The key factor in the success or failure of the franchisee water purifier

2016 Spring Festival is approaching, although relatively few months before the entire water industry is much deserted, but the water purifier manufacturer is still much work to do. Shenzhen-spring believe that there are at least four aspects to do:

First, the inventory liquidation

before the Spring Festival, be sure to clean up the water purifier manufacturer stock, can not not sell the product is left to go to next year. We know that the product is updated with each passing day, the next year, it means that hard to sell. So you can do some special promotions to digest inventory, you can take restructuring or resource recycling and other ways to solve the inventory problem.

Second, do a good job of Experience 2020

years ago, not only summed up the old year, summarized the work and reflection, but also for the new year to do planning. There will be a summary of progress, there will be a planned target. Water purifier manufacturers do not ignore the summary effect. Clear spring water purifier brand water purifier manufacturer recommends that all must work for 2020 are summarized in the end, find and solve problems.

Third, continue to support proxy

concerned a good proxy franchisee, to be more at the end of greeting proxy franchisees, understand its development, to address their needs; care about good supply business, in order to achieve better cooperation. Many water purifier manufacturers often do not pay attention to at the end of caring for others, it is not right. The more the end, the more care is necessary. Clear spring in this area to do well, very concerned about the Agent’s promotional situation, arrange a special marketing manager of market support agents.

four years ago to wrap up work

this point I believe that many water purifier manufacturers are doing. But still it is necessary to put under, water purifier manufacturers must do the work of fire security at the end, in the years to carefully investigation and security risks, conditional to arrange for someone on duty, production safety must be guaranteed. There are also other manufacturers of finishing work, this is not one of the terms.

The above is a water purifier manufacturer years ago to do a few things, clear spring 2016 outlook will continue to improve product quality and service, increasing the proxy franchisee support efforts.

Understand the market in water purification agents are more certainty

NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, August 28, from the company of the China Merchants came the news again. Clear Springs Zhumadian Zhengyang joined distributor established formally signed, the total beam from Zhengyang County, Yuan total officially became a clear spring family. The contract will further enhance the clear mountain spring in Henan Province brand influence, has laid a solid foundation for all-round regional markets open Zhumadian, Henan clear spring area started to join, water purifier investment hot in progress!

of the total beam from Zhengyang County, Yuan always said it was because the water purification industry optimistic about the prospects and clear mountain spring water purifier brand strength, decided to invest in water purification business. It is understood that the total Liang Yuan in total after the show on August 20 Shunde learned clear spring water purifier, the company’s strength is very recognized, clear spring night that is rushed to Shenzhen to visit the headquarters from Shunde, visit the company after Liang total, Yuan total strength of the company’s insight into, then recently joined the clear spring.

What needs to be noted that the water purifier has joined the agency

With the continuous improvement of living standards, coupled with the current has much room for development on water environment pollution, water purifiers. At this point, many people began to do water purifier to join, would like to place on the water purifier market. Following small for water purifiers to join the agency says what needs attention, which brand?

First, the water purifier brand

water purification products quality is the foundation of brand choice. First, find out if the water purifier manufacturers to obtain health permits and approval documents wading higher health supervision departments, whether through the identification of technical supervision departments, compliance with national standards, “drinking water quality standards.” Secondly, we should try to choose a number of high-profile brand. We should not choose those technologies and product quality defective brand. From the development of water purification industry point of view, all the strength of the water purifier companies generally have self-developed technologies and products creativity, and in water purification products production equipment, will have access to advanced level.

Second, consumer demand

water purifier to bring a comfortable and convenient living, more and more people of all ages. But each consumer demand for water purifier is different. Standardization, excellent water purifier manufacturers will have excellent product development capabilities. In order to better layout of the market, increase brand awareness, they will not be limited to the development of a number of water purification products, but the design and development of different types of water purification products to meet consumer demand, in order to respond to different regions. As well as the needs of different groups.

Third, the development of intelligent

With the development of society, science and technology, more and more people seek the wisdom of life. Development has also embarked on a water purifier intelligent way. Can automatically alerts, backwash function, fault self-test function. These features more and more people of all ages, the development trend of intelligent will also lead to the development of the water purifier market prospects.

water purifier which brand to join a good agent? Qing Xiao Bian think only spring finally adhere to innovation, to keep up with consumer demand for water purifier brand to do.

Water purification agents do good, depending on what issues?

Brand water purification agents, for entrepreneurs, greater brand awareness, the more favorable future operation. In fact, the same is true in the minds of consumers, who are big brands, they tend to give priority to who. So brand water purification agents, the election of the most important brand.

but the nature of the problem return, choose a good water purifier brand is not so easy. We know that today’s water purifier market is growing, and so a variety of brands also increased, according to incomplete statistics, as of the first half of 2020, the country has 5000 water purifier brand. There are many small workshops or even trading companies without their own production workshop and where there is no quality assurance, but also on the Internet big promotion, mislead investors.

Why entrepreneurs, investors prefer to brand it? From the issue of sale of the analysis is not difficult to understand, even the best product there will be some small problems, but also to meet people eggs inside bones, that also need to be addressed, so be sure to keep up with the after-sale problems. There is a problem directly to the manufacturer, saving time and effort. Like clear spring water purifier, perfect after-sale responsibility to protect the interests of franchisees.

Second, the brand means higher profits. If we observe around us there are consumers and found that they all tend to brand consumer psychology, buy Apple phone, air-conditioning buy Midea, Gree refrigerator to buy, this is a kind of brand consumer psychology. Of course, the same is true of water purifiers, consumers also because of the brand and the option to purchase. Most importantly, a water purifier brand profit margins will be relatively large, access to benefits will be greater.

At the same time, it means that there is a better brand marketing programs, no matter how good the product, if not propaganda, do not do marketing, it can make money is very little. So, do marketing is necessary, but we need to do better than everyone else. For example, clear spring water purifier brand, a professional team planning marketing programs, send professionals to do local marketing activities to guide, promote the growth of turnover.

brand water purification agents, the election of the most important brand. Select brand means less risk, more profits, the original article by the clear mountain spring water purification organ network, hoping to help you.

bring the Internet industry problems

the integration of IT and OT in terms of technology, in fact, not difficult, but the key difference is that thinking, which is reflected in the following areas: 1. The difference between the tool and the core business for the IT side, the interconnected network , database, development platform, application software is their core product, so do the manufacturing time, IT is based on the realization of their own products, what programs can do to find the scene (note, is looking for scenarios, but not for the scene design products), and OT people to do the manufacturing sector, he is to solve the problem, looking for better tools to solve problems, for example, in order to achieve more economic data presentation, Web Server can be integrated into the controller, You can then access via IE, and therefore , the OT is found in looking for IT technology tools.
It’s like I just graduated from Angel Yeast work as electrical and instrumentation section, we will find that their salaries compared to fermentation and drying process section has a large gap between our highest less than their lowest level since in this biological fermentation enterprises, fermentation and drying process is the core mechanical and electrical auxiliary, which is similar to the + Internet. This is the difference between treatment groups in both directions in the manufacturing sector, the OT person point of view, this is not the core of IT, so , just + Intnernet it, because IT is a tool, and for IT people, they think we can form a new Internet + ecological and profitable business model. Thus , Internet + and + Internet is not a simple vocabulary to create controversy, actually behind the two camps of their respective manufacturing upgrade “me” centered understand. 2. Bottom-up and top-down thinking already mentioned last time, the Internet industry in terms of achieving its aim of course is to be implemented to improve the overall operational efficiency through digital connections, OT At present, many people for so-called IT industry is dominated by the Internet have found these comments because the architecture can not fall to the ground because of the complexity of the IT field who are not aware, the Internet and business are two completely different worlds, because real-time, stability and reliability , safety – not to speak of information security, but to the functional safety of persons and property safety of production, unlike commercial networks, iT-based architecture to promote the overall top-down and bottom OT must verify feasible, then a grade level upward, the implementation must ensure that the data transmission connection possible, and accurate signal acquisition, and data collection storage, or mechanism model data intelligent algorithm to consider the application, and then performing the feedback, closed-loop verification must start from the bottom instead of starting with a ride on top of architecture, go to so-called technical iterations.

Buy floor knowledge okorder

There are several ways to choose the floor to choose

1. Before you buy, you must first know the level, orientation and area of ​​your home. It is best to draw a plan for the overall planning, and assign the use function of each room. Then choose the floor according to local conditions; in general, young people are busy because of work and study, so it is impossible to completely agree with the requirements of the elderly and children. It is best to discuss the consensus of the whole family, determine the direction of the purchase of the floor; The performance is temporary for a long time. In the laying construction, it will cause operation and damage to the surrounding buildings; finally, we must consider our own economic capacity and budget renovation costs.

2. The types of wood flooring mainly include: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, bamboo flooring and so on. The realization needs to know which kind of floor to choose, and then there is a goal to focus on the selection decision. 3. After the type is determined, the tree species, color, grade, price, and specifications must be further determined.

4. At present, the manufacturers and brands of wood flooring on the market are dazzling and dazzling. Three products are everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to know the brand and credibility of the floor when purchasing. Try to buy well-known brand flooring.

5. Through the investigation of the above steps, the type of the floor, the color, the grade specifications, and the price level have been well-informed, that is, the direction of the purchase is determined and the payment is prepared. It must be further clarified before purchase: 1 the quality of the floor; 2 the method of laying; 3 the promise of warranty.

6. The supplier will collect the money according to the receipt of the contract, and the two parties will identify the contract. In principle, whoever buys the floor will be laid, so don’t look for someone to lay it yourself, so as to avoid the quality problems and push each other’s responsibility, so that consumers will suffer unnecessary losses.

7. Before the floor is laid, the floor is sent to the construction site by the manufacturer. Consumers should promptly check whether the quantity, quality, specifications, colors, grades, etc. of the floor and accessories are consistent with the purchase requirements, and must not be vague. The word, ambiguous and two can be done before the laying.

8. After the number of floors and quality approval, determine the laying process, ground handling requirements, before the laying.

9. Try to supervise on site, that is to say, while laying, guiding, and acceptance.

10. After the decoration is completed, the final acceptance and approval will be carried out, and the settlement of the project will be repaid. And ask for the after-sales service card.

11. Pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, after the floor is laid, at least 24 hours of maintenance, to make it cemented to avoid the floor, affecting the life.

Release date: 2012/2/14 11:12:42

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Explore: Antique floor and laminate flooring market dynamics okorder

The sales of antique flooring continued to decline, and merchants have adopted various methods to open up customers and increase sales; the floor export market has begun to shift, and domestic flooring merchants have shifted their eyes from Europe and the United States to neighboring countries in Asia.

1, antique floor: sales continue to decline, businesses have adopted various methods to open up customers and increase sales.

The recent downturn in the flooring market has dragged down the sales of flooring. Many merchants have reported to reporters that they have not received new floor orders for a long time. The projects they are doing now are mainly orders from old customers. However, with the continued downturn in the home improvement market, orders from old customers are also decreasing. In order to obtain more orders, the floor merchants will continue to improve the use of the products in addition to giving greater discounts on the price. Such as antique flooring, the reporter recently found that many floor businesses are selling some plates larger than the floor wide. Merchants revealed to reporters that these antique floors, in addition to having better quality, are more characteristic in hand and shape, and in use, they can be used for both flooring and wallboarding, and more importantly The price is quite cheap. In the case of falling sales, merchants have taken various measures to open up customers and increase sales. It can also be seen that the current operating pressure of flooring businesses is constantly expanding. At present, Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market has a price of 165 yuan/square meter for the antique floor of 600m 125×18mm.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021834001640.jpg”>

Exploration: Market dynamics of antique flooring and laminate flooring


2, laminate flooring: the export market began to shift, domestic flooring business eyes from Europe and the United States to the neighboring countries.

The recent autumn Canton Fair in Guangzhou is still crowded, but in the United States Under the influence of ‘double anti-‘, the floor outlets have gradually changed. According to the information observed and learned by the reporter, most of the foreigners in this autumn fair are Asian foreigners (such as India, Egypt, Iran, etc.), while North America and Western Europe. The proportion of foreign businessmen is less than 5%. In addition, most of the foreign merchants are wholesalers and building materials dealers. The floor expertise is insufficient, and they do not pay attention to the craftsmanship of the color scheme. However, they have an unusual sensitivity to the floor price, and the price advantage is the most obvious. Reinforced flooring has always been the ‘darling’ of these foreign businessmen. Domestic flooring merchants also told reporters that the European and American flooring market has become increasingly weak. In the past month, three cabinets could be taken, and now one can not be sold in three months. The goods in the cabinet, the sales volume is low, Run less, the attractiveness of the European and American flooring market to domestic flooring merchants is steadily weakening. At present, the price of Yusha incense laminate flooring in Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market is 807×130×12mm, which is 70 yuan/square meter.

Others Floor market: The property market continues to be sluggish, the first-tier city floor market is still weak, the pace of business development in the second-tier city floor market continues to increase, and the cheaper products become the ‘life-saving straw’ for floor businesses.

Release date: 2011/11 /11 11:15:06

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Advancing against the market, the expansion of floor enterprise channels needs to be more diversified okorder

At the beginning of 2012, the cold market of the flooring industry has become very obvious. Industry professionals are not optimistic about the industry prospects. The artificial increase of raw materials caused by the devaluation of the renminbi, the export caused by external appreciation, the real estate market restrictions and restrictions. The tightening of loans and credits has led to a tight capital chain… All of which have greatly affected the basic trend of the flooring industry in 2012. From a longer time perspective, the Chinese economy has experienced rapid growth for more than 30 years. The large amount of demand accumulated in the past few decades has gradually digested in the rapid expansion of market capacity. Whether in the real estate industry or the flooring industry, the future market is still However, the glorious scene of the overall high-speed growth will be difficult to reproduce. Faced with these tests, how the flooring industry survives or even contrarians has become one of the most concerned issues for enterprises.

Excess area of ​​the store, excess business, and overall overcapacity, these can only wait for the entire industry to resolve through shuffling and restructuring. The means by which a single company responds to the decline in the average profit rate of the industry can only work hard to improve the production efficiency, increase the added value of products and brands, reduce channels and management fees, and complete the self-salvation of the enterprise in this ‘industry winter’. The expansion and improvement of channels is the key to the continued development of enterprises in the future.

Perseverance: Traditional channels do deep work and focus on second- and third-tier emerging markets

According to relevant information, current flooring companies Entering the building materials city is still the main channel for retail sales, accounting for more than 60% of all channel models, which is also the traditional channel for sales in the flooring industry. In the traditional off-season of the flooring market in June and July each year, many floor distributors have issued such a voice: ‘The whole market has sold well on the floors of several big brands such as homes and icons. It is understood that the channel construction of the living home floor is in a stage of rapid development. The products cover various styles. In the terminal, the main market is through the sinking of the third and fourth-tier emerging markets and the channel is stripped, and the terminal store is steadily added to meet the market. demand.

According to relevant data, from January to June 2011, the number of new stores in the home has reached 282. In the short to medium term, Building Materials City will continue to be the main channel for floor sales, and the building materials store is also developing towards the ‘flagship store’ and ‘experience store’. The closing of the ‘Live Home’ Hangzhou store, allowing floor merchants to enter the building materials city is more cautious.

Innovation: Breaking through the traditional vision channel to expand more diversified

It should be seen that in addition to large stores, dealers, stores In addition to traditional channels, new channels such as group purchase, engineering and online sales are in the process of rapid development. If flooring companies want to win in the future, they must actively participate in it and develop new channels suitable for them.

factory group purchase

It is understood that the group industry’s group buying activities are in full swing, such as living home floor, David floor The Zhengge floor and so on have carried out factory group purchase activities, and the market has responded well. In the first half of 2011, the family launched a large group purchase of 1,000 people in their three factories in Nantong, Chengdu and Zhongshan, and achieved good market performance with these three large-scale factory group purchases.

Engineering Channels

At present, companies that have done a good job in real estate development wood flooring projects have icons and large Natural and living home brands. Some time ago, Living Home Floor signed a national strategic cooperation agreement with Contemporary Real Estate and Delta Group. This was after the agreement with Vanke Group, Evergrande Real Estate, Agile and many other well-known domestic real estate developers. Another outcome in the channel. It is understood that the living home floor currently has a high market share in the fine decoration market, is one of the largest floor project suppliers in the country, and has obtained the ‘Chinese developer’s preferred floor brand’ certificate.

Internet Marketing

In addition, the flooring industry may wish to refer to the development of the home appliance industry and the status quo today. Nowadays, the younger generation who grew up in the Internet era has become the main force of consumption. These people are increasingly adopting such a model when they are buying electricity. Go down to the nearby Gome and Suning to listen to the promoters in detail and optimistic about a certain brand. Model of home appliances, then go upstairs to log in to Jingdong, excellent to go to the order. This consumption model is called the ‘Gome + Jingdong’ model, which can be seen at a glance at the product and enjoy the price concessions. It was just after seeing this ‘vulnerability’ that Gome and Suning, which had not entered the e-commerce, had finally established online shopping malls such as and Suning Tesco, intending to intercept the lost customers. However, from the current point of view, the disadvantages of the latter are quite obvious.

Similarly, flooring companies can also shift their focus to the network, and the logistics cost of the flooring industry is not higher than color TVs and refrigerators, and the requirements for packaging and delivery time. It is relatively more lenient. If the online sales can be supported, then the floor companies will be more emboldened when they play a price game with a store like Red Star Macalline.

The current real estate market is uncertain, the macro floor market is confusing, and if the floor companies only rely on traditional stores, they are likely to be eliminated by the market. Only by focusing on channel reforms and exploring new ways, traditional stores, engineering, decoration companies, community promotion, group purchases and other channels can be used to win the future.

Release date: 2012/3/7 11:50:04

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Floor industry celebrity endorsements must be able to please okorder

In the flooring industry, it is very popular for companies to ask for celebrities to make endorsements. Some flooring brands may not be familiar with most, but its spokespersons are indeed household names. The company invites the star to speak for the brand. The main purpose of the company is to convey the brand’s appeal to consumers and attract consumers’ attention and recognition. Since it is endorsement, the height of the brand itself still plays a leading role, and joining the protagonist becomes a star, it may be that the match between the brand and the spokesperson is a problem. In addition, for the star, for the sake of their own image and value is not affected, it is natural to make choices in the endorsement of the brand, not just to earn a replacement fee and casually become the spokesperson of the company and the brand.

Flooring industry stars must be able to afford to push.

The current reality of the flooring industry is that, due to the constraints of funding conditions, the floor companies have to ask for celebrity endorsements to have the phenomenon of ‘can afford, can’t move’. Please bet, that is to say, in the choice of the star, basically within the range of choice, basically have been invited by the floor. It is because the floor companies have invested in the media, and there is still a state of “more than enough, but insufficient strength” in the execution of market terminals. What makes the company worry is that the stars have also invited, the advertising industry has voted, and the consumers seem to be indifferent, and there is no obvious growth in sales.

Many people know that world-class brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi are typical representatives of celebrity endorsements. These brands have large enough wrists, enough numbers, high publicity costs, and more importantly, they will change over time. Constantly update the spokesperson. In addition to the strength of the company, this is also related to the industry in which they are located. For a carbonated beverage with almost zero nutritional value, fashion may be the biggest pursuit of the brand, which is why they always do the first time The reason why the red stars join hands. For many brands under the P&G, it seems that the situation of the public actors is more, which also verifies the matching problem of the spokesperson.

The promotion cost of enterprise investment should match the celebrity endorsement

The main problem facing the flooring industry is that the concentration of the industry is low, and the attention of consumers is not high. If the upstream concentration is low, it is difficult to form a large-scale enterprise, and the ability in brand promotion will be greatly reduced, while the consumer’s attention will be more difficult to concentrate, which directly affects the concentration of upstream enterprises. Interaction, the chaotic state of the flooring industry in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States is naturally difficult to end. Back to the question of brand celebrity endorsement, the general scale of furniture enterprises is small, the promotion cost of enterprises is small, and the execution ability of channels and terminals is not enough. Please star in the state of snow storage, and it will not play its due role.

The low concentration of the flooring industry is not only the degree of standardization in the market, but also closely related to the upstream industry chain of the entire industry. The product category involved in the flooring industry is complex. From raw materials to production, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, etc., there are too many unstable factors in any link. On the one hand, there is a large amount of inventory, on the other hand, the shortage of goods is serious. The supply is not timely, which is a difficult problem for the flooring industry for many years. Another factor that cannot be ignored is that it is difficult to work and difficult to manage. It is also a major problem affecting the manufacturing of the furniture industry. Due to the limitations of this aspect, it is difficult for flooring companies to achieve breakthroughs in scale.

Market environment and consumer factors should be considered

It is not difficult to understand why some leading brands in the industry have called for integration market for several years. To integrate market leaders, it is necessary to clean up the portal through price wars, but Subject to post-platform issues, resulting in tight supply, terminal prices continue to rise, competitors are easy to find survival opportunities through the price war market.

Naturally, integration becomes an empty talk. Therefore, it is difficult for flooring companies to break through the bottleneck of scale, and the celebrity endorsements can only naturally make a icing on the cake, and it is difficult to play an ideal role.

The celebrity endorsement ‘can not move’ is also due to market environment and consumer factors. With the rise of the Internet and various emerging media, consumers are faced with the problem of ‘information flooding’ and excessive dissemination, and for enterprises, the difficulty of promotion and promotion has increased. It is difficult to quickly launch a competitor’s encirclement by launching an ‘advertising war’ in a short period of time, causing consumer concern. For consumers, the theme of consumption has gradually changed from 60-70s to 70-80s. Personalization has become a trend of consumption. A single celebrity endorsement may attract some consumers, but for most consumers. May be ‘immune’. A single star is difficult to carry the brand’s appeal. Therefore, the restrictiveness of celebrity endorsements is also increasing. Not only must the celebrity’s choice be very cautious, but also more multi-channel insurance.

Release date: 2011/12/15 11:33:18

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China Flooring Association wants to apply to cancel the consumption tax on solid wood flooring okorder

The China Flooring Association is preparing to submit a report on the application for the cancellation of the 5% consumption tax on solid wood flooring to relevant government departments. Industry insiders admit that in the case of the downturn in the flooring industry, the elimination of the consumption tax on solid wood flooring will help boost sales and promote industry development.

A person familiar with the matter disclosed to the “First Financial Daily” yesterday: ‘The China Flooring Association has drafted relevant reports and is ready to submit it to relevant government departments. ‘The insider also said: ‘At the time of the initial collection, the floor industry had higher profits. Many flooring companies did not care. Now the profit margin of flooring companies has shown a large decline. Many enterprises have difficulty in operating, and the entire industry has cancelled the consumption of solid wood flooring. Big. However, to cancel this tax, the difficulty is still large. ‘

It is understood that in 2006, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice to impose a 5% consumption tax on solid wood flooring. At present, the taxed products account for about 30% of the total floor consumption.

Zhang Lin, former president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, said that at that time, due to the shortage of global forest resources, with the increasing awareness of forest environmental protection in the world, the export control of timber was generally strengthened. Consumption, the introduction of the consumption tax, at the same time, solid wood flooring at that time as a high-end consumer goods, the consumption tax is also necessary.

However, as the market developed, the original situation also changed. Li Jiafeng, president of the China Flooring Association, said that first of all, nearly 90% of the raw materials for solid wood flooring come from North America and South Africa. The consumption of wood in the country is very small. Even if it is domestic wood, it is also a regenerative forest, and it does not damage the environment. Wu Bi, secretary-general of the Jiangsu Wood Industry Association, told the author that some areas in Jiangsu are planted with fast-growing tree species such as poplars. Because China’s fast-growing forests are very suitable for producing solid wood flooring, fast-growing forests are economic forests. If the two-year cycle is not cut, it Naturally decaying, it wastes resources and has become a cash crop to some extent.

In recent years, the call for floor companies to cancel the consumption tax has always been there. A chairman who called for the cancellation of the solid wood floor consumption tax for five years told the author that the country’s increased consumption tax will eventually be added to the consumers. The wood used in solid wood flooring is recycled by reforestation. Plunder the resources of trees.

At the same time, the elimination of the consumption tax is also conducive to boosting the current sales floor industry.

Release date: 2011/12/20 11:55:11

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