norm Architects, Ex.t is expanding their bathroom design, including two new mirrors and a sink table that can completely change any bathroom space.
London designer Samuel Wilkinson designed two new mirrors inspired by outer space and gravity. Float is a mirror with a milky glass ball that “floats” on a mirror and a semi-circular marble shelf.

Gravity is made of double-sided mirrors with frames, which are attracted to each other by magnetic forces.

Frame has explored a new sink cabinet. The choice of wood gives the work a warm feeling.

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The former space base becomes a modern design studio

Although it was built in the 1930s, the Dutch Ypenburg air base is ahead of schedule. Designed by renowned Dutch architects Jan Brinkman and Leendert van der Vlugt, this air base was recently refurbished to become a studio for the design brand VanBerlo.
VanBerlo collaborated with Remko Verhaagen and Ad van Berlo to create a functional workspace that preserves the style of a truly original historic building. The result is an airy open space with historic details and modern comfort.
The building uses sturdy and minimalist materials such as concrete, plywood and felt.
In order to be more loyal to the roots of the building, the aviation theme of the office always runs through the building. For example, the cafe was named Operation Manna, a famine relief operation in World War II. The conference room was named Frits Diepen, a famous Dutch aviation expert.

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Venetian building was transformed into a Venetian pavilion

This multi-purpose historic building was once a four-story building from 1926. It is home to a telephone company and now has offices, gallery space and a loft with a roof garden. Alexander Design restored and designed this Venetian loft with grey tones, soft textures and original industrial details.

The open floor plan uses large windows to keep the room filled with daylight. The original structure provides intimate advice on how to split the space, including the living room, kitchen, dining room, lounge area, office, bedroom, two bathrooms, a gym and a playful swing.

The kitchen was built by adding open wall shelves, a row of lower cabinets and a huge island.

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Bangkok Modern Villa with Private Garden

This modern villa is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Combining Thai roots and modernity, the three-storey villa is a spacious, light-filled home with a private garden. The façade is designed with a vertical concrete and the rectangular structure has an excellent pattern. Two cantilevered flower pot boxes were used to grow green plants.
The entrance has an open staircase leading to the main living area.
The living room has two-story windows and sliding glass doors that bring natural light into the room while separating the space. The middle floor includes a restaurant and bar area with a rotating window that allows the breeze to pass through.
The master bedroom occupies the entire second floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows on the front and back for the much-needed light. The top floor is another two bedrooms and a laundry room.

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Small chain restaurants that promote sustainable development

ASH NYC teamed up with Dig Inn to design a 4,200 square foot space to promote small restaurant chains. The restaurant is divided into three separate spaces: the reception restaurant, the food pick-up station and the area for evening meals and drinking. ASH brings its own aesthetic to each region. The evening restaurant area is filled with deep saturated green, while the front area is brighter and lit by chandeliers and large windows. The custom chandelier lighting in the room is made of glass balls and brass arms, and custom furniture such as long oak and marble tables encourages public eating.
The restaurant opened in January 2017 and is dedicated to helping the community and promoting sustainable development.

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